Announcement – Average Joe Plays Pokemon Soul Silver NUZLOCKE

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Well…recently I’ve had Pokemon on the brain. I’ve been playing through Pokemon Shield, replaying Pokemon White and considering Black 2 once White is done. So needless to say I’ve gotten really into Pokemon again. Pokemon has been my go to comfort franchise, it saw me through some trying times and has forever held a special place in my heart. I wanted to try something new on this blog, and that was when I had the amazing shower thought. A Nuzlocke!

Oh yeah, it’s happening folks!

What is a Nuzlocke?

The Nuzlocke is a set of self imposed rules from the Pokemon community designed to make the game more challenging. The rules are pretty easy to understand are as follows.

The Rules of the Nuzlocke

  • If a Pokemon faints, it dies and you have to release it. There’s no healing it up, you just have to release it.
    • By extension, Revives and Max Revives or any other revival items are strictly off limits, if you get one, you have to trash it or sell it.
  • You can only catch one Pokemon per route, if you catch Pidgey on route 1, you cannot catch anything else on route 1, or if you kill the Pidgey before catching it, well tough luck because you’ve locked yourself out of route 1.
    • By extension, if you have a Pokemon you already caught/evolved that appears on another route, you don’t have to catch it. E.g. If you evolve your Pidgey into Pidgeotto and encounter a wild Pidgey/Pidgeotto, you don’t have to catch it.
  • You have to nickname your Pokemon in order to become more attached to it, making it more painful when it dies because Arceus is a cruel and unloving god.

So yeah, these are the basic rules of the Pokemon Nuzlocke, but I will be using some additonal rules to better streamline the experience.

Optional Rules (AKA My rules)

  • Legendaries can be caught, just no Master Ball use cos that’s too easy.
  • The starter is determined by your Trainer ID number. The final number being what decides it.
    • 1,2,3= The Grass Starter
    • 4,5,6= The Fire Starter
    • 7,8,9= The Water starter
    • 0= Your choice
  • If you suffer a team wipe, if you have Pokemon in your PC to spare, make a new team out of them and continue forward. When you have no Pokemon in the PC and party to continue with, it’s game over for good.
  • If a Pokemon evolves by trade (Golem, Alakazam etc) I will be allowing myself to trade them for the means of evolving. They technically count as your own Pokemon and therefore trading them back mans you’re receiving them again. To potentially create a balance, for every trade evolution I do, the next new route is rendered unusable.
Soon my lovelies, soon you will all be mine!

If any other rules need addressing I’ll address them in my posts detailing my adventure. I also will not be releasing these weekly, maybe once every 2 weeks if I can stick to the schedule. Both to avoid burnout as well as giving me enough time to not rush the game and have time for grinding because I need that grind to keep my Pokemon alive. I also chose Soul SIlver because it’s my favourite Pokemon game, I grew up with and in my opinion is the most refined these games formula ever got. With that said, prepare for a journey of trials, tribulations, where death is a risk to all and the looming shadow of loss is ever present. Will Average Joe Reviews succeed? Or will he be met with a terrible fate? Find out in Average Joe Plays Pokemon Soul Silver Nuzlocke.

Be ready…we’ve got a long road ahead of us.

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it. If you did please consider leaving a like and following my blog for updates on future posts. Also follow me on twitter @joe_reviews for further updates and general nonsense. Til next time.


One thought on “Announcement – Average Joe Plays Pokemon Soul Silver NUZLOCKE

  1. while I don’t really involve myself with the pokemon community or the nuzlocke stuff mostly cause I enjoy playing them as they are but also cause at the end of the day the main target audience is still children and this is a game series meant to be enjoyed for fun. and also cause the pokemon community has quite a few people who take this way too seriously and can get annoying same. kind of why I’m not really bothered by most of the controversies people have been calling out. I get why they’d be upset but at the same time it didn’t really kill sword and shield since there are enjoyable elements to the game.

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