Senran Celebration Month FINALE! – My Senran Kagura Games Ranked Worst to Best

Well…we’re here folks…The final day of Senran Celebration Month. We’ve tackled every game in the series and talked about the future of the series. Now…it all ends here, today was talk about the Senran Kagura games and rank them best to worst. It’ll be sad to see this month go…but we must move forward, and with that let us not waste any time and get into the rankings!

6. Senran Kagura Burst Re;Newal

This game sums up the monotonous style that the main titles games have become content with. This game feels like a bogged down version of Estival Versus. Slower combat, recycled in game elements and completely unoriginal story ripped straight from the first game in the series. I get this was a remake, but add something new instead of giving us a blander retelling of a story we already know. I do want to profess this, I do not hate this game or any of the games on the lower end of this list, it’s more a question of ‘the least good’ as opposed to ‘the most bad’. While the story is recycled it is still good and the characters are handled pretty well too. So while it might not have the same original flare as some previous games, it brings new life to an older game but I just wish it gave a bit more life as opposed to being a zombie of its former self.

…I mean this looks awesome, shame the game is only kinda meh…

5. Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash

A third person shooter spin-off that tries to bring with it a new sense of direction, instead acting as an awkward junction with some incredibly 50/50 gameplay and some decent character moments but a half-decent story that rips straight from Estival Versus. It does have a bit more polish than some other games and while I like the inclusion of the New Wave/New Link cards, it can be kind of a dull mechanic after a while. The game has grinding elements that just don’t work. I gotta admit, I’m not a shooting game type of gamer, but this game is fun for what it is, the gameplay is pretty fast paced and it does actually introduce some unique mechanics, but it’s a shame the game itself has no uniqueness in the characters and generally gets boring really fast. It’s fun for what it is and it can be a playful time waster and if you’re a fan of mindless action it’s worth a shot.

Man…I wish my water pistols were this dope…

4. Senran Kagura Reflections

This is probably the weirdest one on this list, Reflections is also the most bare bones in the way of gameplay, because this game is insanely basic. We have a game that’s just the changing room and intimacy mode turned into a few hours of gameplay that can be achieved with only the controller bumpers and that’s about it. I will give this game credit for having a lot of charm to it, Asuka is downright adorable and her dialogue is very sweet and makes for some adorable moments. But hile the game is charming, it’s just so unabashedly boring, making your only respite the occasional nice line and some…appealing visuals. I do wish they expand this game a bit more, as there’s a clear idea here that could be added onto to form the foundations of a decent game, but for now it’s a sub par experience that’ll entertain you, but bore you just as fast.

If only you were more than a cute face…and were an ACTUAL GAME!

3. Senran Kagura Burst

The game that started it all, and honestly it still holds up pretty well. The gameplay is more basic, being more akin to a 2.5d side scrolling beat em’ up rather than the 3D arena style of combat we’d come to know and…tolerate. This game has a really great story as mentioned with Re;Newel and the characters here have great starts that would develop as the series progressed. Compared to other games it’s pretty linear and doesn’t offer much in the way of expansive gameplay, but it does bring with it a lot of really fun moments, some exhilarating stages and helped kickstart this franchise, which we really have to thank this game for. It’s a good starting point and set the stage for many future games.

These two started this whole series, for that I gotta say thank you you two ^-^

2. Senran Kagura Estival Versus

This is these games at their best, well…not quite the best but we’ll get to that. This game packs some serious punch, with slews of enemies, extensive levels and a whole lot of characters. The story is more light hearted but still delivering some interesting plot moments, carried by the large but well managed cast. The gameplay is also fast paced, giving you dozens of enemies to mow down which makes for satisfying gameplay. This is the most fast paced the gameplay has been and it feels so good to play, having fluidity and quick motion that amps up the excitement. I also really like how the characters spend their time in smaller groups and only occasionally getting involved in the main plot, it helps the pacing and makes for some really nice interactions and enjoyable moments.

Yes Haruka you cheer for you and your friends! YAAY!

