1000 Views?! A Little Thank You and a Little Update

Hi everyone it’s Average Joe.

I wanted to make a little update / thank you post for you guys since we made it to 1000 views on my blog! But not only did we make it to 1000 views, we also made it to over 500 visitors, over 300 likes and got to 50 followers! I should have saved my big thank you post for this, but I was just so happy at the time I had to do it then. I would have made a dedicated post about it but considering I did one somewhat recently and don’t want to be redundant, besides I’d be repeating the same things from that post.

I Cannot Thank You Enough!

Despite already doing a thank you post recently, that’s not gonna stop me from saying once again how grateful I am to everyone. When I started this little blog, I never gave views and followers a second thought, mainly because I didn’t really expect them. I made this blog simply as a creative output for my writing and from there it gathered more and more speed. I know that compared to many other bloggers out there my numbers are pretty small, but I want you all to know that to me these are the biggest numbers in the world and I thank all of you for each and every one. I think all bloggers can agree that reaching these types of milestones really is something special, and the gratitude I have for these milestones cannot be understated. it really makes me feel special when people comment on my posts, like them and even seeing the view counter tick up 1 space all mean a lot to me. I hope this blog continues to grow and I hope you all can grow with me. Now for a little collection of updates and changes to the blog coming soon.

Pop 10s

A new addition to the blog, Pop 10s. What are they? Well they’re basically top 10 lists on everything pop and geek culture. I’ve done a few top 10s before and had a lot of fun with them, so I might make them a more regular thing. If anyone has an idea for a Pop 10, please let me know in the comments of future lists as well as this post if there’s a topic you’re interested in.

First / Final Verdicts

I’ve decided, at least for now, to put my First / Final Verdict posts on hold simply because I don’t feel I need to do them. If I’m gonna deliver my first and final thoughts on an anime or something else, I might as well just do a regular review. I might do more ‘Current Verdict’ style posts since I feel they have more to them as it’s delivering an established opinion over one that is either too new or too old.

General Reviews and Discussions

I’ve noticed that I’ve strayed away from my normal review format recently and I intend to rectify this. I’ve diversified more into general discussion, but want to start with more movie and anime reviews. I have a lot of movies i want to review, but not just Godzilla and other kaiju movies, I want to start watching and reviewing more cult classic monster/horror movies like Q the Winged Serpent, Carnosaurus and Wizards. I won’t do too many, both for my own sake and so as not to stifle the blog with numerous reviews. I’ll also review anime I’m watching, if they’re ongoing I’ll probably do episode by episode reviews capped off with one final thoughts review. If the anime is older I’ll just give a full review at the end. My discussions will also be coming back, I don’t know what specific themes I’ll focus on, but I have a few ideas waiting in the pipeline. πŸ˜‰

Goodbye and Thank You Again

Thank you once again for all these milestones, I feel amazing after these and I’m looking forward to bringing the blog forward with you guys. I look forward to many future posts with you guys, and until next time, this has been Average joe. I’ll see you all later.

Source:Β https://tenor.com/view/mha-anime-gif-10138734

4 thoughts on “1000 Views?! A Little Thank You and a Little Update

  1. Bravo! You deserve it with all your hard work! I think with these kind of thank you it shows how much you value your readership! That’s cool in my book! Keep it up, and hope you continue to grow!

    Liked by 1 person

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