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So it should be common knowledge that the only thing cooler than a battle suit is LITERALLY NOTHING ELSE. So today we’re celebrating these astonishing attires and ranking 10 of them. I am going to be limiting myself to only one suit per franchise, otherwise they’d all be Gundam’s and Iron Man suits. Also I know some people don’t consider mecha’s ‘battle suits’, but I do considering they envelop their pilot and act like a body, so they will be included on this list. With these rules in place, let’s dive in.


10. Gurren Lagan

Now I don’t know much about Gurren Lagan, but I do know that the poster mech is a pretty damned BAMF robot. This thing has so many modes ranging from a boat mode to a drill mode and even a spaceship mode. It’d be dumb to list all of them, but its final form is something so unbelievably epic the words to describe it frankly escape me. This is perhaps one of the most powerful battle suit on this list, but why is it so low? It has a lot to do with the fact that I’d get pretty bored of piloting it considering how powerful it is. When I’m in a battle suit, I’d want a challenge and where’s the challenge when you can just transform into a lightyear sized robot? So while Gurren Lagan looks awesome, is powerful beyond compare and has more modes than I can care to count, its sheer overpoweredness means I’d get kinda bored with it and probably leave it in the garage except on sunny days.


9. The Grayskull Gear

Bit of an odd one here, but as I said before, if you wear it it’s a suit, so the He-Man gear makes the list. But what’s so great about these Chippendale looking duds, well simply put they turn you into a god damn superhero. The armor is summoned by the all mighty Power Sword, which on its own can deflect lasers and create hurricanes. But what can the suit do? It increases the already insane strength granted by the Power of Grayskull by 10 and can give you the power to push moons. Add to this that this suit and the powers of Grayskull give you enhanced speed, durability and the ability to blow people back with your breath, and you have an impressive myriad of powers to smash your enemies. I know many of you will probably say this is more of a set of superpowers as opposed to a battle suit, but I just wanted to include it in because who wouldn’t want to go around toting a chest harness and fuzzy hotpants? No… just me then? Anyways, I’ll be the one laughing when I HAVE THE POWER!


8. The Guyver Suit

Now Guyver itself as a franchise has had a mixed history. The anime is liked but the live action adaptation’s less so (no surprise there). But despite this, there’s no denying the Guyver Bioboosted Armor is one sweet suit. First off it looks awesome! It’s like if a Power Ranger, Elemental HERO Neos and Megaman all fused into one entity and it’s amazing. But what can this suit do? The suit replaces parts of your body, raising it to superhuman levels, has a healing factor, high frequency elbow swords, a sound beam, laser cannon and hyper senses, this suit has it all. But while that’s all fine and dandy, the real joy comes from the fact that this suit lives in its wearer and can be called out to cover its host, meaning you’ll very rarely be without access to it. But the reason it’s not any higher it that it does have a few exploitable flaws, namely that it can potentially eat its host and has a very obvious weakness in the form of its control medal. So I’ll give the Guyver points for coolness and style, but with these flaws it cannot be any higher.


7. The OG Gundam

So, when I put the clause ‘Mecha’s included’ in the title, I was duty bound to put a Gundam on here. But of all the Gundams I know of, I have to got with the RX-78-2, the original Gundam that started it all. Why pick this one? Well a few things. One it has the iconic Gundam design and I think that alone makes it a mech worth having. But it’s arsenal is really what makes it awesome. It has a shield capable of blocking ship destroying blasts, has a rocket powered morning star, a pair of ‘totally not lightsabers’ and a gun so powerful it can eliminate entire fleets. The mecha also has an on board learning system that caters to the pilots abilities, so it adapts and evolves as does the user. This Gundam may seem outclassed by many others that came before it, but to me it has aged like a fine wine, getting better with age and persisting to amaze even to this day. This is the grandaddy of all Gundams that came after it, so be sure to respect the elderly, cos they might just pull out a laser gun and blow you to kingdom come.


Mobile Suit Gundam RX-78-2 Gundam.jpg


6. The Predator Gear

This isn’t necessarily a full suit, but rather a cluster of accessories you wear. The Predator is awesome on its own, but it’s the suit and gear that makes it a true threat. The Predator is perhaps one of the coolest aliens in fiction, and a lot of that is attributed to their amazing gear. A helmet with heat and sound vision, a shoulder cannon with the enough force and power to put an actual cannon to shame, a remote control for a spaceship, and one of the coolest blades in fiction are just a few things the Predator owns. Not to mention there’s a collection of other weapons like buzz saws, retractable spears, lances and other projectiles, these guys are equipped for any foe. I was going to include the Predator Hunter suit here, but we don’t know enough about it and considering the train wreck of a movie it came from, I elected to go for the regular Predator armor and weapons. Also, anyone who doesn’t think the Predator suit looks cool is either lying or just wrong, because no being on earth and beyond can deny the awesomeness that is The Predator.


