Average Joe Plays Pokemon Soulsilver Nuzlocke – Day 1: Humble Beginnings

Hello folks, welcome to day 1 of the Average Joe Soulsilver Nuzlocke. How did our adventure begin? Was it wrought with peril, blissfully easy, or something more? Find out now…

New Bark Town and The Devourer of Gods

After waking up in the land of Johto, I head to the Pokemon Lab to get my starter. My trainer ID ended with a 4, which means I narrowly avoided being stuck with Chikorita and get Cyndaquil. After 5 minutes of thinking of Cinder puns, I decided on Aldrich, the Lord of Cinder from Dark Souls. With Aldrich in tow, we set out to as the professors errand boy to pick up Mr. Pokemon’s special discovery.

Behold, The Devourer of Gods! Aldrich!

Mr. Pokemon and a New Foe

I made it through Route 29, got my running shoes in Violet City and after a brief run through Route 30 made it to Mr. Pokemon’s house. It was on the way back to New Bark that we encountered our rival Silver. He was a complete cakewalk though, I was at level 9 by this point after grinding on Kakuna’s and Weedles using Ember. After all this I receive my Pokeballs and after watching the painful catching tutorial, went into the grass and caught my first Pokemon, a Sentret I named Crystal. I was hoping for a Pidgey since that would tick them off the list for Route 30, but beggers can’t be choosers in a Nuzlocke. Venturing up to Route 46 I was fortunate enough to catch a Geodude I named Ballboa, a Pokemon that would help greatly against Flying Type Gym Leader Falkner. I caught a Pidgey on Route 30 named Wingston and pretty soon we made it to Violet City.


Tilting Tower and Parts Unown

I immediately swarmed the Belsprout tower, and after nearly killing Ballboa by underestimating a Belsprout who nearly one shot me with a Vine Whip. After that Wingston cleaned house along with Aldrich and we caught a Rattata called Eric on the way down. Before challenging the gym I went to the Ruins of Alph and caught an Unown I named Alphabetty, who immediately got boxed because no one uses Unown. Also during this time I went and nabbed the egg from the professors aid because hey why not.

Welcome to the party Alphabetty

Falkner vs the Clean-Up Crew

I wanted to challenge the gym ASAP but was apprehensive. From viewing playthroughs of this game there’s one move that had me worried, Sand Attack. What? Sand attack, that crappy ground type move that lowers accuracy? Why so scared Joe? I’ll tell you! Sand Attack and all accuracy lowering/evasiveness boosting moves in a Nuzlocke are a great cause for concern. Lower accuracy means lower hit chances, lower hit chances mean more openings for your opponent to hit you. From past experience with Sand Attack spammers, if enough Sand Attacks are pulled off, it can demolish your accuracy leaving you a sitting duck. I decided to grind up Ballboa some more since he was my kingpin in this fight. I used the gym trainers as testing grounds for a potential plan, Operation Rock Polish. The plan was simple; Use Rock Polish on Falkners first Pidgey a few times since it would be too weak to really do any damage, making me faster than Pidgeotto and sweeping it. The plan worked…until I actually got to Falkner. Like an idiot I mis-clicked and instead of Rock Polish I used Tackle. From that point the plan fell through, and I was hit with a Sand Attack, the upward hill battle had begun. I decided to scrap the Rock Polish approach and went for just a straight sweep. The Pidgey died to one Rock Throw but the Piegeotto went down a bit slower, mainly because I missed 3 Rock Throws. But I don’t know why I was worried because I won with relatively easily. Ballboa didn’t just clean house, he rinsed the dishes, dried the clothes and fixed the car while he was at it.

Don’t gimme that look Falkner, not my fault your team was massacred.

Wrapping Up and Prepping for Route 32

With that I got my Zephyr badge I set out to move on to Route 32. But before that I went and grabbed the HM Rock Smash, a move that begrudgingly I’ll need for certain points in the game, as much as it pains me to teach my Pokemon a HM. And with that, the team was ready to venture beyond Violet city.

Current Team

  • Aldrich the Cyndaquil
  • Ballboa the Geodude
  • Eric the Rattata
  • Wingston the Pidgey
  • Crystal the Sentret
  • Mystery Egg

With that, my first day of Pokemon Soulsilver Nuzlocke. It wasn’t too hard, mainly thanks to me leveling Aldrich and Ballboa a lot. But this is the level of apprehension I need to take in order to assure no one dies. I don’t anticipate anyone dying yet, and I have in fact got a plan for a few gyms. Join me next time when we venture to Azelea town for not only the gym, but a little something I like to call “Operation Heracross”.


Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it. If you did please consider leaving a like and following my blog for updates on future posts. Also follow me on twitter @joe_reviews for further updates and general nonsense. Until next time.

2 thoughts on “Average Joe Plays Pokemon Soulsilver Nuzlocke – Day 1: Humble Beginnings

  1. Alphabetty might have use as deathfodder against Whitney’s Miltank later on since you have a fairly rock weak team it might allow you to save Balboa. If something has to die.. might as well be that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No one dies for the greater good on The Clean Up Crew. Operation Heracross will hopefully be our saving grace. Ive dies so many times to that miltank, I’m not taking any chances, a sacrifice may buy time, but this ain’t about time, it’s about winning. Thanks for reading, it’s gonna be a lot of fun writing the rest of these.

      Liked by 1 person

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