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Welcome to Average Joe Reviews

Hello reader, I’m Average Joe, your… well average joe on the internet. In this sea of opinions know as the World Wide Web, what can you expect from my little island of content? Well I offer reviews and discussions about anything nerd culture. Be it anime, movies, video games and much more, I can cover it.



What do you have on Your Blog?

I’m glad you asked (whoever you are). I host a variety of different blog series and post types here.

Standard Reviews

Anything from TV shows, video games and movies, they are all on the chopping block in my reviews. For some examples, please click the links below;


First/Final Verdict

These posts are like little mini-reviews, where my snap reaction is what you get. I review the first few episodes of a show or first few hours of gameplay in a video game and deliver my…well first verdict. These posts will be eventually followed up by a FInal Verdict Post where my final thoughts are delivered. Example;



There are your everyday discussion type blogs. Things like character writing, trope discussions and tag post responses. If you want to read some more in depth type posts that cover a broader scope than reviews do , then these posts are for you. Examples;

There’s also things like My Thoughts and Hopes, where I deliver my initial hopes for an upcoming movie or game, Review Report, where I review a collection of movies in one in little short reviews and much much more.


Thank You for Stopping By

Anyways, there’s the rundown of Average Joe Reviews, I hope you stick around and enjoy my posts. Thank you for visiting, every view is appreciated and I hope to see you here again soon. In order to stay up to date with future posts, be sure to follow my blog for updates as well as my twitter @joe_reviews for further updates and general nonsense. Till next time.