Anime Review – Dagashi Kashi Season 2

Dagashi Kashi Season 2 – Bittersweet

If you read both my First Verdict and Final Verdict on Dagashi Kashi Season 1, you know I was a massive fan of that show. I loved its style in terms of animation, and the facts about Dagashi were a major highlight for me. So naturally I was exited for the second series and dove straight into it after publishing my Final Verdict post. What I got however, wasn’t a major disappointment, but was definitely a let down. Why is this, well lets find out.

Story (Spoilers)

My first problem with this show is the episode length. These episodes were all 12 minutes long and without the opening and ending themes, that’s about 10 minutes of content to consume. This is not enough for a series that has so much energy packed into it and while it didn’t actually damage the storytelling, rather helping it in some places, it really annoyed me because I wanted to spend more time with this story. Every time I finished an episode I thought to myself “I should watch another one, make up for the shorter run time.” This continued episode after episode and before I knew it, in just over 2 hours I’d completed the entire series, the final result leaving me practically seething. I’d just forced myself to watch a show hoping to make up for lost time but it just didn’t work. But that aside, what about the actual plot? For the most part it’s fine, it’s different to first series in a few ways, focusing more on character development than Dagashi, and I’m totally fine with that. While the first series was more enjoyable to me simply based on preference, this series’ focus on characters was a welcome change since the cast was honestly bland without Hotaru (don’t worry we’ll get to that angry little chestnut in a bit). The story is based around Kokanatsu and his attempts at keeping Shikada Dagashi alive, with many events hindering him not only in this but also in his dreams of becoming a Manga Artist. But what about having to deal with the antics of Hotaru? Well he does… for like three and a half episodes before she leaves! I’ll go more into detail about that in its own section otherwise this section will be too long, but believe me when I say that it’s a major turn off for the show for me. The new settings in the show, like the absence of Yo and the introduction of new characters and a potential rival to the shop adds to the base the first series set up, but this all screams one thing, missed opportunity. There were so many things that could have been explored in this series but just weren’t, the new convenience store, the absence of Hotaru and the growth of the store, all of these were either barely looked into or avoided all together. This show apparently skipped a large chunk of the manga, and I wish they’d included more, maybe then the story would have left a better impact on me. It’s still a good plot and does bring some changes to the formula that do actually work.



The characters really do improve in this series and are easily the best part of it. Kokanatsu does show shades of change, having to trudge through a depression and having to consider his dreams against a harsh reality. The episode involving his Manga being judged is truly upsetting at times and does resonate with a lot of people. He also develops as a shop owner, his ideas for expanding the store is a great insight into shops that aim for growth. His depression and desire to keep things going for Hotaru are so earnest that it gave me hope that she would come back (getting closer to that section now). Saya is also much more fun, her feelings for Kokanatsu leading to some adorable moments and this is utilized in the first joke of the series, trust me it really is funny. To remains unchanged honestly, but he’s still a supportive friend and has some funny moments. Yo also gets less screen time in this series, which I honestly expected, but the scenes he was in were all extremely humorous, though they reused a joke from the last series involving him that didn’t really seem to go anywhere. Two new characters enter the cast in this series too, meant to serve as pseudo replacements for Hotaru during her absence. One is a girl named Hajime, a lodger of Kokanatsu as well as a new employee at his shop. She is honestly a really funny character and her lazy nature and behind that a smart and caring personality makes her a joy to watch for being such a supportive character. The other new character is Beniyukata, a convenience store owner who sees Kokanatsu as a rival. Honeslt,y this guy is the funniest character baring Hotaru, his love for convenience stores rivaling Hotaru’s love for Dagashi, the reactions this guy gives are a treat. However, he’s barely in the show and that’s a shame since he could have been an especially funny replacement for Hotaru. So overall, while the biggest and best personality was removed from the show, the other characters are still fun and the newbies are a welcome addition.



  • Animation – The presentation of this show isn’t too different from the first series, which in of itself was very good looking. Character designs are still strong and the movement of each character is distinct.
  • Music – The music for the opening and ending is fine, but it can’t quite grab me like the first series’ tunes.
  • Voice Acting – The voices in this show are very well done, all having distinct voices and vocal styles that add a lot to their personalities. Yo’s constantly switching deep to high voice is especially well done and is vastly funny.
  • The Jokes – I‘ll use this section to talk about the jokes in this series since they can actually apply to presentation. The jokes in this series work better for me, while the first series had some great jokes, it relied just a tad bit too much on Dagashi as the punchline. Now the jokes are geared more towards interactions between characters and the humor is derived from their words. There is a lot to laugh at in this new series.




