Make it Pokemon! – Symbiote Edition

So I’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon recently. I played and completed Let’s Go Eevee a while ago, I’ve been playing (and loving) Pokemon Shield and even restarted Pokemon White. So sufficed to say I’ve got Pokemon on the brain right now. So I was binge reading posts from Pinkies Paradise, and got myself the stellar idea “I should take fictional characters and make them Pokemon!” Now I’m not going to draw them, my drawing ability doesn’t reach that far, but I can certainly write. So without further ado, let’s make some Pokemon out of these Symbiotes.


The poster boy for the Marvel Symbiotes, Venom was the one that gave me the inspiration to do the Symbiotes for this new post. I thought “What moves would Venom have as a Pokemon?” And so I sat down and began to write it down. So what type, ability and moves would Venom have?

Type(s): Poison/Dark

I think it goes without saying that all the Symbiotes are going to be poison types, so it mainly comes down to what their duel type is going to be. For Venom, Dark seems like the best option because, well he himself is dark and also I feel like his nature of a slinking yet brutal fighter mirrors the dark typing.


  • Crunch: He bites people a lot, and I think we can all agree that a mere Bite isn’t enough for Venom. Not to mention the weakening effects of Crunch reflect the wounding nature of Venoms attacks. He likes to have a munch on his enemies, so i gave him the biggest munch of all.
  • Brutal Swing: A huge hulking attack where the user swings around in a vicious barrage of attacks, sounds just like Venom. In the Venom movie was saw Venom throwing people around and swinging at them like it was going out of style, so I think Brutal Swing is a prime Venom move.
  • Bulk Up: Venom can make himself appear much larger and more threatening, not to mention adding to his own strength, much like Bulk up. Bulk Up increases attack and defence making for a more imposing and threatening Pokemon to pummel your foes with.
  • Poison Jab: He’s a Poison type, he’s all about melee attacks, so Poison Jab seems like the prime move to give to Venom.

Ability: Strong Jaw

Biting is kinda Venom’s thing. He loves a good munch on his enemies noggins from time to time, and an ability that enhances the power of biting moves would be great for such a chomp happy symbiote.

Venom! Use Cru…Oh you already ate the Pokemon…erm…yay..


The brutal offspring of Venom, Carnage was a bit harder to peg down in terms of typing and moves. But I feel I’ve found the perfect set for the blood red serial killer symbiote.

Type: Poison/Fighting

Carnage is all about vicious and sadistic combat, and that lust for brutality reflects a fighting type pokemon very well. While I was going to give him maybe the fire typing, it was purely based on colour and I figured I’d go for a type that has more moves reflective of Cargange and his love of all this up close and violent.


  • Toxic: Carnage toys with his prey, and like the Komodo Dragons of totay, there is no greater way to you with a Pokemon than by using Toxic. A move that gets progressively more painful and powerful until cured, Toxic weakens your enemies and would give Carnage all the more ways to twist and torment his enemies.
  • Bind: A move that constricts and wraps around your enemies, Bind if often described as the pokemon retraining the enemy in some capacity, be it vines, tentacles or just sheer force. Carnage would hold his foes in place while delivering a sadistic onslaught of moves and brutal damage.
  • Venoshock: This move gets stronger if the enemy is poisoned, and can work as a way of exploiting the enemies weakness and faltering ability to keep fighting as Carnage moves in for a kill as they lay there poisoned and in pain. This move would be yet another showcase of Carnage and his penchant for pain
  • Close Combat: One of the most powerful Fighting type moves, a move so powerful it weakens the user, the perfect move for Carnage to dispense some agony. This would be his finisher, the move he’d use after weakening his foe further and further only to rip them to shreds in a close quarters massacre.

Ability: Poison Point

My angle with Carnage has been all about infection and sadistically weakening foes. So Poison Point seems like something Carnage would have for an ability. Carnage once used his mere touch to infect an entire town with his poisonous control, and so his poisonous aura would translate into Poison Point.

Carnage would be a challenge to train indeed, just steer clear of his claws.


