My Top 5 Pokemon – Pop 5

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Well I missed National Pokemon Day, but with Pokemon Sword and Shield a talking point right now, I figured I might as well do this post regardless. Since 1996 with the release of Pokemon Red and Blue, Pokemon has spawned no less than 122 games (according to Bulbapedia), 20 anime seasons, 21 movies, a worldwide trading card game and its own sock brand. So it’s safe to assume Pokemon is a pretty big franchise, and continues to grow to this day, with Pokemon Sword and Shield, Detective Pikachu and the 3D jump force DLC…erm I mean Mewtwo Strikes Back CGI remaster. One of my earliest posts was me ranking my favourite Pokemon games…it definitely suffers from ‘old Average Joe’ syndrome. But what better way to show my love for Pokemon than with my list of top 5 Pokemon. I would have don’t Top 20 but these picks are the only ones I can talk about extensively and I wouldn’t want to just bore you. So without further ado, let’s go! (Bad joke I know…I apologise)


5. Bidoof

Ah Bidoof, the meme of the Pokemon world. Bidoof is a little Gen 4 normal type and serves as the generic normal type you find at the start. Now why do I like this little fluffy bummed Beaver. Well, simply because I think he’s cute. I love just how funny he looks and frankly his little fluffy bum is a hilarious touch. If we get those long-awaited Gen 4 remakes, I will catch a Bidoof and slap an everstone on it and it shall carry my team until the end. Bibarrel sucks though, like seriously giving it the water typing serves only to make it an easier target for Grass and Electric types.

Bidoof’s nose looks like a muffin…

4. Ekans/Arbok

My favourite Gen 1 Pokemon(s), Ekans and Arbok are here together simply because I couldn’t choose which form I liked best. Ekans is just a charming little pokemon to me, I love its silly face and how it looks like it will just gum me to death since it has no teeth. Arbok is menacing, cool and I love the imposing feeling it projects. They aren’t the most powerful Pokemon, but I love them all the same. Poison is my second favourite Pokemon type behind Ghost and these two little snakes, well one small snake and one big snake, are two really cool and fun Pokemon.

Top Sneks right here

3. Aegislash

Now…Gen 6 is perhaps my least favourite Gen. It doesn’t house my least favourite Pokemon, that distinction goes to Simipour and its stupid…Ok ok I’ll not go into detail about it. I’ll probably do a 5000 word essay on how much I hate Simipour at a later date. But for now let’s forget about Simipour and let’s focus on Gen 6. This generation is forgettable for me. Most generations I can name a collection of Pokemon from it without a second thought, but this one I cannot, all except for three. Honedge, Duablade and Aegislash. Aegislash is cool because of a few things. For one, it’s design is super cool, a sentient sword that carries a buckler shield is silly but fun. The lore behind it and it’s evolution line is creepy and perfectly in line with most ghost type lore. It’s ability and signature move Kings Shield are also really unique and it makes for a technical Pokemon I found fun to play.

You want Pokemon Sword and Shield? Well Aegislash did it first.

2. Mimikyu

Like Gen 6, Gen 7 is kinda a bland one for me. I do remember more from it, but it’s also somewhat lacklustre in my opinion. But one of the best things it ever brought to us, was Mimikyu. The lore behind Mimikyu is both terrifying and adorable. It’s a Pokemon so ugly and horrifying, that looking at it can kill you, and in a desperate attempt to be loved by people, Mimikyu took to wearing a Pikachu costume to try to look cute and be liked. That is so tragic and sad that it instantly made me fall in love with the little ghost fairy. It’s lore in unique and so endearing, it gives the whole pokemon a ton of personality and makes it a really fun pokemon to look out for. It’s ability is also really unique and makes for a really annoying pokemon. Also Mimikyu was the first Pokemon I swept the elite 4 with, no joke I didn’t switch out to another pokemon until the champion fight, and even the Mimikyu did like 80% of the work.

Mimikyu needs love, please give him it

1. Shedinja

Here it is, the number one, the cream of the crop, the haunted husk Shedinja. The last 2 choices on this list made it here because of their unique abilities and lore, and Shedinja has both of those in bucketloads. First off, the way you obtain it is super interesting, for those who don’t know you need to evolve Nincada into Ninjask while having an empty slot in your Pokemon team, once Ninjask appears, a Shedinja will too. Shedinja is also odd because if it always having 1 HP no matter what, and its ability to be immune to all none super effective moves isn’t great but it’s really unique to Shedinja and a real stand out ability. The lore is a bit off though, it implies that looking into the hole on it’s back kill you, but considering the trainer only ever sees its back I doubt it, unless the protagonist changes each time you use it and you just don’t realise it… So in conclusion, with its cool method of capture, creepy lore, unique ability and style, Shedinja sits proudly as my number one favourite Pokemon.

Halo, is it me you’re looking for?

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