Gakuen Babysitters – Anime Review

Gakuen Babysitters – Moe Levels Critical!

Gakuen Babysitters was released early this year and it came to my attention when a clip showed up in my recommendation box on YouTube. Curious about this adorable looking show I went further down the rabbit hole. What I found was a wonderland of sheer cuteness!

Story (Spoilers)

Much like many of the anime I’ve reviewed so far on this blog, this one has a very loose structure. Each episode has 2 separate stories that both take up one half of the episode. The plot revolves around Ryuichi Kashima and his infant brother Kotaro as they move into a new life following the tragic death of their parents. In order to earn his keep, Ryuichi must join his new schools Babysitter Club, looking after kids belonging to the teachers. What follows is a collection of antics involving the kids in the Babysitter Club as well as those working there and the friends of Ryuichi. Frankly, I love the story despite it being a very loose structure, but that is the kind of structure I like in these types of anime. Each episode is beautifully structured, each individual plot is given just enough time to have a beginning, middle and end. The formula is repetitive but that comes as standard with these shows. One thing I like is that while the show is distinctly based on cute factor, it isn’t afraid to include some really tender moments, particularly about Ryuichi and the mourning of his parents. If I was to give a favorite episode it would have to be 7, but in truth I love every episode.



This anime boasts a simply stunning cast of characters, not all of them are perfect but that only helps to improve those around them. With that said, lets look at these characters. (I will not be talking about the parent and lesser characters in the show otherwise we’d be here forever.)

  • Ryuichi Kashima: As the protagonist, Ryuichi falters between being a really likable and frankly lovable character to being somewhat annoying with how much he molly-coddles his brother. While I understand why he does it, his brother’s the only family he has left, he doesn’t really seem to change throughout the series, Kotoro is always his priority sometimes at the expense of his friends. That being said, his airhead nature does make him quite charming and despite what I said about his attitude with his brother, it’s a delightful relationship and the amount of care on display really is moving.
  • Kotoro Kashima: Despite having a vocabulary outmatched by some Pokémon, Kotoro has perhaps the biggest and best personality out of all the cast. He does show signs of growth throughout the series, opening up more and moulding into a really sweet character. His deadpan exterior is hilarious to see on display, and much like his brother he is a complete airhead which leads to some adorable moments. He is also very protective of his older brother and think the world of him, which only adds to the charm of their relationship. Some of the best jokes, and moments come from time spent with this kid.
  • The Other Kids: 
    • Taka: The ‘tough guy’ of the kids, Taka is a really funny character, but he does occasionally waver on the likable scale. I also find his ‘unrequited love’ for his older brother to be quite sad and frankly out of place at times.
    • Kirin: A smart talking and independent child, Kirin is one of my favorites, her remarks and outlook on things is a really sweet trait and her bossy nature is really funny.
    • Takuma/Kazuma: These two twins are my absolute favorites of the kids, their relationship is just so precious and they both have the best personalities. Takuma’s sheer happiness in any situation is hilarious to watch and Kazuma’s state of perpetual crying is so cute you can’t help but love him.
    • Midori: Despite being a baby and uttering barely a single word, Midori is a bundle of personality, her sounds are just adorable and her little moments in the spotlight are some of the best.
  • The Students:
    • Hayato Kamitani: One of the few characters I actively dislike more than like, Hayato is Taka’s older brother and there’s a running gag about him hitting him to get him to shut up. While it is funny for a while it eventually comes off as mean-spirited and does occasionally leave you feeling really bad. He’s not awful and does show he cares about his brother, but these moments are very few and far between.
    • Maria Inomata: The main female of the grown up characters, Maria is a typical tsundere but she’s a bit more than that. Her secret love for the kids is really sweet and in her debut episode there’s a moment that is frankly really sad but has such heart to it you just feel for her. Her tsundere moments are really funny as well.
    • Ushimaru Yuki: A ditzy girl with a crush on Ryuichi, Ushimaru is a super sweet girl who you honestly wanna route for in her dreams. I love her segment in episode 11, it’s both funny and heartfelt, much like Ushimaru herself.
  • Additional Characters:
    • Usaida Yoshihito: The head of the Babysitter Club, Usaida is really laid back and is honestly just a likable character, he doesn’t have much else going for him but he is still a nice enough character.
    • Saikawa: The butler and personal aide to Morinomiya, Saikawa is a very dry character but that’s what makes him so funny. His life or death dedication to his duties is great to watch and his sense of humor is rather crass to some degree but still great.
    • Morinomiya Youko: Ryuichi and Kotaro’s guardian, Morinomiya is stern and cold, but her advice to Ryuichi serves as great development for him and when you see her thinking about the loss of her own son, it is a really somber tone that adds shades of genuine care to her.




  • Animation: I don’t typically like to judge an anime based on its animation, since many new anime all boast great visuals. This show is no exception, the colours are dulled but it makes the show feel really relaxing to watch and each characters design is distinct and you can immediately gauge their personalities.
  • Voice Acting: The voices in this show are top-notch. Each voice, much like the character designs, is distinct and fits their respective character perfectly.
  • Music: The episode music isn’t worth noting, but I will give them credit, the opening song is really catchy and offers some fun visuals and the ending song is delightfully upbeat and catchy.



  • Story: 4/5 – The plot is very loose but each individual episode has a great narrative and even yields some moral lessons and many relatable topics.
  • Characters: 5/5 – Each character has a shining moment that makes you like them, even the ones you don’t necessarily like. The kids are the highlight as they should be.
  • Animation: 4/5 – Nice lines, distinct character designs bustling with personality and a really nice colour pallet.
  • Voice Acting: 4/5 – Each voice is distinctly unique and fits their role perfectly in my opinion.
  • Music: 3/5 – The episode music isn’t worth mentioning, simply because I didn’t pick up on it, but the opening and ending songs are both great.
  • (Unique Grade) Cuteness: 5/5 – I cannot handle the cuteness on display here. There are so many moments where you just say Awww in admiration.


  • Final Grade: 5/5 – I can’t say the show is perfect, but it’s too good to just warrant a 4. This show is adorable, has great characters alongside some fabulous episode moments. I would recommend this show to anyone just looking for a show that provides 100% Cute Factor.

Thank you for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed it. If you did please consider leaving a like and following my blog for updates on future posts. Till next time.

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