My 13 Reasons Why Tag


13-reasons-why.pngSo I was tagged by Kanradi of 100animeblog for the 13 Reasons Why Tag. This is my second tag response, the first being to the T.A.P. Tag, and I’m glad I was nominated for this one too. So what are the rules to this one? Well…

  • Mention the person who nominated you.
  • List 13 reasons why you keep going/living.
  • Nominate 10 or more people to give their reasons why.
  • Use the picture that I created in your post.

My Reasons

So for this one I went with a cluster of reasons, ranging from my comedic ambitions, personal feelings and just general interests.

1. Japan. In case you haven’t noticed from my collection of Anime Reviews and Kaiju Reviews, I’m a massive Japan fan. I’ve been abroad before to some pretty fun places, Morocco, Iceland and Florida to name a few, but Japan is right up there at the top of the list of places I want to visit. My discovery of anime and Japanese culture in general has defined so many of my interests and (without sounding too extreme) a part of my personality. So I wanna visit Japan just to see its wonder, its culture and copious amounts of merchandise first hand. http___cdn.cnn.com_cnnnext_dam_assets_170606121226-japan---travel-destination---shutterstock-230107657.jpg

2. Godzilla Movies. Like I just mentioned, I love Kaiju movie, but especially Godzilla. Of the 30+ movies that exist of the King of the Monsters, I’ve watched like 8 of them. It is my ultimate goal to watch all of them, yes even Godzilla’s Revenge.


3. Writing. My main hobby is writing, particularly in novel fashion. I’ve written so many different series and I don’t wanna stop. I’ve created fantasy novels, sci-fi novels and non-fiction as well. I don’t ever wanna stop writing, my imagination is just too hyperactive to cease.


4. Dispense Wisdom. Without sounding like a snob, one thing I pride myself on is my wisdom. This stems from many of my friends choosing me to provide advice. Now I don’t consider myself a sage when it comes to this and it doesn’t make me feel superior, but it does make me feel proud and happy that my friends have such a level of trust in me. I want to continue helping people by dispensing advice, opinions and wisdom to the best of my abilities.


5. Finish the MCU. I don’t care how many movies they release, I don’t care how long it takes, but I will finish those movies. Even when I reach 80+ I’ll still go and see them, even after my death I will crawl from my grave and sit and watch Avengers 12 if I have to. Not even the grim reaper can keep me from these movies.


6. A Podcast. One thing I’ve always wanted to do is start up a podcast. I’d love to share my thoughts on anime and pop culture in general in a format other than written blogs and I think a Podcast could be perfect. I just need to nail the setup first.


7. FOOD. Kirby is my spirit animal and Goku is my guardian angel, point being I love to eat like a monster. Black holes have nothing on me!


8. Start My Own Tag Trend. This is just a small one, but after seeing the amazing way you can get a community to interact with one another, I would love to start my own tag. I’ll just need to think one up first. (BTW this is the only picture I found that relates to it.)


9. Beat the Devil. This one is in relation to a quote from Adam Dalhberg, formerly known as SkyDoesMinecraft. Years ago he posted a quote on his twitter, and it stuck with me for years. I am referring to the tweet below.Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 09.53.40.png

10. Get a Pet. The closest thing I had to a pet was a group of fish, one of which lived for 13 years despite its species living for 6 on average. But I’ve always wanted something a bit more substantial that fish. Some ideas include a Snake (Snek), a Bearded Dragon or a Tortoise, I love reptiles in case you didn’t know.


11. Anime to Watch List. My anime to watch list grows all the time, and only on occasion do I actually take one and watch it. Everyone has one of these lists, and mine is as long as the Great Wall of China, continuing to grow week by week.


12. Live Life to the Fullest. No explanation needed, I just live by this moral.

13. This Blog. To finish off, I’ll end with this Blog being the 13th reason. Since starting this blog around 2 months ago, I’ve had an absolute blast with it. I’ve slowly molded my blog into its own style and not to mention I’ve met and seen some really great bloggers. Compared to some of my followers, my follow count is relatively small, but that matters not to me, I just like knowing that someone in the world is reading my work. As a finish I want to thank everyone for 20 followers, it may be a small number, but it really means a lot to me.


So for my nominations… Ok, I’m just gonna admit this, I don’t think I can nominate 10 people, but I can nominate 6. BUT REMEMBER When IT’S YOUR TURN TO NOMINATE 10!

Good Luck Guys! 🙂

Thank you for reading my blog, I had a blast with this one. If you enjoyed it please consider leaving a like and following my blog for updates on future posts. Also, please follow me one twitter @joe_reviews for further updates and general nonsense. Till next time.

7 thoughts on “My 13 Reasons Why Tag

  1. Crazy how this tag popped back up, I thought it had died out months ago!
    I guess it was just fate that the tag would come back so that it could be completed by the tag master! 🙂
    Thanks for the tag Joe.

    I’ve thought that a podcast would be something fun to create as well.
    Best of luck with it should you decide to commit!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 13 Reasons? That might be tough, but I’ll accept the challenge! Thanks for the tag Joe!

    Kaiju movies are a great reason to live for. They supply a endless amount of joy, even some of the bad ones. Share that Kaiju movie wisdom with us! It’ll prove useful whenever visiting Japan, like avoiding all Rainbows since they’re all produce by Barugon.

    That podcast is pretty ambition. I have a group of friends that started a podcast YouTube, and they seem to have a lot of fun with it. Mostly they joke around behind the scenes from what I’ve seen the one time they had me on as a guess. Good luck with it whenever you get around to it.

    Liked by 1 person

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