MERRY CHRISTMAS! – A Festive Thank You


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful day and enjoying yourselves. I was going to do a special christmas themed discussion or review, but there doesn’t seem to be a Godzilla Holiday Special around and forward planning isn’t one of my strong suits so instead I’m electing to use this opportunity to give you all a big thank you and to talk about the first 7 months of Average Joe Reviews.



The support you’ve all given me for these few months since I started the blog has been a gift all in of itself. I know I’ve said this before, but I honestly never expected this at all. Compared to almost every blogger who follows me my numbers are incredible small, but I don’t care, the fact that people are tuning into my content at all really makes me smile. I remember making this blog on a whim as well as a fun experiment, the next think I know I have 70 followers and over 2000 views! This truly does make me proud of this blog and I really do owe it all to you guys. This blog has taught me to better appreciate the smaller things, these numbers are small but they hold a lot of value to me. I know they always say ‘don’t just focus on the view count’ and I don’t, but they mean a lot because it means that there are actually people out there who find, read and hopefully enjoy my writing. It’s a humbling experience and it’s something I’ve never really felt before. People have said they like my writing before, back in my fictional fantasy novel days at my schools writing club, but for me this is different because it’s people I don’t really know and this somehow makes it feel just that little bit more special. This blog helped restore my interest in writing, and has also helped to improve my writing ability on a lot of fronts. The diverse writing styles I’ve experimented with have helped me better understand my own niche style and I finally feel I have that little balance sorted. So to end this little section, I’m going to end with a big THANK YOU to each and every one of you!


I’ve Met Some Amazing People

Since starting this blog, I’ve had to adapt to social media a bit more. I started up a Facebook page, however at this point that’s just gathering dust sitting alongside like 3 other Facebook pages. But I also finally got Twitter. While it started out as purely business related, it’s become my primary social media platform now. Not only have I followed much of the people from over here on twitter, but I’ve met many new people and found some amazing communities I’m so sad I wasn’t a part of earlier. One of my new best friends I met through Twitter and a lot of that is thanks in part to this blog. The blogging community itself is also such an amazing place. The sense of commandery I’ve seen in this community really is amazing. The way we all nominate each other for these fun little tags really is what makes me proud to be a blogger. I remember the first time I was nominated for a tagged post, it felt amazing and that I was truly a part of the blogging community. Thank you all for helping me meet so many amazing people and communities, I hope that in the future I meet many, many more.


An Early Christmas / New Years Gift

As a way of giving back to the blogging community, I want to announce something here. A while ago I did a post about ‘Western Shows that Could be Anime‘ and ‘Books that Could be Anime‘. Both these posts were not only some of my favourite posts to write, but also the ones that most people seemed to engage with. It was great seeing people throw in their own ideas and suggestions, so I’ve decided to turn that into a tag post. That’s right, to start off the new year I’m going to be releasing my ‘Make it Anime tag’. I know this isn’t exactly a ‘gift’ of sorts, but I felt that now was the best time to announce it. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while but it was the festive time as well as the love those posts got that inspired me to do it. I’m looking forward to it and I hope you all are too.

giphy (1).gif

A Big Thank You and Merry Christmas!

Well with that we wrap up my little Christmas…special / thank you / update, or whatever this is. But to end it all I want to say once again a colossal thank you to each and every one of you for helping make my blogging experience as amazing as it has been. It truly has been an amazing gift to have this blog and to have all of you guys here with me. I’ve been introduced to some wonderful communities, some spectacular people and have just had a grand ol’ time. I hope to enjoy many months more with all of you all and hope to grow more and more as we enter 2019. I intend to make 2019 the year for Average Joe Reviews and I cannot wait to see what it has in store (probably more Godzilla movies, anime and some pop culture discussions). With all that said, I wish you all a merry Christmas, a Happy new Year, an amazing time with your friends and loved ones, and to all my fellow bloggers out there, may your blogs be prosperous and continue to grow. But to all of you, thank you once again, and while I may be Average Joe, please know that each and every one of you are all above average people, in fact you’re all above and beyond. Thank you once again and in the meantime, be sure to like this post and follow my blog for updates on future posts. Also follow me on twitter @joe_reviews for further updates and general nonsense. Till next time, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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