*inhales deeply* Ok, I have no problem with characters taking a hiatus from a show, it happens all the time. But in this case, Hotaru’s departure was vastly annoying to me for a few reasons. For instance, she departs from the show despite being a central character, which lead me to believe that she’d appear in the ‘next episode’ each time I finished the previous one. But she never did and this ultimate meant that by the time she returned I’d expended all my investment in the show for wanting her to come back. Secondly, if she wasn’t included in the opening and ending animations as well as almost all the anime’s artwork like banners and thumbnails on anime viewing sites, I’d be fine with it since it shows she’s going away from the show. However she is in every single opening and ending animation, which lead me to believe she’d be gone for a few episodes instead of a good 80+% of the show. This isn’t necessarily deceptive but it is most certainly misleading to me. Finally, my issue is that since Hotaru was such a big personality from the last series, her departure really sapped out a lot of life from the show that they tried to replace with two new characters, but when you need two characters to make up for just one then you have a problem. This didn’t ruin the show for me, but it did plague my mind throughout the majority of the episodes which did suck me out of the experience.



  • Story: 4/5 – The story is pretty much the same, but does add new elements to the base formula and does involve more sincere moments with the characters.
  • Characters: 4/5 – While the best character is now gone, the remaining characters are still strong, the newer ones even adding something new.
  • Animation: 4/5 – The animation is well done, distinct movement and eye shapes still strong and adding a lot of personality and uniqueness to the show and its world.
  • Music: 3/5 – The music is mostly the same as the first series, the opening and ending themes not being as good as the first two.
  • Voice Acting: 4/5 – Great voices over great characters that all comes together in a bundle of great personalities
  • (Unique Grade) NO HOTARU!!!: 0/5 – Taking the biggest personality from the cast and keeping them gone for the longest time is a really bad idea, especially when she was primarily what made the show so popular.


  • Final Grade: 3.5/5 – As my first decimal based grade, this show really shines in some places but falls short in others. The shorter episodes, absence of one of it’s biggest characters and a somewhat new yet similar story leaves you craving more from the show that I hope returns for a 3rd series, the opportunities for that could be fabulous.

8 thoughts on “Anime Review – Dagashi Kashi Season 2

  1. I thought the second season was an uptick, actually. Main because, like you said, the jokes were more so derived from the character interactions than the dramatized dagashi lectures. I get that Hotaru is the star of the series in a lot of ways, but I’ve been more partial to the supporting characters (as minor as they can be in a cast only like 5 or 6 total), so it was great to see more screen time for everyone else.

    I also enjoyed seeing all of that character development. Kokonotsu having to accept that Hotaru was gone. The pseudo-rivalry between the dagashi shop and new convenience store (and how it really amps up at the end once Hotaru returns).

    Initially, I was also bummed by the shorter episodes, but after finishing the series, I didn’t feel as cheated by them as I thought I would.

    The season 2 ED is probably my favorite song from the entire series.

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    1. I’ll definitely grow more fond of it as time goes on, but I finished the show about 2 days ago and I’m still kinda bummed out about Hotaru, she was just that good to me. I liked what we saw of the rivaly between the two shops and yea I hope if we get a new series we see the two warring even more with Hotaru’s return. I know a lot of people who really like the second series, I don’t hate it I just feel underwhelmed. Thanks for the comment and sharing your opinion, I appreciate it. 🙂

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      1. I guess I lied when I said you only had to worry about comments on the Godzilla stuff. Your fault tho for writing about other interesting shows.

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  2. Yeah I agree Hotaru’s departure was a bit odd, but I suppose it’s one way for them to catch up on developing the other characters a little more.

    I really enjoyed the shorter episode lengths, or at least what it means. It WOULD have been nice to have full length episodes, but I like the fact that the anime is moving more towards short and structured gags, instead of long gags that drag on. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., and Daily Lives of High School Boys are two of my favourite comedy / gag anime and both use that style of short and effective gags really well.

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    1. I will admit the shorter episodes did allow for the jokes to flow better, but it seemed like a bit of a detriment to some character moments that might have needed more exploration. Thank you for commenting, it’s always appreciated. 👍

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