Happy Birthday Godzilla – ‘Every’ Godzilla Design Ranked Worst to Best

A Royal Birthday!

Happy 64th Birthday Godzilla! Yes today is the official birthday of our favorite kaiju, the King of the Monsters, Godzilla. There are very few pop culture icons who’ve had as much staying power as Godzilla. Starring in no less than 35 movies and to this day is the longest running film franchise in history. Whether he’s an alagory for nuclear destruction to a world defending superhero, a world defending anti-hero and back to an alagory, Godzilla has found fans worldwide and continues to gather new followers. So it’s no surprise that Godzilla’s appearance has changed throughout the years, sometimes quite drastically. So today, in celebration of the Big G’s 64th, I’m gonna be looking at some of his most well known designs and ranking them worst to best. This was originally gonna be a ranking of his best enemies, but this is the big guys birthday so all attention should be on him. Also I will not be looking at EVERY suit design since that would mean ranking 23 different suits some with only minor alterations throughout. If you want a full list of all the Godzilla designs, CLICK HERE to see a full Imgur gallery. With that said, let’s get into it.

  • Zilla (1998) – Before you grab your pitchforks and torches, I just want to say there’s a reason Zilla is at the top of this list. For me, this design isn’t bad, besides Toho actually approved the design themselves. But I’m a Zilla apologist because he was written with nothing about the original Godzilla in mind, so he has nothing to compare to the King. Zilla’s design to me looks ok, it has a certain level of dread to it and does look like a monster. But it just isn’t Godzilla, and that’s why he’s at the top of the list, but I felt it be the right thing to do by putting him here at all. (Read my review of Godzilla 1998 by CLICKING HERE).Zilla_1998.jpghttps://www.deviantart.com/themightysaurus/journal/I-Love-Zilla-and-Son-480394704


  • Musokogoji (1967) – This is the Godzilla that featured in Son of Godzilla, so we’re off to a great start with this radioactive little chestnut. This Godzilla looks so weird, like a mix between The Cookie Monster and a T-Rex. The eyes look really weird on this one and his overall size and bulk just makes him look fat. Remember that SpongeBob episode where Squidward eats so many Krabby Patties that his thighs expand and explode, well MosokoGoji looks like he ate both the Krabby Patties and Squidward. Long story short, this Godzilla just looks too dumb for me, then again this was at a time when Godzilla was becoming more kid friendly, hence the funnier design, so I can cut him a little slack.



  • 84goji (1984) – The design that was used to reboot Godzilla in 1984, and to me it just looks really stupid. I have a thing where if a monster has large eyes it loses a lot of its fear factor. An example being Gamera who had large eyes in Guardian of the Universe and lacked any real menace but then in Revenge of Iris his eyes got smaller which made him ten times more threatening. This Godzilla is no exception, the massive eyes and their wide width apart from each other just makes Godzilla look derpy to me. His bulk looks fine, but the face just really bothers me, especially the close-ups where his eyes look bloodshot, this doesn’t add to his scare factor and makes it look cheap. The design that came after him Biogoji (1989) had smaller eyes which therefore made it scarier, but considering the mixed reputation this movie has with fans, I decided to include 84goji in place of Biogoji on this list.



  • Megorogoji (1973 – 1975) – I get the feeling some old school fans might get a little bit mad with me on this one. This was the last Godzilla design until 1984 when The Return of Godzilla (AKA Godzilla 1984) was released. The Godzilla for me looks oddly human, mainly because of how small his snout and the fact that his eyes are closer together is compared to others. His design isn’t as chubby as Musokogoji and his movies are a some franchise favorites, so he gets a slight pass on this list.



  • Godzilla Earth (2017) – One of the more recent incarnations of the King of the Monsters, Godzilla Earth is the main antagonist of the Godzilla anime movie trilogy. This Godzilla is the biggest one to date, being 900+ feet tall and weighing 100,000 tons. This Godzilla has a unique origin, being a highly evolved form of plant life that had been left to grow endlessly over the course of 20,000 years. This is one of the Godzilla incarnations I believe rightfully holds the title of King of the Monsters, hisย eclipsing size, his power and his design really sells you on the majesty of this beast. I love the ancient aesthetic of this Godzilla, it really makes him look wise beyond compare and also proves that there is not other monster you want to get in the way of.



  • Finalgoji (2004) – The last Godzilla to ever be portrayed entirely through suitmation, and boy did they end on a high note. This Godzilla has a great design, it looks sleek but maintains a certain level of bulk. It’s slighter frame allows form more movement and the fluidity of the suit really lends itself to the indestructible nature of Godzilla. I also love the head on this one, it reminds me of a cat with the little ears and long snout, but in a menacing fashion. This Godzilla looms tall, he looks powerful and Final Wars really showcases the power of this design. As a temporary final goodbye, this was a fitting end to the King of the Monsters.



  • Ledgendaygoji (2014 -) – Godzilla be packing on the pounds in this design. The west has a second try with the Godzilla Design on this one, and I think they got it good this time. I will admit I do agree with people calling this thing Thicczilla because of how large he is, but I think if he was any thinner he might lose some of his dominating presence. It’s a new look but when you show this design to someone they’ll know it’s Godzilla, not like the 1998 design. This Godzilla is enormous and you really feel the size when he’s on screen. 2019s Godzilla: King of the Monsters does seem to have slimmed him down just a tad, but I can’t really tell since it barely impacts the design. So as a reintroduction to the king, they gave him a design that drips with power, size and a sheer indomitable presence, I’d say Godzilla got his American mojo back.


