Kong vs. Godzilla. Who Would Really Win? – Discussion

Well it’s been a hot second since my last Godzilla post, so why not return to the King of the Monsters with a discussion about his upcoming movie. and Versus match ups are nothing new. We’ve seen it happen between super heroes, super villains and even slasher villains. But the place where the versus match up is most at home is in monster movies. Monster movies have provided us with nearly countless numbers of versus matchups, but among them all there is one versus match up that towers above all. Godzilla vs. King Kong.

Some Backstory

Godzilla vs. King Kong was released in 1962 and has gone down in history as one of the biggest rivalries in history. It was also the first Godzilla movie to have ‘versus’ in its title, despite it not being the first time Godzilla had fought another monster, the first being Anguiras in Godzilla Raids Again, but this is perhaps one of the most well-known. This matchup was such a big deal because it was the flagship Japanese monster against the flagship american monster, east versus west in a no hold barred brawl to the death. The fight was left ambiguous in the movie, with many people choosing who they thought won. Rumors started to circulate that there in fact 2 different endings filmed, one released in America where King Kong won and one in Japan where Godzilla won. These rumors were in fact false and Toho themselves that King Kong was the victor. Now with the remake on its way soon, I figured why not do a bit of a pre-emptive analysis of the two contenders to see who would actually win in a fight.

Source: https://www.inverse.com/article/17301-new-king-kong-will-be-100-feet-tall-as-monsters-including-godzilla-keep-growing

How to Decide this Fight

To find out who is the stronger monster, I’m going to be focusing on six main factors. Strength, Intelligence, Durability, Speed, Additional Abilities and Weaknesses. I will also be basing these factors on the material we currently have, no assumptions allowed. The visuals seen in Godzilla King of the Monsters trailers 1 and 2 show Godzilla with a magnified atomic breath and the ability to run, but since these haven’t been seen in full they will not be factors in this fight. I will also not be scaling them to other incarnations since these monsters are quite different from their previous movie iterations in a lot of ways. I will be making comparisons, but the feats of other incarnations will not be used. With that said, lets begin the analysis.


  • Strength: Godzilla is a vastly strong monster, he displays incredible physical prowess when fighting the MUTO’s. He manages to push the larger female Muto through a building despite physical resistance from her. He doesn’t use his arms that much say for grabbing and pushing, his fighting style much more primitive and akin to that of a primitive creature like a lizard. He seems to possess a very strong bite as well, capable of throwing the male MUTO using only his mouth. I think Godzilla’s main striking weapon is his tail. His tail is destructive and powerful, capable of killing the male MUTO by knocking it into a building.
  • Intelligence: Godzilla, despite being a primitive beast, is vastly intelligent and wise beyond his years. He has existed long before mankind, dating back to a time when kaiju roamed the earth unopposed. He displays a great level of ingenuity in his fight with the MUTOs, he manages to learn how to kill the male MUTO after he struggled with its hit and run tactics and also chooses to reserve the use of his atomic breath unless absolutely necessary. However, while he is smart and calculating, he seems to be driven primarily by instinct, aiming to kill the MUTOs in order to restore balance after they appeared in order to preserve himself.
  • Durability: Like all his previous incarnation, except Zilla, this Godzilla has impressive durability, but it isn’t as powerful as people believe. While he can survive attacks from the military as well as multiple attacks from the MUTOs, it isn’t infinite. He displays pain when fighting the military and especially during the MUTO fight, where he becomes severely damaged and does suffer major damage when a building collapses on him. He does get back up, but this is still a display that his durability is not endless. He was being double teamed by the MUTOs at the time however, and when it came to finishing off the MUTOs it was with relative ease. He also survived multiple nuclear bombings when Monarch was trying to kill him in Bikini Atoll, which had bombs with an explosive yield of 15 megatons of force. It isn’t seen if he was completely unphased by these bombs or not, but it does show he is capable of surviving an explosion that was confirmed to be 1000 times more powerful than the A-Bombs used in WWII. In conclusion he is a powerful creature, able to survive massive amounts of damage, but is not exactly invincible.
  • Speed: As with the rest of his incarnation, once again not including Zilla, the incarnation of Godzilla is very slow. His lumbering size seriously hinders his ability to move, and compared to the male MUTO he suffered a severe disadvantage during their fight because of the massive difference in speed.
  • Additional Abilities: This Godzilla possesses his trademark atomic breath, but it seems to be a bit different to previous versions. This one is more of a concentrated beam as opposed to a large blast, at least in this movie. King of the Monsters seems to show the breath but much more powerful, and it was said that the MUTOs weakened Godzilla’s atomic breath with their EMP abilities. I won’t be taking the ‘full power’ breath into account here since right now we don’t know the full extent of its power. But even in its weakened form, the beam is extremely powerful, able to knock down the female MUTO, nearly killing her and even decapitating her with the beam later on. This attack is powerful but seems to drain Godzilla’s energy quite severely, as he is shown to suffer physical exhaustion twice when using this attack, even passing out one time. He is also amphibious, able to breath underwater via gills on his neck.
  • Weaknesses: As mentioned before, Godzilla doesn’t have infinite durability, and has shown fatigue multiple times. His gills are also a point of weakness, being very sensitive and causing him incredible pain when struck with both military weapons. But other than that, he doesn’t appear to have any more exploitable weaknesses.
Source: https://godzilla.wikia.com/wiki/Godzilla_(MonsterVerse)


