My 13 Reasons Why Tag

  So I was tagged by Kanradi of 100animeblog for the 13 Reasons Why Tag. This is my second tag response, the first being to the T.A.P. Tag, and I’m glad I was nominated for this one too. So what are the rules to this one? Well… Mention the person who nominated you. List 13 […]

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Current Verdict – Cells at Work

Note from Average Joe Just so you know, this ‘Verdict’ post will be structured a little bit differently than my other First Verdict/Final Verdict posts. This is because this will retread what I already mentioned in the Cells at Work First Verdict just with a deeper understanding. So here I’ll just be talking about random […]

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The T.A.P. Tag. Godzilla Edition

What’s the T.A.P. Tag? So I was tagged by fellow blogger and anime enthusiast Yomu to partake in what is know as the T.A.P. Tag. The idea being that you write a collection of Japanese poems called Tanka about anime. But Yomu kindly allowed me to do some Godzilla themed Tanka’s since Godzilla is one […]

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