Dragon Ball Super Broly – Movie Review (Part 1)

Honestly, it’s going to be hard to write this review in both its parts. Not because I don’t want to, but simply because I have no words for this movie. There is no other movie that I have been so determined to remain spoiler free for since Infinity War, but with that one I didn’t need to try as hard. Dragon Ball Super Broly is the latest theatrical installment in the titular franchise, and he’s been one of if not the most hyped up anime film in recent memory. I grabbed interest with its new and unique animation style, the return of franchise staple Broly and a new age for Dragon Ball. I saw this movie during a limited UK theatrical run and I can simply say it was worth the 2 months booking in advance. What makes this movie so damn good? Well let’s find out.


This story is great, it’s not exactly the most deep of plots per say, but the deep stuff is left to the character interactions. We’ll get to the character stuff in part 2 but for now let’s look at the story. This plot has a very, very, VERY, long cold open that tells the origins of Broly and his father Paragus as well as a retelling of the Bardock / Planet Vegeta destruction story that many fans had already grown to know. I personally prefer the older one since it shows Bardock in a way that I personally prefer, him being a selfish murder machine as opposed to a bit more of a kind-hearted individual. But that itself is a small nitpick and other than that the rest of the story is absolutely engaging. The segment where Frieza meets the Saiyans for the first time is a scene that is just dripping with so much tension and you constantly feel uncomfortable when he’s simply talking down to them. But I’m getting sidetracked let’s look at the plot. The TL:DR is that Broly and Paragus are found by Frieza and once they come to earth they engage in a fight with Goku and Vegeta…and that’s about it. Like I said this story itself isn’t that deep, but to me it isn’t meant to be. It serves as a foundation for all these amazing character interactions and moments as opposed to having the plot itself serve as the main focus. But while it isn’t too complex it doesn’t come off as cheap or rushed and in fact does display some marvelous storytelling that revolves around Broly for the most part. One thing I also like is that the main character is not Goku or even Vegeta, it is straight up Broly’s story and that to me is a marvelous change of pace. You spend most of your time with him and the interactions he has with characters like Paragus, Cheelai and Lemo. He barely interacts with Vegeta and Goku except for fighting but the interactions with the other characters are just so damn good! So while the plot isn’t exactly deep or interesting or even all that special, it is a platform for some amazing moments that doesn’t dampen the story at all and if anything adds to it and makes it an engaging tale with characters you feel downright enthralled by.

The exact face I pulled while watching this movie.

The Presentation

Wow…just wow. This movie is a visual masterpiece almost top to bottom. There are people saying that this movie isn’t as good-looking because of a few bad frames, and honestly that is just nitpicking at its worst. Aside from the occasional awkward frame that does linger a bit too long, this movies animation is near seamless and for every bad frame theres like 9000 ones that looks like an art piece. The animation is very loose and flowing, unlike Dragon Ball Super’s other animation style, and allows for much more expressive movement and facial expressions. The problem with Super’s other animation style is that it is at times very stiff and this is reflected in the movement which while it can look amazing, often looks restrained at times. This movie on the other hand feels free and all the movement is loose and fluid. I also must praise the facial expressions in this movie, especially from Frieza and Broly. Frieza’s crooked and wrinkled brow always gives him this condescending and patronising look that really adds to the ‘love to hate’ nature of Frieza. Broly’s expressions swing from endearing and adorable to wildly furious and dare I say it, scary, Broly actually scared me in this movie with all his faces and wild screams. Then we get to what makes this movie, the fighting, and boy do I hope this fighting sets the precedent for future fights in Dragon Ball. This combat is bombastic and quick, the audience barely keeps up with the action. I do wish that when the more intense moments picked up we got to see it more close up, but that is no slight against it. The actual scenes where we see the close up fights are beautiful from start to finish, every frame looks wonderful and you feel the impact of every single punch. The transformations were also spectacular, you can sense the effort put into these forms and all the Saiyan transformations look powerful and you can just feel the power radiating from them. Goku’s transformation into Super Saiyan Blue is a sequence with so much beauty that I ‘d need a whole other post to talk about it (not gonna happen). SO to summarise, this movie does not disappoint with its stellar animation, and aside from the odd frame this movie is spectacular looking from the beginning to end. I also haven’t even talked about the music, the themes for Broly vs. Goku and Broly vs. Gogeta are both absolutely insane and bonkers sounding but they fit so well you just roll with it.

You see this? This is art in motion.

Part 2..?

And it was at this point that Average Joe realised that this review is already the same length as a typical post and that he needs to make this into another 2 part post. I typically aim for around 1000 to 1500 words with posts, so as to not make the posts arduous for you guys and also so I don’t spend too long on them. There is so much to talk about with this movie that I’m going to have to put the rest into a Part 2 post. In the next part we shall cover the characters of the movie, and a special section dedicated entirely to Broly. All will be finished with my final verdict and grades, but just a heads up, you won’t find anything lower than a 4.

MV5BMzJhZThkNGMtZTFkNi00YzNiLTljMjctMjc4YWNmMDZhNDcyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzYzMTAxOTc@._V1_ (1).jpg
Don’t give me that look, I can’t help that your movie is so good.

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Part 2 will be coming soon so stay tuned.

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