  • Strength: Kong is a vastly strong kaiju, able to lift things like military helicopters like they were nothing, and they can weigh anywhere from 4 to 14 tons. He’s able to shake off Skullcrawlers with ease as well and seems to have gotten used to fighting them on a near daily basis. Even when fighting the giant Skullcrawler he can not only push the beast but also throw it, and this giant Skullcrawler is about 100 tonnes. He can also fight against the pull of a giant squid and his strength also gives him a lot of striking power.
  • Intelligence: Kong is an incredibly smart kaiju, like typical apes but on a more civilised scale. He isn’t capable of speech but can very clearly display emotion and is fueled by an emotional drive. He shows cunning ingenuity when fighting the monsters on Skull Island, showing that he has a large repertoire of experience. He’s fought skullcrawlers for almost all his pre adult life, as well as giant octopi as well as many of the other beasts that inhabit Skull Island. I think Kong is also a great strategist, as he is shown to adapt and change his fighting style during his fight with the big Skullcrawler, even realising how to kill it
  • Durability: Kong is surprisingly durable despite being a soft fleshy mammal. Not only can he shrug off bites from Skullcrawlers and wrestle a giant Octopus, but he survived being emulated by napalm on the water, albeit he did lose consciousness for a while. Still, the fact that he survived it at all is a testament to his durability. He can survive
  • Speed: Kong is surprisingly agile given his size. While being an ape does probably explain his speed, he is still incredibly fast. He is shown jumping between mountains with ease and can react with surprising speed when attacked by Skullcrawlers.
  • Additional Abilities: Kong displays fighting abilities akin to those of humans. He’s shown to use rudimentary tools and weapons in his fights with the Skullcrawlers including a tree baseball bat and a chain. He displays traits and personality aspects like a human as well, which does lend to his heightened intelligence and apathy.
  • Weaknesses: Kong is indeed strong, but he has many easily exploitable physical weaknesses. For one, he is shown to be damaged by helicopter artillery and cuts his hands on a propeller. He falls unconscious after being emulated by a napalm covered lake and is shown to bleed badly after his initial fight with the military. He also show fatigue and exhaustion when fighting the Big Skullcrawler and is caught off guard by a surprise attack from the slippery bruiser.
Source: https://www.wired.com/2017/03/kong-skull-island-canon/

Who Would Win?

Ok, after taking everything into account, who would win between these monsters. Surprising literally no one, I assume, Godzilla would be the victor in this fight, but it wouldn’t be as cut and dry as we might think. First off though, Godzilla wins in both the size category and weight catagory, being nearly 3 times taller and roughly 670 times heavier (I checked). There are three things Kong has that would give him an edge in the fight, his superior intelligence, speed (King of the Monsters trailer not withstanding) and fighting ability. Kong would be able to use his size to his advantage and dodge many of Godzilla’s attacks, which is probably for the best considering Godzilla’s tail was shown to crush a MUTO with a single strike. Given the environment as well, Kong could potentially have access to a myriad of improvised weapons. I also think Kong would be able to discern that Godzilla’s gills were his weakness, given how quickly he realised the Skullcrawlers main weakness by ripping out its tongue which was attached to hits internal organs. However, speed and intelligence do not always guarantee a win, Godzilla himself has millions of years of experience and has fought many more Kaiju in that time. The male MUTO itself was a fast opponent, and Godzilla was able to quickly adapt to the situation and discovered an appropriate way to defeat him. Godzilla is a problem solver, finding the appropriate response to an enemy and acting upon it. Also, all it would take is one blast of his atomic breath, and I believe that would fatally injure Kong, his this furry hide wouldn’t be enough to withstand the sheer heat and impact of the blast. So while I am in the Godzilla camp in this fight, I do believe the fight wouldn’t be as cut and dry as we are lead to believe. But hey, we don’t know the outcome, only the studio knows that.

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6 thoughts on “Kong vs. Godzilla. Who Would Really Win? – Discussion

  1. I find it hard to believe that Toho would so willingly let King Kong win like that….I’m subscribing to the conspiracy that they filmed two endings, and just never publicly released the one with Godzilla winning.

    I think Kong definitely does get the edge in intelligence by nature of being a great ape as opposed to a radioactive dinosaur lizard. Kong is obviously quicker, too.

    You’re right, though, Godzilla is just too big, too strong, and too tough. And even though he’s slower, he has powerful range capabilities with the atomic breath.

    I’ll be interested to see how this plays out in the upcoming movie, because honestly I don’t think it’d be that close unless Kong has a brief skirmish, learns the O.G.’s weaknesses then comes back but EVEN THEN, he hardly has the strength or size to compete.

    Maybe two or three Kongs could do it, but we’re talking the King of Monsters here. On paper this isn’t even close.

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  2. Godzilla better hope there’s no lightning storm for Kong to get a power up XD. That bit in the original King Kong Vs. Godzilla always bugged me. It did give us the classic moment of Kong shoving a tree down Godzilla throat so it’s not all bad. I do think this incarnation of Godzilla would win too. His massive size has a lot to do with it, but also because Kong likely wouldn’t recover as quickly if an entire building fell on him. However, I’ll still like to see this unfold since Kong is likely to have gotten larger by the time their bout movie comes out.

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