Fanservice Finale! – Senran Kagura Shinovi Master Episode 12 Review

Welcome to the final post of 2018 for Average Joe Reviews. Just as 2018 ends, so too does Senran Kagura Shinovi Master. While a general review of the entire series is on the way, this will be the final single episode review. With the series now done, did this final episode end on a high note?Well…I’d say more of a middle bass note, but why is that? Well let’s get into it.

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 21.10.22.png
Go! Go! Hanzo Rangers!


Yumi and Fubuki face off for the final time. Their blade clash as Fubuki’s rage builds and builds. all ending with a final decisive strike that knocks Yumi out and seemingly kills her. While this is happening, Fubuki’s Youma guardian Rasestu face off against the rest of the girls, but Asuka’s Fuma Korin technique isn’t enough to seal her away. Desperate for more power, Rasatsu powers up into a monstrous giant form, and it takes the combined efforts of Ultimate Form Asuka, Crimson Form Homura and Abyssal Miyabi to finally put the horned demon down. As Yumi drops to the bottom of a lake, she explodes from it, new power surging through her, and she finally puts Fubuki down for good, ending both her and the Youma. Christmas comes and the girls all prepare for a christmas together. Fubuki leaves with Gekkou and Sekkou, aiming to find her way in this new world. Yumi and Asuka walk onward, to new height, new adventures and new wonders in the world of shinobi!

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 21.51.25.png
I just want to bundle these two up and put them on a little shelf of cute stuff.

What I liked

The combat in this was actually alright, both fights looked alright but particularly the Yumi vs Fubuki fight. It exhibited some good animation, among some less than stellar frames early on, and ended in a somewhat satisfying way. Seeing all the girls fight together was also nice to watch as we’d seen them work together before, but this was a big fight that really did feel like they needed teamwork to beat it. Gekkou and Sekkou’s return was also nice, considering they kind of vanished after their fierce beating. The ending was also sweet, seeing Asuka and Yumi interact with each other was very fun to watch, reminding me of episode one and how great it was then. The ending sequence in general was great, it tied up all the loose ends, helped Fubuki come full circle and the ending monologue was a pleasant thing to end on. SO overall this episode achieved what it set out to accomplish, it ended the series at an appropriate place and helped tie up the loose ends the story had woven out. However, one thing I feel this episode lacked was the actual execution of said ending.

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 21.48.07.png
Here’s a butt shot because why not?

What I Didn’t Like

This episode was rushed beyond all compare. Fubuki’s face turn wasn’t complete which i liked, but nevertheless it happens really fast and it takes a grand total of one rousing speech and one small act of kindness to change her outlook. I get that people can chage, but I feel this happened a bit too quick especially since Fubuki was so hateful beforehand. Homura and Miyabi using Fume Korin was also supremely annoying since it was a literal ex machina that happens out of nowhere. The statement that they learnt it from watching Asuka is just dumb, I’ve seen Godzilla’s atomic breath, the Kamehameha and the Force, but i can’t do any of them, believe me I tried all three and the only thing I achieved was looking like a weirdo. Rasestsu also seemed to find solace a bit too fast as well, she goes from fighting for Fubuki even if it means drawing her final breath to simply accepting her fate in mere minutes. Overall, character motivations swapped and changed far too fast for me. Also, while Yumi’s final fight with Fubuki looked good, her sudden ability to overpower the half Youma villain was seemingly out of nowhere and it doesn’t really explain why she’s any more powerful that what she already was. The episode rushed its ending and either left things unexplained or needlessly rished. The episode just lacked proper pacing.

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 21.37.39.png
And yet you’re suddenly a good guy? Or rather less bad…But still.

Final Thoughts

For a final episode, this episode was very mixed. While it was a satisfying ending overall, I wish the pathway to the ending wasn’t as rushed and bumpy. But, I am happy with this ending, it did what I thought it would, and that’s a good thing. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything less than this, but I also wasn’t expecting anything more. This series has still been fun to watch and review, but I have a full review on the way so I’ll talk more in-depth about it then.

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 21.56.47.png
Let’s end this review and series on a smile from this adorable little bean.

Score: 7 / 10

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