Now for the anti-hero of the Symbiotes, the Mister Negative formed Venom successor, Anti-Venom. Anti-Venom takes a much more passive approach to things, using his newfound powers to heal people rather than hurt. So what would I give Anti-Venom in terms of typing and moves?

Type: Venom/Psychic

Psychic is the Pokemon type with a lot of recovery and healing type moves, so I feel like it would suit a healer style character like Anti-Venom. Not to mention the psychic influence of Mister Negative had a hand in the psychic type choice, since it was thanks to the psychic supervillain that Anti-Venom exists.


  • Refresh: A move that removes any burns, poison or paralysis, Anti-Venom seems perfect for this move. He’s all about removing afflictions, so giving him a move to combat the effects of a violent poison would go hand in hand with his character.
  • Recover: Much like Refresh, a move that heals him and gives him a revitalized edge ready to dispense justice.
  • Psycho Cut: One of the few Psychic type physical moves, Psycho Cut is a move that slices at enemies with a brutal psychic blade. Anti-Venom has large claws, so a powerful psychic slash would be an ideal melee move.
  • Bite: Rather than the brutal Crunch, Anti-Venom would slink more towards a simple Bite. After all he does still have that little bit of the old Venom inside him, I guess a little white wouldn’t hurt.

Ability: Shed Skin

Anti-Venom heals poisons and ailments, Shed Skin is an ability that has a chance to remove any status condition, something right up Anti-Venom’s alley. Plus it would almost reflect him shedding his previous villainous Venom persona for the move anti-hero focused Anti-Venom.


The doctor is in!



The antagonist of the 2019 Venom movie, Riot is the final symbiote on the chopping block today. Riot was probably the easiest when it came to both moveset and ability, while the other symbiotes were all redone and reworked throughout writing this post, Riot was a sure fire decision from the word go.

Type: Poison/Steel

His cold silver skin, his endless arsenal of swords, axes, maces and brutal claws, how can Riot be anything but part Steel type?


  • Metal Claw: Oh come on it’s the text book Steel type move, I see no other justification for giving Riot the Metal Claw move. Not to mention it can increase a Pokemon’s attack stat occasionally, adding to the viscous combat focus of Riot.
  • Poison Jab: Like Venom, a solid poison type move to use, and one that reflects the brutality and straightforward strikes of Riot. Not to mention the added poison effect acts as the cherry on top as Riot finishes off his limping opponents.
  • Sacred Sword: Remember the scene in Venom where Riot grows two large swords and precedes to decimate a room of people, yeah that right there was Sacred Sword and you cannot change my mind.
  • Swords Dance: Again, Riot really likes his swords and he really likes his attacks, so giving him a move that would only add to his terrifying attack stats seems like 100% overkill but also 100% Riot.

Ability: Beast Boost (ATK)

Beast Boost increases a Pokemon’s most proficient stat each time it KO’s a Pokemon. Riot’s focus on excessive brute force would make him the kind to have an ability that prioritizes growing stronger with every victory. Moving from body to body, finding the best host, making himself stronger and stronger.

What rings you got b*tch? (please get the joke)


Closing words

Here we are, 4 symbiotes made into 4 Pokemon, and I gotta say this was a lotta fun. I’d love to come back to this format, there’s a lot of opportunity and potential for many other franchises, I especially want to try out DOOM and Dragon Ball. Do you have any franchises you want me to make into Pokemon? Let me know in the comments down below.

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it. If you did please consider leaving a like and following my blog for updates on future posts. Also follow me on twitter @joe_reviews for further updates and general nonsense. Until next time.

5 thoughts on “Make it Pokemon! – Symbiote Edition

  1. This was a great post to read!
    I would have made Carnage a Poison Ghost Type myself.
    Swapping out Bind with Spirit Shackle (A holding move all the same but a bit more damaging) and Close Combat with Shadow Claw (due to the monsterous shapes it can take being quite close to how for example Mimikyu uses it) .
    Carnage is very much something grounded in fear and insanity and death which I do think fits the ghost types. The voices in Kletus’ head, the urge to kill.

    I would love to see a post where other Nintendo heroes, or Smash characters that are not pokémon.. become pokémon. And thanks for the tag 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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