1. Senran Kagura Deep Crimson

Here it folks, the best of the best that Senran Kagura has to offer, it’s Senran Kagura Deep Crimson. This game adds onto the core gameplay from Burst and turns it into the modern formula we know today. The game has great combat, finding the perfect balance of enemy counts for the level layouts, the characters are back and better than ever, bringing with them some wonderful interactions and some actually worthwhile development. The story is also great, keeping to a typically serious tone without straying into too serious territory. The extra mechanics this game offers as well are also wonderful and really add to the base game. Things like Youma Nest, Shinobi Stones, unlockable weapons and duo attacks, it’s all just so amazing. This game still holds up today, having some amazing gameplay, great characters, some stellar additions to the series and a great sequel, Deep Crimson stands tall and proud as the champion of Senran Kagura games.

Be proud ladies, you stand proud at the number one spot.

Closing Thoughts and Thank You!

With a heavy heart, this is the end. Senran Celebration Month is at an end folks. It’s been a really great time though, doing a special themed month was challenging but I really enjoyed it. It was nice to revisit some of these games and also nice to return to video game reviews for a while. I really did enjoy this and it was nice to see you all enjoy it too. I think I’ll reign in the double uploads a week for a while, as I was really pushing for it this month and don’t want to keep it up too much for fear of growing stagnant, but this has motivated me to try and adhere to a new structure. To break away from the Senran content, I’ll be back next time with a new tag post, something I’ve been looking forward to for a while now and then I might spring a little extra surprise for you all *wink wink*. So until then, thank you all so much again for being with me for this celebration of all things Senran Kagura, and I hope to see you all again next time.

To end it all, let us end on one final picture of the waifu queen Haruka.

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it. If you did please consider leaving a like and following my blog for updates on future posts. Also follow me on twitter @joe_reviews for further updates and general nonsense. Till next time.

2 thoughts on “Senran Celebration Month FINALE! – My Senran Kagura Games Ranked Worst to Best

  1. it’s kind of funny how the newer releases are at the bottom half while older titles took the top half in this list and while I’d argue shinovi versus does somethings better than estival versus especially in terms of story and characters I can at least admit shinovi had the downside of not taking a chance on a new cast which similar to pokemon and disgaea could’ve been the standard of introducing the various teams outside of new wave while mentioning the other girls since no matter how I look at shinovi versus from both gameplay, story, dlc, and even marketing it always felt like this was supposed to pretty much just tell gessen and new hebijo story line while mentioning hanzo and crimson squad here and there and like any good game bring them in as extra post game bosses that would take a lot of skill to beat. I say that just cause similar to estival Hanzo and crimson squad’s involvements in the versus titles while not terrible or unwelcome they just never really felt needed in terms of the stories those 2 games were telling. it just felt like Takaki had to add them in there on the off chance things didn’t work with the new girls.

    I do give credit for shinovi and estival versus handling a large cast as well as they did but even just the whole special mission in estival acknowledging they literally had nothing for asuka and homura to do in these stories says a lot where unless they go full triple A title releases then it’s easier for them to just focus on 10 at a time with some unlockable characters here and there coming as special guests like how deep crimson did with Ikaruga’s foster(possible husband) brother. I say that cause something about the way peach beach splash handled Ikaruga’s interactions with her brother over the phone looked more like a wife answering her husbands calls than a sister which wouldn’t be new since the younger sister getting it on with her older brother romance tropes are still sort of a thing happening in anime and manga.

    I do feel like the one thing burst renewal did have a good idea on where while they were not done well or even thought out properly in how they tie into the overall continuity, I did like they at least tried bringing DLC characters with some kind of story to them which I would’ve liked more if we got that with the special guest DLCs from ikki tousen and dead or alive girls just to see how they’d interact with the senran kagura cast. I think new link is at least doing that but i haven’t confirmed.

    overall yeah senran kagura is a up and down slope where we can only they’ll find that straight line that can balance giving something familiar while also expanding or improving it.

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    1. Yeah, I didn’t include Shinovi Versus cos I haven’t played it yet, although a friend has recommended it to me. Same goes for Bon Appetit, but I know I’m in for just a silly laugh with that one, I’ve seen the footage. I actually know nothing about Shinovi other than that it brings Gessen and Hebijo 2 into the mix, and I intend to keep it that way until I play it.

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