5. The Praetor Suit

First off, kudos to the artist who made this stellar pose of Doom Guy, I saw this pic and just knew it had to be sued to showcase the Praetor Suit. First off, I’d like to proclaim my undying love for Doom Guy, he’s single-handedly the coolest video game character in history, bashing Demons skulls in every day and shooting them into a fine paste every other day. To be such a beautiful badass you need a suit that perfectly compliments your sheer awesomeness, and the Praetor Suit achieves this in bucketloads. For starters, the cold blank gaze of the visor is enough to get you quaking in your boots. But what can this suit? I don’t know if the strength this thing has comes from it or its wearer, but what I do know is this suit grants obscene durability and can be upgraded to become and even more unstoppable engine of death. But the real beauty of this suit lies in its ability to allow you to carry all your weapons at once, meaning you can wield the Super Shotgun, Assault Rifle and the BFG without the need to discard one, try to kill me now Demons. Not to mention DOOM Eternal seems to have upgraded the suit to include a wrist blade and a shoulder mounted fire cannon, just when I thought the suit couldn’t be any more epic, it proves me wrong.


4. The Berserker Armor

In a world where anything and everything is trying to torture, kill and abuse you, you’d need a pretty rad suit to defend yourself against such foes. The Berserker Armor already gets bonus point for looking absolutely incredible, it looks like if Skeletor was drenched in tar and fed nothing but despair for eternity. The suit is ideal for combat, pushing its wearer to the absolute limits of their capabilities, closing off their pain receptors and preventing them from experiencing fear. The suit also increases the wearers strength and durability to insane levels, making it the last thing many a demon sees. The suit is risky however, the lack of pain often leaving the wearer oblivious to their fatal predicament, its added strength can seriously damage the wearer and while the suit can hold its wearer in place, preventing them from being torn apart, without it the wearer would be totally screwed. Also the suit makes you give in to your inner demons and transforms you into a metal demon monster, but what’s life without a little risk?


3. Mechagodzilla (Anime Edition)

Ah, the anime Godzilla movies, more divisive than ‘best girl’ arguments and just as impossible to decide on. While these movies may be of debatable quality for some, Mechagodzilla was an undeniably cool idea. While Mechagodzilla never made it into the movie in its full form, additional media revels the full extend of this mech and its swiss army knife style arsenal. The mecha may be kinda small compared to its kaiju counterpart Godzilla Earth, who stands 900 feet tall while Mechagodzilla stands around 200 feet, but it makes up for this size with its ridiculous loadout. The mech is made from Nanometal, meaning it can reform and regenerate from any manner of injuries. But that’s all fine and dandy, what can the weapons do? Well here’s a list of some of this mechs weaponry. *inhales* A particle neutron cannon, a blade launcher, a 500 metre long lance blade, a forcefield, railguns, EMP harpoons, the ability to fly, a whip tail and the ability to deploy its own little Gundam Robots. *phew* That’s a lot of weapons, definatly a menacing bot that could match the might of Godzilla. While these weapons are impressive, Mechagodzilla has the ability to morph into and form a city complex after years of evolution, just think of it as having a house that can transform into a giant robot dinosaur, pretty sweet pad in my opinion. We might not have seen Mechagodzilla in action in the movie, but despite this lack of action you cannot deny the strength and coolness this mech possesses.


2. The Carnage Symbiote

Some of you will say this isn’t a suit, but to me, if you can wear it then it’s a suit. Now while I love Venom to pieces, I think Carnage has the edge in terms of both powers and utility. First off, you can never be disarmed of it since the Carnage symbiote lives in your bloodstream, hence why he’s red. Not to mention Carnage can rip his own body apart and use it as weapons, also the defence this thing can provide is insane. Capable of catching bullets and withstanding point-blank explosions, the Carnage symbiote really is a suit with a lot going for it. But for me the two most prevalent parts of Carnage’s awesomeness are his ability to control people’s minds through infection like a twisted puppeteer and reproducing asexually, meaning if I got bored with Carnage and he spawned a newborn symbiote blob, I could always move on to a new symbiote. Not to mention all symbiotes are the coolest looking things in the world, so there are bonus points there. While Carnage is unhinged, he only like that because he’s influenced by the mind of his comic book host Cletus, I feel if he latched onto a nicer person, then he’d be a nicer symbiote, but with the same level of power and awesomness.


1. Inuyashiki Robot Body

What’s better than wearing a suit? Being the suit! Inuyashiki’s robotic body is absolutely insane, the roster of abilities this thing displays can put it right up there on the power scale. You don’t need to eat and only need liquids, can fly, have a myriad of missiles, bullets and laser beams, a supercomputer brain, invisible finger guns, mechanical telekinesis and even the ability to project yourself on and interact through electrical devices like astral projection. Add to this constant connection to the world-wide web and a self destruct capably of leveling something as a big as a meteor, and you have a pretty sweet arsenal to boast. But the best feature this suit has is the ability to heal the sick, wounded and even resurrect the dead, the amount of good this suit could so is amazing. It’s not perfect and does have a limited supply of power, but considering it makes you immortal, gives you enough weapons and abilities to fight off an army plus the ability to heal and resurrect others, I think this suit deserves the distinction of being the number 1 battle suit.




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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Battle Suits (Mecha’s Included) – Pop 10

  1. I wouldn’t mind having both the Mechagodzilla, and Carnage Symbiote for my daily usage. I can use Mechagodzilla for my commute, and Carnage when I’m on the ground, and want anyone to mess with me. Oh, that’ll be perfect.

    I’ll pass on making my entire body into a battle suit. I quite prefer keeping my organs than gears in me running all way.

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