Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out – Episode 2 Review

Welcome one and all to the second episode review of the latest waifu bait anime to grace this planet. However, today’s review is going to be a little bit different. how so? Let me explain.
I don’t think my traditional review style of talking about Story, Characters and presentation for each episode of an anime is really a fulfilling way to do things. With movies its fine since its one piece of media, but with anime series its weekly episodes and for the most part, all my points will be the same, just altered to fit the contents of the episode. So as to not create a boring and repetitive, I’m going to discuss this episode like I did for my episode reviews of Senran Kagura Shinovi Master, with a final grade at the end to give a little bite-sized summary. With all that said, let’s get into the review!

What I Liked

I gotta say, this episode really was an absolute riot, and I loved it. It introduced a new character to the mix in the form of Mr Asai, a cafe owner who Shinichi works for. They did a very fortunate subversion with his character too, who I was afraid was gonna be the ‘perverted elder’ character archetype after he notices Uzaki’s erm…‘ personality’. But thankfully they didn’t go down this route, and he is, in fact, a delightful character with a really sweet demeanour and merely enjoys watching Shinai and Uzaki interacting, hoping they’ll stay close for a long time.
This episode had a lot of fun back and forth arguments between Uzaki and Shinai, her constant mockery of him contrasting his sheer determination to have her out of the equation when he works. Uzaki has her same condescending smugish tone, but once again she manages to stay likeable and not just pompous and mean spirited. It was nice seeing them give more depth to Shinai as well, introducing the fact he has another friend and a job, a job mind you that seems really relaxing and calm, a nice change of pace for his character until Uzaki rocks up to liven things up.
There was fanservice in this episode as well, even sneaking in a classic ‘ecchi misunderstanding’ scene, and it handled it with about as much grace as one could under the circumstances. I like how this show uses little tantalising moments of ecchi but doesn’t solely rely on them, it makes for a more well-balanced experience that doesn’t quite go too far into the ecchi side of things.
I particularly enjoyed this episode for its more down to earth moments and slower pace, allowing is

I’m sure there’s a meme template somewhere in this image

What I Didn’t Like

There isn’t really much to complain about with this episode. If Mr Asai was the trope I feared he would have been, I would have complained about it here, but thankfully they dodged that bullet. I feel like with this episode you’d be grasping at straws when it comes to things to complain about. The last thing I wanna do is nitpick when it comes to this anime, so I don’t see any reason for finding things to complain about, that’s not how we do things here at Average Joe Reviews. The episode wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t flawed to the point of mention either.

When you step on a lego

Final Grade: 9/10

I won’t call it perfect, I wanna savour the fabled 10/10 rating just yet, but this was very close to accomplishing it. The new cast additions were introduced wonderfully, the character interactions were lively and fun, and there was quite the number of funny jokes here and there. I like the character building they did with Shinai and how his and Uzaki’s relationship is growing. I’m hoping the future characters we see are as good as Mr Asai, or at the very least don’t steal the limelight away from Uzaki and Shinai, which is a concern of mine with regards to the 2 more characters set to appear that we see in the opening OP. So overall, great episode! Funny, wholesome, well written, had some great character moments and jokes, a satisfying watch.

We shall end on another smug face, why? Because LOOK AT HER!

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