Current Verdict – Cells at Work

Note from Average Joe

Just so you know, this ‘Verdict’ post will be structured a little bit differently than my other First Verdict/Final Verdict posts. This is because this will retread what I already mentioned in the Cells at Work First Verdict just with a deeper understanding. So here I’ll just be talking about random parts of the series and how I feel about them.

Cells Continue to Work

So with all the new hot anime coming out this season, Cells at Work is the one that has grabbed my attention. I would watch other anime of this month but I have better things to do with my time than watch copious amounts of anime, like watching copious amounts of kaiju movies. At the time of publishing this post, we’re into the fourth episode of the show, and while that isn’t necessarily the halfway point, I think it’s a sturdy place to add my own verdict on the series so far since I don’t want to wait a few months to do the Final Verdict for this show. So with four episodes, a lot of attention and way too many cute platelets under its belt, how does Cells at Work hold up not that its well into its run?

In Short Yes it Does!

This show thrives on creativity and presentation alone. While I am into the story and structure, just the concepts alone are what draws me to this show. The show clearly aims to educate since there’s a synopsis for each new cell, bacteria or bodily function that makes an appearance. I really enjoy this part of the show since it makes learning about these things interesting and portrays them in a style that is both dumbed down for the general viewer but clever enough that biology buffs will enjoy them too. Each episode has a different setting that showcases the episodes cell of choice. While this formula is redundant in many ways, the creativity and the way they showcase each cells unique abilities in a human caricature is investing.


The Characters so Far

It does concern me that we only have 2 members of the main cast, that being Red and White Blood Cell. But that being said, I love these two and they do carry the show a sizable length. Red is lovably naïve and her earnest nature makes her a treat to watch, and White is hilarious in how he remains forever deadpan despite being caked in copious amounts of blood. *speaking of that, why do cells bleed? Is there another layer to this show called Cells at Cells at Work where the little components of the Cells have their own little world?* Existential nightmare aside I mentioned before that I love the way each cell is characterized and represented in a different way. My favorite characters are as follows.

  1. Red Blood Cell – Her sheer incompetence and the hilarious way she’s drawn in the exaggerated art style changes is really funny visual humor.
  2. White Blood Cell – His forever calm disposition and willingness to do what it takes to do his job really makes him an engaging character.
  3. Basophil – This guy is so bizarre that it’s ridiculous. He constantly talks in cryptic riddles and his complete and utter deadpan style is really funny. He’s not that interesting but I think he makes up for it with how cool and funny he is.
  4. Macrophage – BECAUSE CELL WAIFU!
  5. The Platelets – I’m not invincible, I’m not immune to how cute these little things are. It’s not heard to see why they’re many people’s favorite part of the show.


Visuals and Presentation

The animation on this show is fabulous. It reminds me of a flatter and brighter Prison School, with less obscene nudity I might add. The lines are smooth and character movement flows well. One of my favorite animation quirks is when Red gets scared and you see a smaller Red inside her mouth, I don’t know why but it really makes me laugh. The colors are vibrant and lend themselves to the equally vibrant characters. The world is also incredible, the industrial look of the human body is a brilliant idea and many basic body features. My favorite so far is the sneeze / nose, it was built up fabulously and frankly paid off with a great final reveal. I particularly like the depiction of the germs, they remind me in some ways like One Punch Man villains, particularly Vaccine Man. Their monstrous and varied designs never leave you bored by them. To end this segment I just want to mention that while I do like the opening and its sporadic musical style, the ending song CheerS by ClariS is just fabulous. It’s an earworm I don’t want to shift it’s just so catchy and has a very upbeat tone.


The Platelets

Ok ok! I’ll talk about the Platelets for a bit. The Platelets have inserted themselves into the position of many viewers highlights and it is clear to see why. Their depiction as children is adorably creative and their little construction worker motif is charming on such small characters. Episode 2 was their respective episode and it is probably my favorite so far, just for the punchline at the end regarding the platelets. A lot of people are saying they want more of the platelets, but given the structure of this show I doubt we’ll get more of them in the spotlight, but who am I to say what’ll happen. Here’s hoping we get a spin-off called Platelets at Work, I’m sure it would be met with much praise.



I’ve outlined a few minor concerns throughout this post, but I do have a two more I want to mention:

  • As of right now we don’t have a major opposing force, I want to see the cells combat a major pathogen or disease that takes a few episodes or so to take down. This would really up the stakes and make for some entertaining combinations with all the cells working together.
  • I want to see more characters take center stage, or become more integral to the plot, right now it’ll get to the point where Red and White can’t carry the plot by themselves.

Final Word

So right now, Cells at Work has cemented itself as one of the anime to watch this season. I adore its visual style and every character is a fabulously creative portrayal of their respective cell and the world they’ve built is charming and unique. I do fear the show might lose traction if it maintain the current formula, but I’ll continue to watch it if anything for the educational aspect. If you haven’t watched Cells at Work, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Thanks for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed it. If you did please consider leaving a like and following my blog for updates on future posts. Till next time.

2 thoughts on “Current Verdict – Cells at Work

  1. I may be in the minority here, but despite their undeniable cuteness, I don’t want more of the platelets.

    I think gifting them more screen time just because they’re cute fan favorites would be a bit of a sell-out and detract from the many other types of cells they could cover.

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