Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out – Episode 3 Review

Ok, it’s a little late coming, but here’s my Uzaki-Chan Episode 3 review. I got a little caught up with life and all that jazz, so I fell behind with these reviews (also i wanted to get the godzilla review out so that kinda fudged the schedule). But I’m back and I’m ready to roll. So without further ado, let’s get into this episode review.

What I liked

By far the best episode the series has had so far, this was wholesome to the max. The main plot of this episode was Sakurai getting a nasty cold, and it falls on the shoulders of Uzaki to look after him. I really liked the theme of bonding and friendships in this episode, with many other quiet emotional moments being based on the interactions between Sakurai and Uzaki as they grow a more mutual respect for eachother. This is of course offset by some hysterical jokes and well timed comments, and it all comes together in a nice little wholesome package.
I also really liked the new character Ami, the daughter of  Mr. Asai, and much like her father, she was very much a good subversion of a trope. I was worried she’d just be the typical thirsty lover who wants Sakurai only to develop a dislike for Uzaki, the obstacle of her love. But instead we get a character who’s very much like her father, a kind hearted curious girl who just enjoys watching Sakurai and Uzaki hang out (title drop). You can tell there are some feelings for Sakurai hiden in her, but they aren;t at the forefront or at the very least don’t detract from her character.
Overall this episode had the right balance of character, charm, fun and wholesomeness, I gotta say the final section with Sakurai opening up to Uzaki about his personal uncomfortableness for calling girls by their first names really was touching, and adds to the character development for both of them. I only hope the show continues to expand on their characters, we’re now starting to see their true colours blossom in, and I feel it’s only going to get better.

Right here we have ourselves an adorable bean, a…coffee bean. (pls laugh)

What I disliked

I can’t really say there was anything I disliked per say, though I will admit one thing. While Ami is a really nice character, I wish she had a bit more to her than being a very similar character to her father. She is funny, but I wish there was a bit more to her character. I’m glad she wasn’t the thirsty girl trope, but still I would prefer her to have more of a unique personality. Other than that I can;t really find anything to really complain about, if anything I only mentioned Ami because I don’t want to leave this section blank every episode.

Without context this looks very threatening.

Final Grade: 9/10

Full of cute moments, great character building, funny jokes and generally having a nice chill tone, this episode captured a lot of the best elements of the last 2 episodes and smushed them into one super episode! I’m glad we got to see Uzaki and Sakurai’s relationship grow more and the implications of Sakurai’s feelings for Uzaki and vice versa really are intriguing, and I want to see this relationship grow even stronger.

Let’s end on this wholesome tomboy bean.

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