*GROPING INTENSIFIES* : Senran Kagura Shinovi master Episode 8 Review

Episode 7 brought us many things, a true display of Fubuki’s powers, her motivations now exposed to the world of shinobi. As we usher into the final stretch, what does this episode hold for us? Groping. Lots and lots of groping, but what else? Let’s find out.


Her plans revealed to all, Fubuki leaves her subordinates in the dust, but this gives the Hanzo girls their freedom. After a heartfelt reunion and a lot of groping from Katsuargi, the teams figure out their next move. Gekkou and Sekkou are left disgraced, but before they enact their retribution, Yumi comes in and through a heartfelt acceptance of the twins, brings them to the side of our heroes. Meanwhile, Asuka reaches the shrine of the Youma slayer Kagura, and learns a powerful Youma sealing technique. However, we are left with the sudden reveal that Asuka may die if she uses it too much, and above the skies of Tokyo, Fubuki releases the Youma on the world, ushering in her war on all shinobi. With all these elements, we ended up with a satisfying, calm but also serious episode that has easily become one of my favourites.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 20.49.19.png
You’re in Senran Kagura, death doesn’t exist unless you’re a villain

What I liked

Honestly almost everything about this episode was great, the animation, the characters, the connection to the plot, it was all balanced out really well. The Hanzo girls return was very welcome and it was great to see Katsuragi return to form so easily, which is a true testament to her laid back personality. The other girls all showcased little tidbits of their personalities throughout the episode and it was a really nice way to bring them all back. The pacing was also very good and they knew to focus more on the Hanzo girls after their absence for 6 episodes, but still manages to put some level of focus on the main girls from the other academies. Also, the animation was good here, there were the occasional ‘meh’ frames but they were so few and far between that it didn’t bother me. There were some scenes that were fabulously shaded and helped really set the tone for their scenes. While I don’t like Gekkou and Sekkou all that much, but their ‘redemption’ scene with Yumi was very heartfelt and had some of the best animation, it being the scene I referenced earlier about animation. Fubuki is also a pretty nefarious villain, she is definitely a threatening foe and the way she discards her pawns Gekkou and Sekkou was a satisfying comeuppance for the pair before their redemption. So overall this episode delivered on a lot of fronts and managed to sneak in a lot of groping fanservice with Katsuragi, which was hilarious to watch.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 20.36.55.png
Hugging solves all the world problems…apparently.

What I Didn’t Like

If I had to really nitpick at this, I’d say Gekkou and Sekkou’s redemption is a tad bit rushed and the girls are way to accepting of two people who nearly killed them and kidnapped them. I also think the whole reveal of Asuka’s new technique being life threatening is a bit lame since we know she isn’t going to die, that’s just the way this franchise works. I predict a fake out moment in the finale, or she’ll use the technique without any issues and balance will be restored no problem. So aside from these teeny tiny nitpicks there are no real long-standing problems with this episode.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 20.28.06.png

Final Thoughts

Overall this episode was wonderfully refreshing. It didn’t focus too much on the heavy stuff but didn’t go too light-hearted and served mainly as a way to bring back the Hanzo girls. Some crisp animation, hilarious character moments and a well-balanced tone. It’s not perfect, but this episode for once didn’t have any glaring problems with it like some of the one prior to it. It sets up more future events, has brought the full cast back and is about to bring us to the final conflict that’s sure to be an explosive finale.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 20.20.50.png
She may be evil, but she is totally going on the waifu list.

Score: 9/10

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