Blog Update and Content Changes

Hi everyone, Average Joe here. So it’s been a while since my last post, and while I’m sure people expected the next post to be about the next Uzaki-Chan episode, well…about that…

What’s Happening?

Ok, so best start at the beginning. Basically I’ve been buried in mountains of work as I return to my job in midst of lockdown. As a result not only have a fallen behind with blogging, but I’ve not really been motivated to blog. Don’t get me wrong I’m not suffering from burnout, but rather just too exhausted to write when I want more time to myself. I absolutely plan to continue this blog, but with a slight drop in activity, maybe maintaining the one post a month schedule as its easy to follow and gives me plenty of time to work on a post. I do hope to speed up posts someday, but as it stands right now my blogging will have to slow down. Which leads me into my next point.

Me rn

Uzaki-Chan is Canceled!

No I’ve not become one of those people who wants Uzaki cancelled, but I do have to announce that for now I’m done with the Uzaki-Chan reviews. The reason for this is simple, I don’t have the time to watch the episodes and THEN write a full review of it within rapid succession to be in line with the episodes release, there’s just no time. Not to mention the last 2 reviews I did I wrote them back to back, and it became a real chore to watch both episodes and write reviews too, and the last thing I want is for either my anime viewing experience or blogging to be considered a chore. Not to mention I’ve fallen behind with the show, so I’d need to repeat the multiple viewings + multiple reviews thing which I don’t feel like doing since I would be rushing, and rushing is something I absolutely never want to do when it comes to this blog.
I might do a big MEGA review of Uzaki when the series is finished, kinda like what I did with Senran Kagura Shinovi Masters and Ninja Flash. That way I can finish the episode reviews and do so in a way that lets me take my time and not bore people with repeating the same stuff, with how amazing Uzaki-Chan had been so far, I doubt I would have anything new to say. Speaking of a change in my Uzaki-Chan reviews, let’s talk about…

Some day Uzaki…I shall return.

Content Changes?

I’ll be focusing more on movie reviews and general discussions like before. Why these changes? Well honestly it’s so that I can dedicate more time to them. With episode reviews I have to really upkeep a schedule and time frame, but with movies and general discussions I can take my time and not feel rushed. I might do episode reviews in the future, but for anime and shows that have already been released so that way I don’t have to abide by a hectic release schedule.
So Average Joe Reviews will still stay the same, but the content will be more geared towards the older style of spontaneous reviews and discussions/essays since honestly those are really fun and I have a blast writing them.

I plan to revisit this old friend in the near future.

Thanks for the Support

Ok so with that the update has come to en end. Rest assured Average Joe Reviews will be back soon. I apologise for anyone wanting more Uzaki-Chan reviews, but I promise I will revisit Uzaki in the future. With that said I hope everyone stays safe and stays awesome.

Until next time,

Average Joe.

5 thoughts on “Blog Update and Content Changes

  1. Episodic reviews can be tough like that. Sometimes even if I’m initially excited to write about each episode of an anime, over time I may find myself less and less excited about it. And with certain anime where not too much happens, I may find myself repeating the same points or ideas over and over. It can be a bit draining, depending on the anime, I think.

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    1. Thats exactly it! I find it fun at the start, but unless the anime has anything varied about its content then it can get dull fast. The last thing I want is to find my own work boring, so I want to stick to content I enjoy.
      Good to know I’m not the only one who struggles with episode reviews lol

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  2. No worries man, I know exactly how you feel. Having returned from my own hiatus a few weeks ago during which I was on holiday, now that I’m back to work I definitely already have those same problems in finding the time to blog and balance stuff.
    So just take things at your own pace, and blog about what you are able to do and feel comfortable with. In the end blogging is a hobby and should be fun, not become a burden😊
    Good luck with everything!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Š

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