Godzilla Tanka’s 2 – Godzilla’s Foe’s

The Tanka’s Return

The first Tag post I ever did was The T.A.P. Tag. The tag was simple, produce a collection of Japanese Tanka Poems about anime. But I was allowed to make it a Godzilla Edition, since Godzilla is a big part of my blog, making up the vast majority of my movie reviews. I really enjoyed that tag and was tempted to make it a regular part of my blog, but that never quite came to fruition. However, I did want to continue it, so in honor of the approaching Godzilla King of the Monsters movie set for next year, I’m going to do a collection of Tanka’s about Godzilla’s enemies in the upcoming movie.ย For those who don’t know what a Tanka is, it’s quite simple. It’s a Japanese poem that has a set number of lines and syllables you need to follow. Similar to Haiku poems, but longer. You are allowed a total of 5 lines and a syllable count that goes like this; 5,7,5,7,7. I also want to point out that. I would also like to point out that this ISN’T a response to the T.A.P. Tag, it is my own post on my own terms, so I wasn’t nominated and I won’t be nominating. However, in keeping with the spirit of the Tanka’s on wordpress, I’ll link (CLICK HERE) to the original link of the T.A.P. Tag by Luminous Mongoose. With that said, let’s get into these Tanka’s.


Ah Rodan, you go unnoticed by most, but to me you’re just as awesome as the rest of the Kaiju. Rodan was the second Kaiju made by Toho to get a movie, and is one of The Big 5 (Godzilla, Mothra, Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla and Rodan), but goes unnoticed by many. Not today! To start off this collection of Tanka’s, we have the Pterodactyl of Terror, Rodan.


My wings block the sun,

My blood runs hot like lava,

My beak pierces air,

My mere presence destroys all,

My flight shall bring death.

Context: Rodan is being described as an engine of destruction in this movie. He’s receiving a colossal power boost from his previous incarnations, and this Tanka was designed to accentuate the level of power he now possesses. His wingspan is described as gigantic and the trailer shows his mere flight reducing a town to rubble, no effort required. Rodan will be a major contender in this movie and I cannot wait to see him get some love.


The Queen of the Monsters, Mothra returns to the big screen and is being made a big deal out of by the community. Mothra is one of Toho’s most popular Kaiju, so people are exited to see her make a comeback. Mothra is being described as beautiful and majestic in the movie, and if the trailer is anything to go by, we can expect them to fulfil that promise.


Confined to the ground,

My rebirth weaves around me,

My heart beats with theirs,

The wings of beauty shall spread,

Let the world see its goddess.

Context: Mothra is supposedly being depicted as a Goddess of sorts in this film, and I wanted this Tanka to convey that. Her wings look beyond large in this movie, and they glow bright which are described as beautiful. The ‘rebirth’ line is a reference the Rebirth of Mothra trilogy from the late 90s. Mothra has been kept away from the world for years and years, but now the world shall see her majesty first hand.


Godzilla’s number one enemy, and now he’s transitioning over to the big screen for the first time in years. Ghidorah is shaping up to be the main monster antagonist and the primary adversary for Godzilla. Ghidorah is depicted as a malicious and insidious force in the trailer, and I believe he will live up to such a distinction.

My wings at last free,

My icy prison destroyed,

Destroy all I can,

The strength of three against all,

The true king shall have this throne.

Context: The last line of this Tanka is reflective of my theory as to what the monster side of the film will be about. Ghidorah is always addressed as King Ghidorah, and I think the established conflict between him and Godzilla will be them fighting for the title of King. Ghidorah is shown to be trapped inside a block of ice, something I think he’ll be pretty happy to be free from and maybe not too happy about being trapped in. Ghidorah is clearly a being of pure malice in this movie and is out for humanities guts, the final line representing his desire to sit above all others and an omnipotent ruler.



Ok, I know I said this post would be about Godzilla’s foes, but he is the star of the movie and I think it’d be unfair to not include the Big G in here. I talked about 3 other Godzilla incarnations in my last Tanka post, but this time we write about the Legendary Godzilla.


I stood unopposed,

The world would bow beneath me,

Now I stand alone,

But all shall come to know me,

I am King of the Monsters.

Context: This Tanka is addressing the reveal that Godzilla was once worshipped years ago, and now he lives in a world where he isn’t worshipped, he is reviled. I believe this movie will be about Godzilla climbing the metaphorical ladder back to glory, defending the world against Ghidorah and reclaiming his title as king. I don’t consider Godzilla a good guy in these movies, I feel he is beyond that, instead he’s a force of nature that lives only to prove its might to those who stand against it.

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11 thoughts on “Godzilla Tanka’s 2 – Godzilla’s Foe’s

  1. Rodan is definitely the least valued of the “primary” Godzilla Kaiju. I’m super excited for this upcoming Legendary Godzilla flick, though. Looks like they’ll do em all justice.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Nah Anguiras doesn’t die like 4 times lol. I’d say more like Yamcha. Usually gets his ass beat, has a never give up attitude (kinda), and is/was the protagonists best friend once. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’d say krillin and yamcha both die alot tho. Either way, though this Legendary universe needs more Anguirus.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome Tankas! My favorite would easily be the Rodan one without question. I’m excited about these Kaiju appearing in the latest Godzilla. It’ll be epic, and my inner child can’t stopped smiling about that.

    Liked by 2 people

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