Make it Pokemon 2 – Godzilla Edition

Another day, another post. Today we return to a post I made a while back called Make It Pokemon, where I took some characters and gave them moves, types and abilities as if they were Pokemon. Last time we took a look at Marvels Symbiotes, this time we return to a familiar face on the blog. It was only a matter of time since the King of the Monsters and his friends would be on the chopping block, so today we turn Godzilla and his kaiju compatriots into Pokemon! You all know the rules, you all know Godzilla (considering he’s 70% of my content) and lets dive in!


What a shock, we’re starting with the Big G himself. Many a Pokemon takes after Godzilla, most notably Tyranitar who is just a whole hog pokeparody of the kaiju king. But what would Godzilla be like it he truly was a part of the Pokemon universe? Well for starters he ain’t evolving from Minilla.

Type: Ground/Fire

I chose ground and fire because I feel the resonate more with the idea of Godzilla. He’s a force of nature and an earth-shaking force, but he’s also an atomic plasma shooting dinosaur so of course I had to addfire to the mix. Now you can argue that his semi-aquatic nature would damage the fire AND ground parts of this Pokekaiju, but come on this is Godzilla, you think a little wayer would stop him?


  • Hyper Beam: A pretty sub par choice, what else could I use as a stand in for his atomic breath?
  • Dragon Claw: Godzilla is no slouch in the melee department, so when it comes to a claw strike, I figured something as brutal and primal as Dragon Claw suits him perfectly.
  • Earthquake: Godzilla is big, like…really big, and his footsteps level settlements and can destroy mountains, so a ground shaking move like Earthquake is perfect for such a titanic force of nature like Godzilla.
  • Overheat: Burning Godzilla is a raging torrent of fire and flames, but neverless he carries on through the pain. A devastating move like Overheat might be a risk to Godzilla with its attack lowering ability, but I think that in turn would be offset but Godzillas own personal Pokemon ability.

Ability: Blaze

This was my main incentive to make Godzilla a fire type, Blaze seems to go hand in hand with Godzilla. If you need any convincing, kindly watch THIS SCENE from Godzilla King of the Monsters and you’ll see what I mean. This ability would elevate Godzilla to a near infinitely strong form that would surely boost his Overheat to a near godlike level of power.

Gonna need a Ultra Great Heavy Master Ball to catch this sucker.



Ahh but who better to follow up a king than a queen. Mothra was probably the easiest to write up for this post, her whole concept is pretty cut and dry and I feel like her moveset, typing and abilities are a little easier to pin down than Godzilla’s. But thankfully this insect doesn’t go through a painfully slow cocoon evolution and learn harden.

Type: Bug/Fairy

Mothra is a bug, so it would be stupid to make her anything else. However, her mystical power lends itself to a more fantastical side of the kaiju world, pairing that with her two twin fairy companions, I feel like making her a Fairy type is also more appropriate thematically.


  • Stun Spore: Mothra is known for shedding her scales in combat, able to difuse Godzilla’s atomic attacks, as well as dazzle and stun enemies. of all the ‘spore’ moves in Pokemon, I think Stun Spore, with its paralysing effects, is best suited for Mothra and her very much hands off fighting style.
  • Whirlwind: What would mothra be without some incredible power in her wings? We’ve all seen Mothra flap her wings and knock kaiju off their feet from the force alone, and to me that sounds like Whirlwind. I was going to pick Hurricane, but I think a more technical move would be better suited for Mothra.
  • Pin Missile: While not appearing in all iterations of the kaiju queen, Mothra has demonstrated the ability to shoot stingers from her body, which is the closest thing to an actual Pin Missile from Pokemon. It may not be powerful, but then again neither is Mothra’s pin attack, but they can both be deadly when used right.
  • Moonblast: Moths are closely associated with darkness and the moon, and Mothra is no exception. While nothing like Moonblast has been seen to be produced by Mothra in the movies, it still seems like an appropriate move to give her considering her connections to the moon and generally fantasy like form.

Ability: Shed Skin

Shed Skin is something a lot of Pokemon have as an ability, but for Mothra is seems rather fitting. In the Godzilla Anime Trilogy, she displays some semblance of a healing factor when the inhabitants of future Earth inherited her scales in their skin, which in turn granted them healing. So we can assume Mothra can do the same thing.

Quick! Grab a Net Ball!