  • Shodaigoji (1954) – The original Godzilla design, and I do believe it holds up pretty well. I think what makes this design so memorable was the use of extreme close-ups and wide-angle shots, tricking you into believing the size of this beast. The black and white cinematography also adds to the creepiness of Shodaigoji. It’s slight features and small snout make it look almost human like which adds to how creepy it is since you can feel some level of similarity between Godzilla and humans. While it might not compare to many of the other suits in terms of looks and presentation, for me I love the nostalgic value of the suit and believe its design is still quite menacing and creepy, which really sells you on the dread this monster is supposed to convey.



  • Sokogekigoji (2001) – My second favorite Godzilla design, Sokogekigoji is the Godzilla design I get the most dread from. It may be smaller than previous Godzilla’s but the real fear in this design is in both its posture and its face. This Godzilla hunches over most of the time, which really makes it look maniacal and insidious. The face is amazing, like a demented crocodile, the blank eyes hide emotion and replace it with malice, and the constantly twisted snarl just makes Godzilla look scary to me. That for me is what sold this design, the fact that it scared me, which is what it set out to do and most certainly achieved. Not to mention when you hear the lore behind this design, how it’s Godzilla possessed by the restless spirits of WW2 soldiers really adds to the dread as you can feel his actions coming from a place of hate, which is reflected perfectly in this design.


  • Shingoji (2016) – Here it is ladies and gentlemen, my number one Godzilla design, Shingoji from Shin Godzilla. What do I like about this design (or rather designs), well it simply boils down to the fact that this Godzilla looks like a real monster.ย  All its different forms have a look of absolute dread to them and you can just feel the agony behind the creatures eyes. If you want to hear my opinions on Shin Godzilla you can CLICK HERE to read my review. Now this Godzilla is known for its ability to evolve, and showcases 3 forms in full, I’ll give my thoughts on each form below. Fun Fact. All these Godzilla’s are named after the Tokyo districts they attack in the film.
    • Kamata-kun – This form has descended into meme status, largely due to its funny appearance and completely un-Godzilla like appearance. But I love this design, mainly because the look of Godzilla still dwells in this design. It looks animalistic and holds a lot of destructive force. Not to mention how grotesque it looks with its flapping gills and bumbling movement.kamata_kun_png_by_magarame-db459qm.png
      • Shinagawa-kun – This form appears for only a few seconds, but I still like its look. It’s basically Kamata-kun but stood upright, and it still looks creepy with it massive eyes and snaggletoothed face. I wish we got more of this form before Kamakura-kun.shin_godzilla_third_form_render_by_magarame-dcfn47v.png
      • Kamakura-kun – The big bad final form, Kamakura is an absolute monster. This form is tall, dominating, has a grotesque, twisted appearance and has a real look of terror to it. This Godzilla keeps to spirit of the original design, while adding new features that only add to the horror behind this nuclear kaiju. My favorite feature is when Kamakura uses its atomic breath its lower jaw splits open almost akin to a snake. Well done Kamakura, you now hold the distinction of being my number one Godzilla design.shin_godzilla_png_by_magarame-db459i8.png

These Shin Godzilla renders were made by Magarame on deviantart.

Closing Thoughts

In the end, each Godzilla design is iconic in its own sense, even those I haven’t mentioned. Whether it be for their fear factor, fun factor or just plain presentation, everyone has a different design they call their favourite. The fact that Godzilla has persisted for 64 years and counting truly is a testament to this monsters indestructibility, both literally and figuratively. It seems that no matter the look, no matter the movie and no matter the year, people always find room for Godzilla in their life. So to end off, I wish Godzilla a happy birthday and to thank and congratulate all those who helped maintain the King of the Monster rein. Here’s to another 64+ years Big G.

Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it, if you did please consider leaving a like and following my blog for updates on future posts. Also follow me on twitter @joe_reviews for further updates and general nonsense. Till next time.




9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Godzilla – ‘Every’ Godzilla Design Ranked Worst to Best

  1. I have a boxed set containing all the old Godzilla movies. I have had it for an incredibly long time, at least a decade or so, and strangely enough I have never watched them. (Yep, Iโ€™m weird like that lol ๐Ÿ˜‚).
    I did see Shin Godzilla this year though, and I really loved it. Completely agree with what you wrote here about itโ€™s design. They really did look very menacing (and not to mention scary). This was a really fun post! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Liked by 2 people

  2. How ironic that the new US Godzilla is overweight. Still a better design than the nineties one, which resembled a Jurassic Park reject.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Musokogoji – like a mix between The Cookie Monster and a T-Rex hahaha. Oh man, I hope someone in Japan reads that line, and turns it into an actual Kaiju movie. I would watch that hahaha

    Have to agree with Shin Godzilla being fantastic. The different stages added plenty more to its destructive nature, and felt more increasingly menacing as the movie went on. As it went on, I liked how Japan had to basically adjust to a evolving creature they were already outmatched by, and that kept it engaging for me constantly.

    I love the Ledgendaygoji a lot. Felt it was a great design to reinforce his presence in the US film. The massive scale made it look even hopeless when the military couldn’t so much make a dent at with their weapons. Unlike Zilla which came off to slim for me, Ledgendaygoji had the benefit of looking like it was someone in a costume. So the movement of it didn’t come as something from a cheap video game.

    The original Godzilla will be second place to me after seeing Shin Godzilla. I think in black & white it benefits from showing Godzilla more menacing. Whenever he comes out of the shadow you knows you’re dead meat if you’re human.

    Man, Godzilla had some rough looking costumes over the decades. As a kid it never bothered me, but as an adult, I can’t help but laugh as some of these designs. Thank goodness the Godzilla is in a great place right now where designs like those won’t be coming back any time soon….I hope.

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