Average Joe Q&A 100 Followers Special

Here it is folks, my 100 followers special. Recently we hit that oh so awesome 100 followers mark and to celebrate I asked you folks to drop your questions both here and on Twitter. I got some really good questions too and thank you to everyone who submitted a question, so without further ado let’s get into these questions.

Aresene Lucifer asks… What opponent from any piece media would you like to see Godzilla fight against that he hasn’t already fought? Also, any other Kaiji series you would be like to see a new installment of?

Well, kaiju versus matchups are always fun, and this question (or questions) seems a lot of fun to answer. I think I’d personally love Gamera to fight Godzilla, it’s been the dream of kaiju fans for years and I dream of the day when the radioactive dinosaur monster fights the fire-breathing flying turtle. I’d also love to see a Destoroyah vs. Godzilla matchup in the new Monsterverse too, I have a theory that it could happen but right now i remain merely hopeful. In terms of a kaiju series I’d like to see revived, probably Gamera. The teaser we saw years ago looked awesome, showing us a vicious Gamera melting his opponents with fire. I think the Gamera movies are due a revival with some of the old enemies like Gyaos, Iris and even Viras seeing a comeback. I’m actually getting into Sentai and Tokasatsu films recently, things like Ultraman and Kamen Riders, so maybe see them get a big screen revival too.

I really gotta watch this Netflix Ultraman series

NekoNyan asks…is there anything that you’ve been too intimidated to review? If so, how did you feel after reviewing it/are you going to try to review it in the future?

Now this sure is an interesting question and it’s actually something I think about a lot. I occasionally second guess certain posts and an example of this was my post about Writing OP Characters the wrong way. The post itself was just an editorial about how Rey from Star Wars was a poorly written OP character and a poorly written character overall. Rei, and by extension Star Wars itself, is in a controversial place right now with The Last Jedi dividing audiences and Rey being either heavily criticized or praised. I was worried when writing that post since I knew it was kinda addressing a ‘controversial character’ but I persisted and I’m happy with how it came out. I am too intimidated to talk about Star Wars in general since it would be like jumping in a bouncy castle filled with landmines, it just wouldn’t end well no matter what I do.

Don’t look at me like that

Karandi asks…What have you enjoyed most about blogging so far?

Probably just being able to express my opinions in a fair and fun way. Honestly I’ve always had a love for sharing my writing since secondary school in the young writers group. Being able to talk about things I love and find interesting is extremely gratifying and I’m happy I’m able to reach out to and interact with people with similar interests. I also enjoy it because it helped clear my writers block after I’d abandoned writing a few years prior due to outside commitments.

Being able to share my writing with people really is a good feeling

Yomu asks…What’s one post that you are proud of that you wish got more attention?

Hmm… This one sure is a toughie. I never really think of any posts as ‘deserving of attention’ but if I was to say one that I was very proud of it would probably be my 2 part post about writing OP characters. One post addressed how not to write an OP character while the other part addressed vice versa. This was probably the most in-depth post I’d written at the time and it was probably the one I put the most thought into since I went really deep into what defines an OP character as well as what you can do with such a character to make them effective. If I was to say a post I do wish maybe got more attention it would be my discussion on how the 1998 Godzilla film changed the franchise for the better. It was one of my earliest discussions but it was also a pretty unique once since it was me dissecting how the 1998 Godzilla, for as bad as it is, actually helped the franchise since it ushered in a new era to make up for its mistakes. I really enjoyed that post since it allowed me to bring a bit of positivity to an otherwise disliked piece of media.

It’s ok good boi, I’ll look after you.

Will Sirius asks…If in the future you might stop blogging, what would be the cause of it?

This was an unexpected question but one I think is very interesting. Right now I have no intentions of stopping blogging, but in terms of what might stop me…I don’t really know. I guess there’s always that looming threat of burnout that all bloggers suffer from, but another cause may just be that other commitments hinder my ability to produce work consistently, which would lead to me potentially dropping it all together. I don’t have any plans to stop right now, my schedule has been warped something fierce over the past few months, but I do plan to be at least a little bit consistent.

I ain’t going anywhere right now

From Twitter @BellowDGaming asks…Boobs or Butts?

(Limited to anime) Butts, moving on.

I really gotta pick up Keijo again.

Also from twitter @Alternative Goldeneye asks…What got me into SK? (Senran Kagura)

Weird how the two Twitter questions are related to fan service content of sorts. Well I just knew this question was coming. Me and Alternative are tight Senran Kagura buddies and honestly I highly recommend you follow this guy, he’s a blast. But shoutouts aside let’s get into the question. So as I mentioned during my review of Senran Kagura Shinovi Master I love the SK franchise. It all started back when a gaming channel I watched used a ‘clickbait’ video to talk about the game. Naturally I was curious and decided, I want a piece of that game, it looks ‘interesting.’ From there I fell in love with the series and to this day hope to continue supporting it. It originally started as morbid curiosity but then turned into genuine care and affection for the series.


Oh sorry I was distracted


With that we come to the end of my 100 Followers Q&A special. Thank you once again to all those who asked a question, and thank you to all my followers and people who watch and read my posts. I look forward to writing more posts for you guys. Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it. If you did please consider leaving a like and following my blog for updates on future posts. Also follow me on twitter @joe_reviews for further updates and general nonsense. Till next time.


6 thoughts on “Average Joe Q&A 100 Followers Special

  1. I have definitely had a lot to say about Star Wars, especially with what Disney did with the extended universe, but it’s very intimidating to talk about. The way you described is perfect. I love your answers! Congrats on the 100 and here’s to the next milestone. 🙂 🙂

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