My Thoughts and Hopes for – DOOM Eternal

Since My Thoughts and Hopes for Godzilla King of the Monsters, did very well and is in fact my fastest growing blog post to date, I’ve decided to make an entire new blog segment called My Hopes and Thoughts, where I deliver my… hopes and thoughts for upcoming movies, videogames and more. With that said, let’s get to todays Thoughts and Hopes, DOOM Eternal

DOOM Returns!

At Quakecon 2018, we were graced with gameplay that has set the internet ablaze with hellish hype. The sequel to 2016’s DOOM (Read my review by CLICKING HERE), called DOOM Eternal. The gameplay instantly garnered a lot of attention, and even more hype from DOOM fans. New demons, new weapons, new worlds and new ways to eviscerate your foes, DOOM Eternal is shaping up to be the DOOM sequel it needs to be.


The Gameplay

The gameplay looks to follow the same principles as the first, but with some new additions, as is tradition with a sequel. These include new weapons, a new quick dash, parkour capabilities and new upgrades allowing you to punch harder, live longer and kill faster. From what I’ve seen, this game is shaping up to be the definition of absolute insanity. The previous game was manageable madness, but this one is completely unhinged chaos, and that’s what we want. After the bar was raised so high by DOOM 2016, it seems impossible to match the speed, the thrill, the combat from that game, but this one seems to be adding to it and raising the bar further. The game introduces a new power-up system that seems to provide you with bonus’ for performing certain prerequisites, something I can definitely get behind since it can lead to some potential diversity in builds for Doomguy. There’s also new armor and vitality boosts and even parkour sections, adding to the sheer power of the character. Also this game seems to be pulling a Dark Souls and allowing your friends to invade your game to mess up your progress, a neat idea but I’m just concerned this will lead to some pretty annoying invasions and maybe 1 or 2 broken friendships. So in conclusion, the gameplay has the same basis as the original, but smaller features are added that seem to have a bit of importance with regards to the levels. I can’t wait to grab my Super Shotgun and plough through these new demons.


The Weapons

The very essence of DOOM is the weapons…and Doomguy, and the demons, and the music… You know what weapons are just one of the essences of DOOM but they are a very big one. We’ll see the return of many old classic like the Rocket Launcher, the Assault Rifle, the Plasma Rifle and the fabled Super Shotgun, but with a bit of twist. The Super Shotgun now has a grapple chain that allows you to soar through the air towards demons you’ve hooked. This is going to be a major gameplay pull, the feeling of just rushing towards demons and unloading a trail of buckshot is the kind of thing that DOOM players will love. The weapons themselves have updated looks and they really do lend to the heavy and sharp aesthetics of the game yet still keeping their original style. Doomguy also seems to have been weaponized himself, now with a blade on his arm and a shoulder cannon. The blade seems to be limited to glory kills for now, but the shoulder cannon seems to act like a rechargeable explosive shot you can use from time to time. I like these new additions, they add to the roster yet keep their own unique identity. And then there’s the cherry on the top of this blood soaked cake, the crucible blade from the last game that we never got to use is finally within our grasp, and we cannot wait to use it.


The Enemies

DEMONS EVERYWHERE! Yes, the demons are back, and some newbies are joining their hellish ranks. The new demons are either from older games like the Arachnatron and the Arch-Vile, giving patriot fans some fanservice and introducing new fans to the classics. We also have some new demons, including the Marauder, who looks awesome and will apparently have a story behind it connected to Doomguy. All the monsters have received updated looks as well, all looking beautifully grotesque and ripe for killing. We also get a glimpse of a new boss fight, which I think is the Arch-Vile but I’m not sure and it looks to be an intense fight, crucible blade in hand as we charge at the beast.


The Presentation

On the topic of intense looking things, the presentation is quite simply phenomenal looking. The 2016 DOOM had great visuals, but this one seems to have taken the capabilities of the PS4 system to the absolute limit to deliver a near perfect collection of visuals. Everything glistens with blood, the shine of metal, the textures, it all looks spectacular. It’s a shame the game is so fast paced since you wont have time to take in the amazing worlds. Oh yes, there are multiple words in this game, more than just earth, mars and hell. The worlds revealed look to be straight out of Dark Souls, but the DOOM identify is still there with copious amounts of demon motif scattered everywhere. The detail on the weapons and demons are incredible, you feel the textures on these things, whether it’s smooth, rough, sharp or soft you know what each texture feels like. The world looks enormous, the sweeping shots the gameplay demonstrated really add to the intense scale of the catastrophe that has befallen the universe while Doomguy has been in his epic powernap. So in conclusion, I love the presentation and just hope I have enough storage in my PS4 for all these frames.


Closing Words

So to end this installment of Thoughts and Hopes, I have very high hopes for DOOM Eternal. It looks to be the sequel we wanted for DOOM 2016, keeping the fast paced gameplay while adding new features to enrich or demon crushing experience. I’m looking forward to stepping into the suit of Doomguy again, and picking up where I left off in my onslaught of Hell.

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