Western Shows that could be Anime? – Discussion

Let’s Take it Back…

A while back, I proposed a question to my nominees for the Brotherhood Tag. The question was ‘What western made shows do you think could work as an anime?’. This question was one I myself got to thinking about, and then I decided to do a response to that question myself (this is so meta). In this post, I’ll be bringing up a collection of western made shows that I believe have the potential to cross over very nicely into an anime format. Keep in mind, none of these will ever happen, but it’d be a fun idea if they were. Without further a do, let’s go!

Max Steel

Max Steel is a story of a highschool boy who combines with a little alien robot (voiced by Claptrap I might add), as he fends of attacks from a multitude of mutated enemies. Now the version I’m talking about is the 2013 reboot version on Disney XD. I really liked this show, largely due to the character designs, with each villain looking absolutely awesome. The show was formulaic and had a ‘villain of the day’ style format. The story, looking back on it, is really basic and frankly isn’t paced very well, but with all the transformations, over-the-top designs and potential for some amazing fights, Max Steel could work as a great shounen anime. The animation the show has right now is its worst quality, while the designs are great, the movement and action often feels very floaty and there’s very little weight to the punches and attacks. In anime form I can see some absolutely bonkers fights and city destruction in this world. It’s style is akin to many already existing shounen/superhero anime, with reoccurring and one off villains coming and going as the series progresses. After all, with how bad the 2016 live action movie was, they couldn’t possibly make it any worse.


Source: https://max-steel-reboot.wikia.com/wiki/Come_Together_Part_Three


The Aquabats Super Show

Anyone remember this show? I wish I could forget it. Aquabats was an american kids comedy that followed a hapless team of superheroes as they meander along trying to make it as a successful band. It aired in the UK on kids TV and it was usually my dinner time TV show, but even as a young kid I sat there thinking to myself “This is really NOT funny”. The show was a clear parody of superheroes, and by god was it an annoying show. It had effects worse than power rangers, acting so bad it had to be deliberate and frankly a very annoying cast. However, with the anime industry succeeding with superhero anime and superhero parodies like One Punch Man, Aquabats could work with this style. Instead of having an oblivious and overpowered hero like Saitama, the show could follow the group of blue leotard clad heroes as they save the day by complete accident. This could lead to a lot more physical comedy as well, with the anime allowing for much more hilarious expressions and movements to accentuate the sheer insanity the show has. I can see it being a mix of One Punch Man, Nichijou and Pop Team Epic.


Source: https://www.amazon.com/Aquabats-Super-Show-Season/dp/B00CQL571I



I’ve talked about Bionicle before on this blog (CLICK HERE to read my Review Report on the movies), and I stand by it for being such a defining aspect of my childhood. Bionicle is mainly a toy series, but it also had 4 movies, a bunch of comics and a Netflix show, so it’s safe to say it has a lot of media diversity. The Netflix show did not go down well with many and as of right now Bionicle is falling back into obscurity. Bionicle has the workings of being a fantastic premise for a mecha anime, all the pieces are there. Robots, insane powers, add to this a deep rich lore and I can see this being almost akin to an Evangelion type show, just pure mind blowing insanity. I also thing that a combination of 2D animation and 3D CGI could really lend itself to this animation style, maybe similar to Ghost in the Shell or Inuyashiki Last Hero. I also think the different rosters of characters could also be incorporated into an anime format as well, maybe different series could follow different Toa and different villains. Hey, we never got our Bionicle Piraka movie, so why not an anime instead?


Source: https://bionicle.wikia.com/wiki/Mata_Nui_(Being)


Totally Spies

Ok, I’m not afraid to admit it, I watched Totally Spies. A comedy action cartoon about 3 high school girls from Beverly Hills who live double lives as secret agents for the World Organization of Human Protection (aka. Woohp). This show was really aimed at a female audience, but I honestly found it really fun to watch, the characters were 1 dimensional but they were fun. It played on a lot of stereotypes of typical highschool girls but had fun with them, and the gadgets were really creative, albeit highly impractical and stupid. With all the high school anime that exist, the formula shouldn’t be too hard to create, and who knows, maybe add in some ecchi elements if you’re feeling dangerous. The gadgets could really be expanded upon as well, their wackiness and stupidity would be perfect for a comedy action show. Totally spies itself had animation clearly based off of traditional anime, but to me it never seemed to stick the landing with the way it looked, a lot of elements like backgrounds and graphics were distinctly western and the shows style did occasionally jar quite a bit. If this show was given a full anime makeover, I can see it being a really funny comedy action type show.


Source: https://decider.com/2018/04/06/is-totally-spies-on-netflix/


Godzilla the Series

Oh Godzilla, no matter how hard I try, you always make like a kaiju sized bungee cord and pull me back. Godzilla has had the anime treatment recently, but only in movie form. Godzilla the series was meant to serve as a follow-up to the 1998 movie, and unlike its predecessor, was liked by many people. I get the feeling that this show would benefit immensely from an anime adaptation, giving us a taste of the japanese Godzilla in anime form. Maybe a show similar to Final Wars, where Godzilla fights all the monsters as the show progresses, the humans acting as observers of the battles. I think a fully 3D rendered style would be most fitting to a Godzilla anime, the size and scale of the kaiju’s can really be accentuated this way, kinda like Gridman. Godzilla has existed in many different forms, movies, comics, games, Dr Pepper adverts, what’s stopping them from making a full length anime show for the Big G?

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/twilightmia/art/American-Godzilla-70375992



Of all the shows I want to see as an anime, Huntik is my absolute number one choice. Huntik was quite simply my favorite show as a kid tied with Bakugan, I just found everything about it amazing. Looking back at it, unfortunately it has aged about as well as milk, particularly the second series. Recycled animation, constantly changing actors and a generally simple cast, the show is very surface level, but I’ve always had a unique love for it. The mythology, the combat, the titan monsters and the summoning incantations were all amazing. The basic plot was that the characters would travel around the world to track down and find powerful creatures called Titans. This is a format I think would thrive in anime form, the powers and monsters could really be accentuated with the anime style and the summoning sequences could be made to look awesome. Huntik is a show I will always remember loving, and no matter how dated it may be, and if it was to be made into an anime, I feel it would be restored to glory.


Source: https://fortresstakes.wordpress.com/2013/04/26/huntik-secrets-and-seekers-2012-season-2-26-episodes/


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13 thoughts on “Western Shows that could be Anime? – Discussion

  1. Man, I think about Totally Spies and how well it could work as an anime at ~least~ once a week. So glad I’m not the only one! Great post btw! Lots of great choices! I’ve always thought the Harry Potter universe would be well-suited to anime (especially since there was a Wizarding school in Japan so it works canonically too) although I guess Little Witch Academia is a pretty close approximation!

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  2. Max Steel, that takes me back. Remember seeing the original series back in the 2000s. Oh boy, that one show I probably wouldn’t like to revisit. Can only imagine how dated the 3D animation in that looks nowadays hahaha.

    Totally Spies is also something I checked out a bit, but not that often. Godzilla I wouldn’t seeing again in animated form. I do recall finding it weird that Godzilla was helping human in the animated series even though in the movies they tried to killed him. Even as a kid, I found that very weird. Bionicle I had a few, but never got into them. Especially that video game on PS2 that took like less than 1 hour to complete.

    Everything else on the list I’ve never seen. Huntik sounds pretty cool. If Powerpuff Girls got an anime than maybe if all the stars align Huntik can get an anime.

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