Spider-Man Far From Home End Credit Scene Theory – Discussion

So I saw Spider-Man Far from Home, and I thought it was very good. I adored the little character moments it had, the effects were great, it had witty writing, a great villain and a downright chilling end credit scene. Well…there were two end credit scenes, but one in particular that we’ll be discussing. Today I decided to do something a little different and present a theory about this end credit scene. So without further ado, let’s get into this little ‘theory’ post of mine.



So after Spider-Man defeats Mysterio and his army of drones, we get a mid credits scene that sees him swinging around the city with his new girlfriend MJ. Suddenly, a New York square TV plays the news, which sees Mysterio weaving more lies into the world. With his dying words, he frames Spider-Man for the casualties in London where the final battle took place. Then, the ultimate jaw dropping, world flipping moment came. Mysterio reveals to the world, that Spider-Man is Peter Parker. In one mid credits scene, Far from Home single handedly uproots Spider-Man in its entirety, exposing him to the world, and opening up all hell for the character. While my friend sat there slack jawed with me, after the seconds of shock passed, one word popped into my head, one that if it was to come to fruition, could lead to one of the darkest portrayals of Spider-Man yet. One word, one character, Mephisto.

So many questions for Spider-Man, so few answers for the audience.

Who is Mephisto?

Now to some people, like my friend, Mephisto won’t be a name you’re familiar with, but if that’s the case then allow me to tell you a story. In Marvels’ Civil War comic book storyline, Peter Parker allies with Iron Man and reveals his secret identity to the world. This irks a handful of his enemies and other villains. Kingpin orders the assassination of Aunt May as revenge against Peter for all the trouble he’s given him. Peter is distraught, his aunt is dying and he can’t do anything. He asks a whole slew of heroes, but non offer him help. In his time of complete desperation, he is met with a small girl, who takes him somewhere. It’s here that he meets Mephisto, who’s basically Marvel’s equivalent to Satan. He strikes deals with people, in exchange for some degree of suffering. He offers to save Aunt May, but in exchange for her life, Peter must agree to erase his and Mary Jane’s marriage from existence. Reluctantly he agrees and Aunt May is saved, but at the cost of losing Mary Jane. But the absolute worst part, is the terrifying reveal that the girl Peter saw who lead him to Mephisto, was his and Mary Jane’s daughter, and with their marriage now gone, so too was she. A sinister twist, that rocked Spider-Man to the core and left an impact throughout the rest of the storyline.

This moment just screams ‘sinister’, a terrifying deal.

Why do I Think This?

Now this seems like a very obscure theory to present, but hear me out. To me, the way this movie focused on MJ and Peters blossoming relationship and based on Spider-Man’s previous outings in the MCU, we have opportunity for Mephisto to appear. To me, Spider-Man has had 3 flavors of conflict in his life (not counting Civil War as he was just a side character). Homecoming saw him face off against Vulture in a pretty small scale conflict, then Infinity War / Endgame where he battles in a war against Thanos and his sinister forces in a universe wide conflict and finally Far From Home where he fought a pretty self contained villain in Mysterio who had worldwide ambitions. So we’ve had Spider-Man fight in 3 scales of conflict, and each carries with it a different type of conflict, 2 being earth based and another being mystical and spatial. Mephisto is an inherently supernatural being, so this would be another form of conflict for Peter to square off against. But back to his and MJ’s relationship, in the comics Peter’s and Mary Jane’s relationship is what Mephisto desires and consumes to fulfil Peters wishes to have reality changed. This movie ends with the two of them starting a precious and loving relationship that I believe will really be tested in the next Spider-Man movie, something prime for a potential MCU era Mephisto to come and snatch up to undo the damage done by Mysterio’s actions. Since Mephisto appeared in the Civil War storyline, and the MCU is no stranger to using elements from Civil War, what’s stopping them from pulling another extra element from it. To me, Far From Home seems to have set up a lot of elements that would really make for a perfect opportunity to bring Mephisto to the forefront. Peter’s life is in shambles, his indent revealed, his reputation sullied and his relationship with MJ at risk, this type of desperation could lead him to making the wrong agreement, making for one of the darkest on screen moments for Spider-Man.

Who wouldn’t want this dapper demon to appear?

End Thoughts

In the end, this was just a dumb little theory, and frankly I don’t see it coming to fruition. As cool as it would be to see Mephisto make his way into the MCU, he’s kinda obscure and it would make much more sense for them to introduce a villain like Kraven or the Sinister Six group, especially since several of the members have already been revealed in the MCU. With the universes beiggest threat Thanos vanquished in Endgame, the floor is empty for a new cosmic level threat to appear, and Mephisto fits the bill. But who knows, the MCU is full of surprises, so it’s all to play for here. Or who knows, maybe there’s the hope for a Sinister Six plus Mephisto team up, now that’d be a cool idea, maybe a blog post for another day. But until then, we sit and wait in anticipation for the fate of our favorite webs slinging hero, hoping for the best, but fearing the worst.

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