A Little Thank You to Everyone

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to make a more personal post today, while I write Part 2 of my Writing OP Characters posts, I wanted to say a little thank you to everyone. Today I checked my stats to find not only had we reached over 200 likes but also made it to 700 views AND got past 40 followers! These last 2 months have been the best for my blog and I feel truly humbled. I know this milestone of 700 views, 40+ followers and 200 likes is a bit random, but I’ve wanted to do a post like this for a while now and the combination of these 2 achievements has spurred me on to make this special little post to just say thank you.


I Never Expected This

I made this blog back in June, I did it on a whim, wanting to try my hand at video game reviews. As time went on I diversified into movies and tv shows and general discussions. I remember being amazed that I reached 100 views so fast, and now I stand here with 700 views and 200 likes, it really baffles me that all this happened in just 3-4 months. What also amazes me is that some of my followers are pretty big, and it really amazes me that these larger blogs follow and support me. I know I’m a small blogger and that these numbers are miniscule to others, but believe me when I say every view, follow, like, comment and share means more than the world to me.



Some Nice People :3

Of my small following, a small group of bloggers have really helped to make my time on WordPress great. I’d like to use this opportunity to thank these people for their support and for just being some nice people. If you don’t follow these people I highly recommend all of them, these guys are great bloggers. Think of it as a #shoutoutsunday, even though its thursday…

  • BiblioNyan: For sharing my posts and helping get them out to people, I really appreciate her support and her blog is neat.
  • 100wordanime: For being not only a great anime blogger in general, but also for featuring me on her blog with my own guest post, I had a lot of fun writing that post too.
  • Weeabros: For commenting and supporting my Godzilla movie reviews, it was their support that compelled me to continue to write Godzilla movies, which have since become their own category on my blog.
  • Arsene_Lucifer: For also supporting my kaiju movie reviews and for being a nice dude.
  • Yomu: The legend himself, how can Yomu not get a mention. He was one of my earliest followers and I appreciate him being the first person to nominate me for a tag.
  • Cactus Matt: Not only is his blog excellent, but I love his comments on my posts and the little to and fro conversations. Also any lover of Sherra is a good guy in my books.
  • These Others are some nice bloggers too 🙂

Thank You Once Again

My blog will continue as normal, me posting whenever I can and writing during my work lunch breaks. I plan to review more movies and anime, continue with my First Verdicts, Thoughts and Hopes and much more planned in the pipeline. But for now, I want to end with another colossal THANK YOU to all my followers and viewers. The amount fo support my little blog has gotten in its short lifespan has been amazing, I honestly didn’t think it would get this much attention. I know that my numbers are small compared to others, but that doesn’t make them and less special to me. You are all way above average to this average Joe. Thank you all once again and I hope to see you next time. Until then, farewell.


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