Anime I Couldn’t Finish – Discussion

Did this post a while back and decided to redo it.

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We all have those anime that we started watching but ultimately dropped. In this discussion, I’ll be listing a few anime I’ve watched in recent years that I couldn’t make it to the end with. Also if I mention something about the anime and it has actually happened in the show, I will not have seen it. Please note, this doesn’t mean I hate any of these anime in fact some had neat ideas that pulled me in, but there’s a reason for not continuing to view them, so let’s get into the list.

Dragon Ball Super (Kinda)

Ok I’m sort of cheating with this one. I did watch this show through to the end, but ultimately had to back out of it until the last few episodes. There’s one simple reason for this, I felt the show was really starting to drag out and suffer some pacing issues. In…

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4 thoughts on “Anime I Couldn’t Finish – Discussion

  1. Oh Diabolik Lovers. Sat through both seasons of that trainwreck of a anime. It was not pretty on any level. I actually finished both Shimoneta, and Space Dandy. Enjoyed both of them sense they appealed to my sense of humor.

    The rest I somewhat heard about, but they never interested me to checked them. YUGIOH VRAINS sounds like a far cry to the original series I grew up with. The original series I never felt has good writing, but it certainly wasn’t boring for sure. Also, surfing, and riding motorcycle to play a card game. Maybe it was a good thing I dropped out of this series once the original Yu Gi Oh anime ended.

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    1. You are braver than me for sitting through diabolik lovers. Yeah yugioh vrains is far from the original series, it just has really poor writing and not to mention that of the 20+ episodes I watched, the protagonist lost no duels at all and I think he’s lost like once up to this point. 😁

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