Review Report – DBZ: The Broly Trilogy

Wow…It certainly has been a while since the last Review Report. Well for those who don’t know, Review Report is a review format where I review things in small mini reviews, mainly so as to not drag out reviews that don’t have much worth talking about. Today we return to Dragon Ball and are taking a look at the classic movie villain, the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly. These movies are something I wanted to talk about for a while but have never found the time. But now with the full DBZ movie box set in my possession, and the new Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie on its way in the UK, I figured it would be the best time to look at the classic big bruiser Broly. Before we start I want to say I’ll be including a special segment for each movie dedicated purely to Broly himself since I feel he varies enough in each movie to warrant a separate analysis each time. Now let’s get started.

Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan

The movie that kicked off the Broly obsession, and it is by far the best of this trilogy of films.

  • Story: 3/5 – The plot drags for an extremely long time. It has a total run time of 120 minutes, making it the third longest Dragon Ball movie to be released, beaten by Battle of Gods and Resurrection F. Unfortunately this means that for the majority of the time the story overstays its welcome. Even then, when the plot finally does kick off, it quickly descends into a cathartic beat-down fight where Goku and co don’t fight Broly but rather ‘survive’ him. Other than that the plot was original for its time and even though it does drag a bit, your first viewing does leave you in fear of Broly and constantly wondering when he’s gonna finally blow. The ending is a bit questionable since it equates to nothing more than a generic ‘Goku gets the kill’ scenario, it’s funny how Broly in the movie comments on how he ‘loves a big climax to a fight’ when he himself gets a very anticlimactic kill.
  • Characters: 3/5 – Many of the characters ring true in this movie, Goku’s just as naive yet determined as ever, Vegeta breaking down at the site of Broly is a great moment and does offer a side of Vegeta that’s rarely seen. The other characters are fine, they don’t offer much other than being fodder enemies for Broly. Paragus himself is a decent secondary antagonist who wavers between misguided care for Broly and fear of his son. Broly is…well theres a whole section dedicated to him.
  • Presentation: 4/5 – This movie has decent animation and for the most part looks alright. The combat in the movie is choreographed alright and the actual moves and attacks showcased from Broly are amazing. I don’t really have much to say about the presentation since I just find it decent and good-looking and it really does help sell Broly’s design.
  • Broly Himself: 4/5 – This is the Broly that most people remember from his initial films and has woven his way into the hearts of many fans including myself. Broly’s design is wonderfully chaotic and instantly recognizable. While Broly in this movie is a shallow villain with little to no personality and a motivation that is frankly laughable even by movie villain standards. I do like his small and skinny base form as it greatly contrasts his transformed state in a deceptively creepy manner, and while I do wish he had less dialogue since it doesn’t really lend to his character much, some of his lines are pretty funny. So in conclusion, Broly is a delight in this movie, he’s not a great villain, but I love him just the way he is.
  • Final Grade: 4/5 – When people think of ‘Dragon Ball movie’ or ‘Movie Villain’ this is usually what comes to mind. This film has earned its space in Dragon Ball media and in my opinion will remain an iconic staple of the franchise for years to come, even with the new Broly movie out now. I have a lot of love for this movie, although I will recognise it isn’t perfect, it’s easily the best of the DBZ Broly Trilogy, but then again its competition is…well we’re getting to that,
That moment when you step on a Lego

Broly’s Second Coming

The follow-up to the first Broly movie, second coming tells the story of Broly’s revenge, sort of, as he lands on earth and is confronted by the heroes of earth.

