Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla – Movie Review

Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla – Marvelous Monster Mash

Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla is a 2002 Action Kaiju movie released by Toho and is the fourth installment of the Millennium series. This movie, like all 3 of the previous Millennium series installments it serves as a direct sequel to the original 1954 movie. This movie sees the humans building a cybernetic weapon to combat a new Godzilla. In terms of the movie itself, I think it’s one of the better ones I’ve seen, not for the monster fights, but rather the characters. Lets get into the review to see why.

Story (Spoilers)

The story isn’t to new to the Godzilla franchise, the humans try to kill Godzilla and naturally it goes wrong. There’s also a fight or two involving another giant monsters and Godzilla will ultimately come out on top. I do actually enjoy the plot of this movie, mainly because it’s carried by really good characters. The movie begins with references to Mothra (Mothra 1961) and the Gargantuas (War of the Gargantuas 1966), which I thought were delightful little Easter Eggs. However this means that the Gargantuas exist in the same universe as Godzilla and the Gargantuas were made from the remains of Frankenstein’s monster from Frankenstein Conquers the World (1965). So this means Frankenstein exists in the Godzilla universe… anyway moving on. The story firmly places Godzilla as the villain once again, which is him at his best in my opinion. The humans use the remains of the previous Godzilla from 1954 and build an exosuit around it. Naming the robot Kiryu, or Mechagodzilla, they send it to fight Godzilla in an attempt to put an end to the beasts rampage. This plot has been used before in a sense with Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 2, but this one only has Godzilla and no additional monsters. I really like this plot, it’s goofy but does have a cohesive structure. It also flows very well, giving us an almost perfect amount of time with Godzilla and the humans, though I wish there was maybe an extra 5-10 minutes of Godzilla. Speaking of the humans…



These are the best characters I’ve seen in a Godzilla movie so far, I just love them so much. The main male lead is a goofy scientist who has some real heart and is a tender soul, not to mention he’s hilarious at times. He has a habit of blurting things out when he’s thinking them, which does lead to some pretty funny moments. His daughter is also really likable, wanting her father to succeed but also angry at him for resurrecting Godzilla as opposed to trying to resurrect her mum. I know that sounds weird and kinda stupid, but I think that from the perspective of a child, this is something they’d think about. It also raises the themes of whether or not Kiryu deserves freedom since it is technically alive in this movie, while that wasn’t necessary it was still a nice touch. Anyway back on track. I also like the female lead, her struggle is one where you route for her and want to see her overcome her pain. She’s racked with guilt and her journey throughout this movie leads to her confronting her past and having to accept that what happened, happened and when the resolution of the movie comes around its fulfilling to see her beat these troubles. Even the bully character is relatable, having lost his brother to Godzilla and he blames the woman, but even then he comes to accept his losses which is a shade of development you wouldn’t really expect from a Godzilla movie. While I did say there could have been more Godzilla in this movie, it is still carried by a fabulous cast of characters.



I just wanna start this section by saying that the pose for the poster and movie art (See blog post header image) is absolutely awesome! It looks so dynamic and epic it just gets you ready for the monster throw down. The rest of the movies presentation is actually pretty good, not excellent but it has some neat visuals. The effects with Kiryu’s weaponry are cool and the shot of it flying (while eerily reminiscent of Robocop 3), is a really cool site. The combat in this movie however is honestly somewhat lacking, it’s ether done from a distance or when they do duke it out with fisticuffs it just looks like two suits being smashed together. I know that they are two suits, but other instalments before this movie did make the monsters feel real with the combat. Not that this isn’t completely awful it just kinda feels like more effort could have been put into it. But aside from that the special effects for this type of movie are well made and Godzilla’s atomic breath really has some weight to it and feels like a destructive weapon. I also like the wide-angle shots used to show the size of the monsters as well, it isn’t used too much but when it is it does make them feel like larger than life creatures (in most places).


The Monsters

But the movie is called Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla, so lets looks at the titular kaiju’s. Godzilla himself looks great in this movie, I really like his millennium design and how it looks like an evolution of the original Godzilla while still keeping many elements of said original present. While he is cool I wish we got to see more of him destroying cities, while he does cause some damage it isn’t until the climax that he actually lays waste to a city. Anyway he looks awesome and so does Kiryu. While I do think the name is a bit random, everything else about Kiryu is pretty sweet. His design is like a mix of the classic Mechagodzilla from the original Showa series mixed with the one from the Heisei series. It’s a nice fusion in terms of design, but incorporating new elements that make it its own entity. The weapons on this thing aren’t as crazy as the Showa series incarnation, which had missiles in its fingers, toes, kneecaps and a laser beam in its neck. But it still has some impressive weaponry. Lasers, Rockets, a bootleg atomic breath and an Absolute Zero Cannon. I always like it when a new weapon is introduced into a Godzilla movie and the Absolute Zero Cannon is a great new weapon, its damage is fierce but its execution is about as good as effective as standing behind a cannon (meaning bad). However this weapon does lead to the coolest shot of the movie, which I feel you have to see for yourself. So overall, these monsters are cool, both boasting incredible designs and possessing some fierce powers.



  • Story: 4/5 – This plot is somewhat similar to Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla 2 from 1993, but it does add enough elements to add a level of fresh to the movie.
  • Characters: 5/5 – These characters all have elements that make them flawed, develop as the plot advances and all have likeable and believable qualities.
  • Presentation: 3/5 – Some moments do occasionally take you out of the movie but aside from those few moments the rest of the presentation is pretty good with a few interesting shots and some decent effects. Once again the shot of Kiryu flying is awesome.
  • Genre Representation: 3/5 – The action in this movie isn’t as extreme as the other Godzilla movies, but the combat is cool despite some loss of immersion. The monsters themselves look awesome and most of their combat is actually really cool.
  • (Unique Grade) Godzilla…ness: 3/5 – He doesn’t appear in this movie as much as some people might want but when he does show up it’s pretty awesome.


  • Final Grade: 4/5 – I know I’ve highlighted a lot of nitpicks I have with this movie, but that’s only because I like it so much and other wise this wouldn’t make for a ‘profound’ review.  It’s a great movie in general with some fabulous characters and just enough Godzilla so as to not be a detriment. I have yet to see the sequel Godzilla: Tokyo SOS but I will be looking forward to it with bated breath. Definatly give this one a watch if you love Godzilla.

Thank you for reading my review, I hope you enjoyed it. If you did please consider liking the post and following me for updates on all my latest blog posts. Till next time.



6 thoughts on “Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla – Movie Review

  1. I agree that the human characters in this one are probably the best of the Godzilla franchise….not that that says a whole lot, but still. I think I also remember liking the human characters in Tokyo SOS.

    I much more approve of Mecha G as a human-built weapon than an alien one like in the originals godzilla vs mechagodzilla flick. Makes way more sense this way.

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