Western Shows that Could be Anime 2 – Discussion

Well well, it’s been a while since my first ‘Western Shows that Could be Anime‘ post, and since then it’s really gone wild. I’ve covered live action anime, looked at what anime could be live action and even created a tag based around turning western shows into anime. Well since this has kind of become a ‘thing’ on my blog, I thought why not visit it again? This posts premise for those who don’t know is simply that I find a western show and talk about how I feel it could be made into an anime. With that said, let’s get into it.


Redakai Conquer the Kairu

Ok, revisiting this show gave me MAJOR deja vu. Redakai was a real life trading card game that had a tie in TV show, or mabe it was the other way around. Basically the show was about a group of cookie cutter protagonists hunting the world for a mysterious energy that unlocks special powers and monstrous transformations. Looking back on it this show was super cliché, its plotlines were predictable and its had not much going for it other than creative flare and a neat idea. But I’ve always been a fan of the ‘collect them all’ style of TV show and Redakai was especially cool to me. I loved the moves, the monsters and while the plot was predictable, it did its job for young Average Joe and the villains were actually quite cool. I think that this would work amazingly as an anime with all the powerups, unique monster designs and the general plot reminiscent of Pokémon. It’s cliché and forgettable, but I think given the anime treatment it could be made into something good.

I mean just look at Platinum Metanoid, how cool is that?!

Monsuno / Monsuno Combat Chaos

Ah Monsuno, another ‘collect them all’ type show there the heroes use monsters called Monsuno for combat. This show was like a mix between Bakugan, Pokémon, Redakai and Huntik, as in the team travelled the world fighting against an evil organization, with their Monsuno as their companions. But while it effectively takes from 4 different shows, it doesn’t exactly take the best qualities, it was kind of bland and I had to stretch to remember this one. The most I remember about it was the openings it had, and trust me the season 2 opening is one of the best openings I’ve heard. The monsters were also well designed, they were like a mix between Pokémon and Bakugan designs and I liked them. I think this show would work as an anime with the combat between monsters being taken over the top and into the realms of insanity. I also think the concepts themselves would translate better into anime too.

So that’s what Mega Beatik looks like?

Young Dracula

Most of these shows I’ve talked about were shown to me through CITV (Children’s Independent Television), but this one comes from CBBC (Children’s British Broadcasting Company). Young Dracula was a kids drama that followed the son of Dracula and his refusal to become his father’s heir. This show really wasn’t my thing, I was a child that prefered the more…well, childish things, so I typically avoided CBBC and it’s more grown up themes. This show would be great as an anime in my opinion, with the plot revolving around the antics of the Dracula family as the protagonist resents and opposes his destiny. The side characters were all decent, with the main character having a sister who was desperate to become a vampire, a crazy vampire hunter along with Dracula himself, these all have the workings of a decent horror, action, comedy anime.

Man…the live action Black Butler really does look different…

Gormiti: The Lords of Nature

Oh hello deja vu I missed you. Gormiti was one of those toy lines with a TV tie in. This show was super cool to me, a show where four kids travel to the world of the Gormiti. The show was at the very least unique for young child Average Joe, and for the most part it was entertaining. The designs were all interesting, the world and lore was pretty varied yet easy to follow. The main characters weren’t too interesting but the villains really did add to the fun factor of the show. I think with all the strange monster designs, the different environments and transformation scenes this show has, it could really work as a great fantasy anime.


I know these designs are odd, but trust me this show was pretty fun.



Matt Hatter Chronicles

Now I chose this show after searching through all the old CITV shows that I watched, and boy oh boy this show does not look pretty. Matt Hatter Chronicles was a show that followed the titular Matt as he travels to an alternate dimension where characters from movies his family run theatre. Now that premise alone is stupid, but I also really appreciate the creativity it has. This could work as an amazing parody style anime, with a lot of meta commentary about movies and allow for some really unique parody villain caricatures of movie villains. In all honestly this show was really bad to me, it had a less than stellar look, annoying characters and it was a very repetitive show, but I think it’s unique premise and creativity could work as a great anime.


Ok, admittedly the characters were ok, except that green guy in the left, he just sucked.


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