CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! – Son of Godzilla Movie Review (1967)

Well, it’s Christmas time. A time for togetherness and love, a time for us all to come together and share good will. But instead I figured what better way to celebrate the day of Christmas than by reviewing another Godzilla movie…and better yet, one of the most divisive Godzilla movie, Son of Godzilla. From 1967 and directed by Jun Fukuda, Son of Godzilla is somewhat of a turning point for the franchise, geering more towards children and developing a more…goofy tone for the rest of the Showa era.


Ok…I need to be real, this story for what it is actually flows very well. The story is goofy and exceedingly silly, but for the context of the movie it actually works. I’d say it’s a far-cry from the original, but I think that can be said for the vast majority of Godzilla movies, especially those from the Showa era. Compared to other movies…yes it is a poor quality movie, but personally I find it enjoyable. But what is the plot?

On a deserted island, experiments are being held where man attempts to control the weather itself. During this time, a reporter joins the scientists, and with him comes a slew of hijinks. During all this, an egg appears and after a group of mutant Kaiju Mantis’ attack it, it is revealed to be Godzilla’s son…apparently. So Godzilla arrives and tries to care for his new son. Will Godzilla and his son survive amidst the onslaught of Kaiju that torment them? Will the humans escape alive? And will we ever learn why Minilla is even here?

The plot moves at a decent pace and quite frankly it’s never really boring. Both because of how insane the movie is once Minilla shows up, and also because it does actually have some decent pacing and is helped by a somewhat decent cast of characters. But that’s not to say the movie’s perfect, because it really isn’t. For one, almost everything in this movie goes unexplained, like the Kamacuras, or Kumonga and especially Minilla. I can somewhat forgive Kamacuras and Kumonga, but they never explain where the egg Minilla hatches from comes from. There’s never any solid implications that he is Godzilla’s son, he just hatches and then suddenly BOOM Godzilla just adopts him. There’s also one character who kinda goes insane on the island, and I don’t understand why this was a plot point since it adds literally nothing to the story other than that the captain of the operation gets slightly injured…that’s it. So aside from the occasional hiccup in the story, it’s a serviceable plot that moves at a decent pace and quite frankly is written very well, there are moments that are quite funny in this film, plus the ending is genuinely touching and probably one o f the most emotional moments in any Kaiju movies. and if you’re in the mood for some goofy fun, this plot and movie might just be for you.

This scene is really touching, I cannot lie.


These characters are good, I don’t know what else to say. These characters are really funny and have some nice interactions. Goro Maki is a likeable and goofy protagonist who brings a lot of fun and exciting energy to the movie with his charismatic performance and fun demeanour. Professor Kusumi is a good parallel to Goro with his generally serious and dedication to his experiments. The female castaway Saeko is also a nice character, serving as a fun friend/potential love interest for Goro while also helping bridge the gap between the humans and the Kaiju serving as a friend to the friendless Minilla. Other than these 3, the remaining human characters all seem to blend into one, with none of them providing any impact other than just being another face in the crowd on this island. Godzilla in fact is given a bit more character and is portrayed in a much more human style as well, likely to appeal more to younger audiences. He’s somewhat grumpy and a bit of a hardass when it comes to his son, but does show some compassion and is actually a good dad deep down. Minilla is honestly fine, that is he’s fine when he’s with Godzilla, but on his own…yeah he’s pretty insufferable. So aside from Minilla, the cast of this movie is honestly fine and probably one of the most enjoyable and likeable in the franchise.

yeah guys, shoot the effects, the look awful!


This is where we hit a snag in this otherwise generally positive review…I don’t want to bash the effects that much because this is a movie that’s 52 years old. But oh my goodness gracious this movies effects are dated and look rubbish. I will praise the movie for using some unique effects with Kamacuras and Kumonga, using puppetry as opposed to suits like with Godzilla and Minilla. I will also say that the design of the weather experiment base is kind of fun, albeit it looks like a Disney stunt show set. We also have to deal with one of the most ugly Godzilla designs to date, as well as the abomination to the human eye that is of course Minilla, looking more like a sunburnt Ham-Burgler as opposed to the offspring of the king of the Monsters, but then again not even the king is looking his best. I’ll give them credit for the puppetry, but other than that I cannot really say this movie looks good.

To there credit, this looks pretty good.

The Monsters

  • Godzilla: Godzilla does not look good, and admittedly his more human aspects are a little strange. But I guess for the movie he’s fine. The fight scenes with him and ok, although the first Kamauras fight is absolutely hysterical, with him basically suplexing the bugs into submission. He also does have some nice moments with Minilla so I guess it’s not all bad.
  • Minilla: Like I said, he’s fine when he’s with Godzilla, otherwise on his own he’s annoying and obnoxious to the highest degree. His design is appalling, his sounds are grating and quite frankly his contributions to the film are bad ones, but he’s fine…I have nothing else really to say about him.
  • Kamacuras: I actually quite like Kamacuras, I think it’s an intimidating design, and I also have to give them credit for using more unique forms of Kaiju creation with the use of puppets. Plus any monster who can beat up Minilla is a good monster in my book.
  • Kumonga: Kumonga goes largely unexplained in this movie and doesn’t really have a reason for existing, which does distract you somewhat, but again I gotta give them credit for using puppetry for its creation, and I do quite like its design.
My new 2020 phone wallpaper


  • Story: 4/5 – This story is well paced, has some really good moments in it and for the most part, while it’s nonsensical and goofy, it isn’t trying to be anything else and you can get a good kick out of it.
  • Characters: 4/5 – These are some fun characters. Maki is funny and likeable, the professor and Saeko add nice friendly elements to the cast and even Godzilla gets a character arc in this movie. The cast isn’t perfect but asking for perfection from this movie is like asking Minilla to go away…you just can’t do it.
  • Presentation: 3/5 – A rough looking movie to be sure, but I can’t knock it for being a product of its time. The puppet work looks good and Kumonga’s effects aren’t awful.
  • Enjoyability: 4/5 – What can I say this movie is fun. It has a lot of funny moments, a nice cast, some really tender moments and a generally funny and upbeat tone, how can I not love this compy mess.
  • Monster..ness: 3/5 – Honestly there isn’t much in the way of monster action in this movie, but I guess for what it is it’s fine.

Final Grade: 4/5

MERRY CHRISTMAS FOLKS. Today on Christmas day, I, Mr Average Joe of Average Joe Reviews is giving Son of Godzilla a 4 out of 5. I cannot help it, I love this movie. Yes it’s campy, stupid, makes little to no sense and quite frankly wasn’t that good. But I cannot help but love it, it’s my kind of movie, silly, campy, fun and doesn’t try to be anything else or pretend to be anything else. I will revisit this movie with a smile on my face, and will declare here and now that I love this movie.

See these two? They gave me the feels alright!

Thank You

Thank you for reading you guys. I probably won’t be doing another post til New Years but I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you. This year has been great, both for me and the blog. I really stretched my writing muscles with this blog, and saw a lot of growth as a blogger too. I was involved in an amazing blogging tour and saw my views rise more and more. I’ve loved producing this content for you guys and hope to continue in the future. For now, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and wish you the best of look for 2020 and the new decade ahead. I won’t leave you with the typical end paragraph today, instead I shall leave you with well wishes, good luck, and once again, a merry, Godzilla sized Christmas.

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