  • Story: 2/5 – This movie’s story is bad, like really bad. The main plot of Goten, Trunks and Videl hunting for Dragon Balls is a plot that doesn’t really lead anywhere without the inclusion of the boring subplot of this film. Said subplot consists of sacrificing children to dinosaur monsters…okay I guess I can roll with this, and from there Broly is awoken from his icy imprisonment by Goten crying…a little bit odd but I can still go with this. From there the movie turns into a beat-down fight that has a delightful segment of Trunks peeing on Broly’s head…and it was at this point I jumped off the train and into the chasm below. This movie is so unbalanced in tone and pacing that it honestly cannot be saved. The final fight between Gohan and Broly is cool, but it just can’t salvage the sins of the first act. In conclusion it’s a wasted story with a dumb plot, inconsistent tone and a downright insufferable cast, speaking of…
  • Characters: 2/5 – Among my Dragon Ball friends, people know that Goten is one of my least favourite characters. This movie is what ultimately set the seal on his place as an insufferable child character. Goten does nothing but moan and groan and cry in this movie, in fact there is an entire one minute segment of him crying like a baby and it was annoying to the point of me actually screaming for him to just SHUT UP! Videl is fine and Trunks is just as insufferable as he’s always been but at least it’s reined in when compared to Goten. Gohan is fine, but he just shows up to fight Broly and frankly nothing of value is gained or lost from him existing here. So unfortunately this cast falls short and is just too obnoxious to enjoy.
  • Presentation: 4/5 – This movie is…actually pretty dang good looking. This movie has much higher production value than its predecessor. The designs are consistent and the fighting itself, while being poorly paced is well animated and the movements have a lot of weight to them. I do hate that this movie steals an entire section from the original movie where Broly transforms into his buff form, which just screams lazy and it’s extremely noticeable. The backgrounds are decent and the final standoff with the Family Kamehameha scene is iconic and memorable, despite having questionable logic behind it. So the presentation gets a pass, but it’s sad that this is the only part of the movie above a 2/5.
  • Broly Himself: 2/5 – Broly is pointless in this movie. His placement in it feels completely forced, especially since he himself has nothing of value to contribute. He just does what he did in the last movie except without any of the real dread or menace of the first film. His redesigned Super Saiyan form is pretty sleek and cool to look at, but it has no where near the same level of terrifying presence as his Legendary Super Saiyan form. While his buff form does show up, they recycle the transformation footage from the first movie and only change the hair colour. Also, the way Broly is awoken in this movie via Goten screaming is even more stupid than his origins.
  • Final Grade: 2/5 – This movie is just an inconsistent mess. While the second half feels distintctly like the original Broly, the first half is a poorly paced and childish mess. It has pointless side stories, and other than being quite visually appealing, does nothing for any of the characters. Broly is unnessacary in this movie but the problem is that without him the movie would be even worse, so it’s just a vicious cycle of bad. Of the trilogy, I’m going to straight up admit that this is my least favourite.
What reaching for the last slice of Pizza feels like.

Bio Broly

The trend with the Broly trilogy was that it got worse and worse as the movies went on, and for many people, this one is the worst of the worst, at least to most. Me on the other hand, I don’t think this film is as awful as others might think, but I do think it’s bad. Let’s just get into why.

  • Story: 3/5 – This movie has a slight edge of Second Coming because it moves along at a somewhat better pace. While the plot itself isn’t to inspired, the inclusion of Android 18 and Mr. Satan does elevate the movie somewhat. The story does have reason for happening this time, kick-started by a strange revenge plot from one of Mr. Satan’s old enemy. I also noticed that this movie had a lot of elements eerily similar to Worlds Strongest, it has a group of beings with ‘Bio’ in their name, has the villains assuming someone is stronger than they actually are, and the villain is a weird scientific creation. Similarities aside this plot does have a somewhat unique
  • Characters: 2/5 – With the exception of Mr. Satan, Android 18 and Krillin, these characters just fall flat once again. Goten and Trunks have no place in the movie and honestly if this movie was just about Android 18 and Mr. Satan with a  bit more Krillin it would have probably been a lot more enjoyable. Goten and Trunks just bring this childish quality to the movie that is frankly unnecessary and distracting. The human villains are just your typical rich idiots who are all bark and no bite, and Broly is…well we’ll get to him.
  • Presentation: 3/5 – This movie looks fine, but for me it’s one of the lesser looking among the Dragon Ball Z movies. It’s not awful, the action is alright and for the most part everything is drawn consistently. But my main problem with this movie is the backgrounds and how the set-pieces somewhat drag the movie down for me. The darkened color palate does nothing for the atmosphere and the closed and compact location in which the main fight takes place makes the fighting seem contained and bogged down.
  • ‘Broly’ Himself: 2/5 – I put Broly in quotation marks in this one because this isn’t actually Broly. This is a clone of Broly and even then it bares no resemblance to him. This Broly is inferior in every way when compared to his previous two incarnations. This Broly gets covered in a toxic ooze that transforms him into a strange gooey creature that looks like Swamp Thing crossed with Oscar the Grouch. He does nothing but moan and groan and occasionally fire a Ki blast. I’m going to be honest and say that the Bio-Broly look itself isn’t awful, but it’s just that the fact this is meant to be Broly that drags the whole design down.
  • Final Grade: 3/5 – The hate towards this movie is justified, but I don’t think it is the most dreadful DBZ movie. It’s at the very least better than Second Coming but is not an excellent movie. Goten and Trunks drag the movie down a considerable amount and Bio Broly is easily one of the lesser villains in the Dragon Ball universe. So to cap it all off, this movie is bad, but it could be a lot worse.
Well someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

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