Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out – Episode 4 Review

Surprise! Since I fell behind with my Uzaki-Chan reviews, I figured it best I do a bit of a …lightning round let’s say. Hot off the heels of episode 3, which I declared the best episode so far, does episode 4 match or even exceed this high quality? Well yes…but also no, let me explain.

What I Liked

While I felt a lot of this episodes contents didn’t exactly resonate with me, it definitely got the character interactions perfect again. It was nice seeing Ami doing her own thing in this episode, and her unlikely friendship with Uzaki was fun to watch, even if the whole joke about them buying Sakurai glasses did go on a little bit too long.
I feel like this episode was the first of many ‘fanservice episodes’ since two major moments involved some level of fanservice, though it was played off in a comedic sense, which in my opinion is the best way to utilise fanservice, especially in an anime comedy.
While the first half of this episode felt kinda flat for me, with great character moments but an otherwise flimsy and overdone premise, the second half is perhaps my favourite moment of the show thus far. Uzaki arrives at Sakurai’s house to spend time with him and cook, and we get some really sweet interactions and a true display of how these two have grown as friends. Seeing them play a Minecraft Knock-Off (no I’m serious) and seeing them both smiling and having a good time really was a heartwarming moment. The ending is also a highlight, as Sakurai makes a big leaps in character growth and actually invites Uzaki to hang with him, a sign of his development which too me by surprise but I loved to see.
Aside from some pitfalls with the first half being pretty uneventful to me, this episode made up for it with a fantastic second half and some super sweet character interactions, my love for Sakurai and Uzaki as a couple is reaching somewhat dangerous levels with how well they are portrayed.

Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 12.53.54
The smugness in this episode is off the charts!

What I Disliked

Now, by no means is this a bad episode, far from it in fact. However the first half just failed to resonate with me. It seemed for the most part pretty contrived and the plotline didn’t grab me. The character moments made up for it sure, but aside from that I felt this episode had the weakest points from the series so far. The first half of the episode ends with Sakurai getting stranded at a far away train station after he basically passes out on the train, but in the next scene he’s back at home, so it makes that whole joke and potential story thread kinda just…go nowhere. Not a bad episode, but definitely the weakest one so far.

Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 12.49.43
. . . I have no witty comment to make here.

Final Grade: 8/10

Overall, this episode failed to grab me like the others did, except for the ending which has become my favourite part so far. This episode seemed almost off balance with its quality, but that by no means makes it an overall negative experience, this is still a fantastic episode, just the…least fantastic. Once again the character interactions are spot on and the ending really is a highlight, so I can safely say this episode left a positive impact on me.

Screen Shot 2020-08-08 at 13.08.12
Wholesome levels….10000%

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