Now we come to the Godzilla’s rival, the Kyogre to his Groudon, King Ghidorah. Now much like Tyranitar having resemblance to Godzilla, King Ghidorah has had one or two Pokemon in his likeness, the most obvious being the three headed Dragon-type Hydreigon, but away with these imposters! Let’s unleash a true king of dragons on the world of Pokemon!

Type: Dragon/Electric

Who would expect anything else in terms of typing. Ghidorah is a dragon, and he’s also electric, so it would be silly to give him any other typing. Naturally, this means Ghidorah is going to be an offensive fighter, much like a fellow Electric Dragon Pokemon, Zekrom.


  • Thunder: The most powerful of Thunder attacks, this fits in with Ghidorah’s tendacy to radiate electrical currents, and would be a fitting stand in for his Gravity Beams. You could say Thunderbolt is a better choice because of accuracy and what not. But when you have three heads doing the same thing, one is bound to hit your target, plus Ghidorah isn’t about strategic maneoveurs, he wants all the firepower he can have, and so we shall gift it to him.
  • Thunder Fang: Ghidorah has sunk his teeth into a lot of kaiju flesh over the years, and sometimes that bite has a little extra shock added to it.Thuderfang is one of my personal favourite Pokemon moves, simply because the idea of a mouth of ravenous teeth laced with a powerful electric surge is just cool to me. So my favourite move is given to one of my favourite kaiju.
  • Bind: A weak move sure, but hear me out. If you’ve seen King of the Monsters, then you know Ghidorah wraps his necks around Godzilla to restrain him as he ravages the fallen king to finish the job. Bind would work more like a utility thing, restraining his foe and going in for the kill with his dreadful bite.
  • Dragon Rush: Ghidorah has a habit of flying at his opponents and crashing into them with extreme force, and few Pokemon moves embody this better than Dragon Rush. Brutal, powerful and strong enough to fell even the mightiest of Pokemon, this move deserves a spot in the roster of this usurper king.

Ability: Rivalry

Purely for lore reasons, Rivalry seems perfect for Ghidorah considering his rivalry with Godzilla. It may weaken him against female kaiju, but Ghidorah has all six of his eyes set on one man, Godzilla, and he will not let any wandering Mothra get in his way of conquest over his sworn nemesis.

Wow Mega Hydreigon looks sick!



The final kaiju to be turned into a Pokemon is the fire demon Rodan. This was perhaps the most challenging one for me, both for typing as well as moveset. Rodan has been through various iterations and forms, each one deserves to be a separate Pokemon on its own. But today we shall be looking at the King of the Monsters Rodan, and I think I managed to do him justice.

Type: Fire/Flying

Going off of the volcanic fiend we see in the movie, Rodan is clearly the Moltres of this quartet of kaiju. I was tempted to make him a Fire/Rock type, but I failed to see where rock would really fit in with his whole deal other than his skin looking like it. At the end of the day you can’t deny this fire Pterodactyls place amongst the flaming avians of the Pokemon universe.


  • Flare Blitz: A risky move, but one that encapsulates the sheer destructive force of this flying nuke. A blazing swoop through the skies as Rodan’s flaming body incinerates his foes is a truly terrifying image, and one that represents him perfectly.
  • Blaze Kick: Like Ghidprah, Rodan has a penchant for striking with his feet, but these ones have a burning edge to them. Blaze kick is a classic move, and one that would go nicely with Rodan and his airstrikes, flooring his foes with a firey kick.
  • Hurricane: Rodan’s mere presence can level cities and destroy the land with a single wing flap. Of all Flying-type moves, Hurricane seems to be the most destructive based on visuals alone, and so would pair up nicely with the destructive force wielded by Rodan.
  • Supersonic: Rodan has shown the ability to fire a loud screech that can deafen foes and shatter building glass, and I wanted to put in a throwback to his older incarnations, so I figured a little Supersonic wouldn’t hurt.

Ability: Flame Body

With a firey exterior like Rodan’s, merely touching it would surely burn up anyone who isn’t a kaiju. Flame body not only makes reference to the magma like skin Rodan has, but would also fit nicely with his burning power and only add to the idea of his presence alone being a threat to those around him.

Wow Moltres sure has changed…


Final Word

Well that brings us to the end. I had a lot of fun with this one, and I plan to do more Make it Pokemon posts in the future. With that said I wish you all safety and I thank you all for reading. If you enjoyed it, please consider leaving a like and following my blog for updates on future posts. Also follow me on Twitter @joe_reviews for further updates and general nonsense. Until next time friends.


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