DOOM (2016) – Game Review

DOOM (2016) – Hell of a Time With the announcement of DOOM Eternal, the upcoming sequel to this game, I’ve elected to review this game so as to give my thoughts on this game before preparing my mind (and body) for the next installment. DOOM (2016) is an FPS developed by id Software and acts […]

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Rayman Legends – Game Review

Rayman Legends – Raving without Rabbids Developed by Ubisoft Montpellier, Rayman Legends is a sequel to the previous game Rayman Origins. Rayman had been out of the picture for a long time since his escapades with the infamous gaming Minions Rabbids. But in 2013, Rayman Legends was released and was met with wide critical acclaim, […]

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First Review: Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Lets do the Time Warp My first review on my site, and it’s Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Xenoverse is a fighting RPG based on the titular Dragon Ball series. Developed by Dimps and produced by Bandai Namco, Xenoverse is infamous for having the gameplay gimmick of creating you own Original Character. This […]

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