First Verdict – Dragon Ball Heroes Anime

All screenshots were taken from the Dragon Ball Heroes Anime Teaser Trailer.

Dragon Ball Heroes – Spin off into Action

As a promotional anime for the Japanese arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes, this show means to advertise what the game is all about, and that’s crazy What-If scenarios involving characters from all over the Dragon Ball multiverse. The first episode was released just recently and when I watched it I knew I had to do a First Verdict on it.

Story So Far (Spoilers)

This shows first episode plays out exactly like a video game (ironic really). It features a villain who exposits everything, there’s a main quest involving carrying Dragon Balls and they are all in possession of powerful enemies. Seriously all this thing needs is a game GUI or a button command list and it would be a video game down to the letter. But it’s still a pretty intriguing plot, as someone who know little about Dragon Ball Heroes the game I want to know how the rest of the story will play out. It’s random, but interesting.


Characters So Far

We see Goku and Vegeta being themselves in this episode, but we also see the return of Future Mai and Future Trunks. While Trunks doesn’t do anything in this episode, Mai still has her tenacious attitude that made her so good in the Goku Black arc. There’s also a new Goku in this show, an alternate version who can turn Super Saiyan 4. As someone who loves that transformation, it’s satisfying to see the form make a return to relevance. This Goku is also way more serious that the typical Goku we know, and that’s what makes this Goku really fun, I hope we see more of him. There’s also the main villain of the arc, the demon time traveler Fu. He’s alright in my opinion, I like his condescending nature and his motivation for gathering everyone together is somewhat fun, but it’s really just an excuse to get all these characters to fight and that’s what we love. We also have a new villain debuting in the next episode as shown in the screenshot below and he looks like a really menacing foe who I cannot wait to see.



The animation is standard here, there’s no larger than life moments depicted here, but the fight between the two Goku’s is really well made, albeit it’s way too short for how hyped up it was in the trailer. There is one shot where we see Goku’s eyes and they look really flat and don’t work along side the rest of the shot they’re in. The action, while scarce is still well made and is choreographed well. Not much to say about the presentation here, it’s just alright.


Final Word

I lowered my expectations for this show, I didn’t want to expect too much from a promotional show. That said, I think I was right to do so because while this show so far isn’t bad, it lacks any real traction right now. I’m sure it will pick up and I hope so too, this has the potential to be a crazy ride that will be a blast to watch. If we get more of Super Saiyan 4 Goku I’m happy.

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