Anime I Couldn’t Finish – Discussion

We all have those anime that we started watching but ultimately dropped. In this discussion, I’ll be listing a few anime I’ve watched in recent years that I couldn’t make it to the end with. Also if I mention something about the anime and it has actually happened in the show, I will not have seen it. Please note, this doesn’t mean I hate any of these anime in fact some had neat ideas that pulled me in, but there’s a reason for not continuing to view them, so let’s get into the list.

Dragon Ball Super (Kinda)

Ok I’m sort of cheating with this one. I did watch this show through to the end, but ultimately had to back out of it until the last few episodes. There’s one simple reason for this, I felt the show was really starting to drag out and suffer some pacing issues. In my Dragon Ball Super review I mentioned that I had issues with the first two arcs, particularly the second one. So much so that I ultimately skipped it for the last few episodes and just watched the movie instead. I watched the whole Universe 6 and Goku Black arcs in their entirety, but when the Universal Survival arc came around, I had to forfeit my viewership. The show had become so stifled with new characters, an utter lack of tension and no breathing space as all the craziness of the tournament went down. Add to this that new powers, characters and lore was added with little to no planning or gentl introduction and you’re left with a show that feels like a mixed bag of M&Ms and Skittles. However I did keep up to date with episode reviews and summaries and did watch the final fight in a large compilation whichwill go down in history as one of my favoutire Dragon Ball fights, mainly because it had me standing up with a Jack Daniels Cider in my hand screaming like a WWE commentator. So I didn’t really drop this anime, I just skipped a good chunk of it.


Space Dandy

2 episodes, that’s as far as I got watching Space Dandy. A space comedy that has no continuity between its episodes, which is something I do find quite interesting ableit I had to look it up to find out that’s what happens. As someone who likes anime where there’s not a large over arching story, even this is too much for me. Not to mention the generally trippy style this show has and a complete lack of exposition on its characters left this anime a bit to be desired for me. But, that being said I wouldn’t mind revisiting it for its humor. The animation is also amazing, really bright colours and distinct looks to all the different aliens. The idea of a space Hooters is one that I find quite amusing, and while I don’t like the episode structure, I’m curious enough to want to see how each episode plays out.


Highschool of the Dead

A zombie, action, ecchii anime in which a band of schoolkids and their teacher have to survive the apocalypse. I did actually watch this show almost all the way through, but I just came to the conclusion that I wasn’t invested in it. The characters weren’t that particularly interesting, even having pretty generic designs. The ecchii setting is also somewhat bizarre, some moments having fanservice so gratuitous it makes things like To Love-Ru seem like kids material in places, and I like that show. I will praise the show for its animation and voice acting, but I just found myself not really rooting for the characters and the bizarre ecchii scenes just seemed random and popped up in really dumb settings (case in point the matrix boob scene). Speaking of the characters, a lot of them were either one-dimensional or not distinguishable. We have the stern but kind-hearted protagonist, his independent love interest, the smart one, the stupid one and the crazy one. One the topic of the crazy character, she didn’t seem that defined and I never got a gauge on her character, is she crazy, subdued, a masochist and sadist I don’t know! The show isn’t god awful, but I just wasn’t invested in the characters and the fact I’d spent so long watching it left me with a dissatisfied final opinion.



If you’re starting to notice a trend in the ‘genre’, don’t worry its got some more traction ahead. When I first heard of Shimoneta, I laughed hard. A world where all lewd things and forms of contraception are illegal and sex is reserved for baby-making only. This seems like a really funny idea, but when I watched it I found myself not being amused. It was basically innuendos and that’s about it. Every episode is basically this quote unquote Terrorist group trying to spread lewdness to the citizens of the world and it boils down to either throwing Doujin’s or contraceptive items at people. This just isn’t that funny and not to mention while it has a flowing story, the antics in each episode are really random and rarely follow on from one another. The one character I did find funny was Anna, a good girl turned Yandere Nymphomaniac whose desperate for her love to taste her ‘love nectar’, yes its a gross as it sounds, are hilarious moments. Her scenes were amusing and her maniacal actions to get to her lover were so extreme they did make me laugh. So overall, the show was just a mix of innuendos and a bit of physical ecchii comedy that didn’t really work it’s magic on me.


YuGiOh Vrains

I am a huge YuGiOh fan, I love many of the shows and I love the card game (Timelords for life), and when this show was announced I was pretty pumped. I’d never watched a YuGiOh anime as it was ongoing, so I was ready for this. What did I get? One of the most boring and poorly paced YuGiOh series to date. Now I will say this, the duels in this show were for the most part quite fun, for like the first 3 times. The it turned into this never-ending cycle of moments that are so “Heart of the Cards” like it would make Yugi blush. The characters were also really poorly managed and written, the protagonist being a your typical Mary Sue with a dark tragic past and a spectacular dueling record. The side characters were handled poorly too, the female lead being disrespected so much in terms of her character that it’s frankly painful to watch. I mainly dropped the show because of other reasons, but during this time I realized all the glaring flaws the show had so I decided to leave it for good. I also read that later down the line the show got progressively worse so I feel I was right to ditch it.



Oh Citrus, you showed up in my Facebook feed as a Crunchyroll ad, and you piqued my interest. Then you took that interest and shoved it up where the sun doesn’t shine. Now, first off I want to admit that I think this show is visually stunning. It had great character expression and a lot of really distinct expressions, the only problem was those expressions belonged to some really despicable characters. Almost every character in this show is mean-spirited, selfish and frankly frustrating. The main character Yuzu and her best friend Harumi are the only two characters I like, I actually love their chemistry and if Harumi had more focus in the show, I’d have watched it for her quirky, childish and funny personality. But no, instead we get Mei, the step sister to Yuzu and the worst lover ever. She’s like a character from Diabolic Lovers, yes it’s that bad. I imagine that she and Yuzu will ultimately get together because even this anime wouldn’t have an ending that mean, but so far, the chemistry these two have is like that one toxic reaction in science class that burns the teachers eyebrows and sets the class ablaze. The way she awakens Yuzu’s sexuality and for the longest time just toys with it is really mean and quite frankly heartless, playing with her emotions just to get her own way. Even when Yuzu shows her affection, she very rarely shows her appreciation for it. That being said I do kind of like her internal struggle of maybe loving her sister, and balancing out school work and the prospect of future responsibility, a character arc that I feel many can relate to. But the real crux of the problem lies in the side characters Himeko and Nene. These two are the worst characters in the show so far, they’re selfish, cruel, possessive and their motivations are drenched in vindictiveness. These two constantly drive a wedge through a relationship I want to see come to fruition and they only serve themselves, it just really rubs me the wrong way. I appreciate that this show did take a more serious angle, but I think it might have gone a bit too hard with the darker themes. I dropped the show after about 4-5 episodes, but I am tempted to return just to see how it ends if anything.



Have you notice the trend with this list yet? But anyway, Keijo is perhaps the stupidest idea conceived in this decade of anime, but that was what drew me to it, nothing else drew me to it I swear. A world where girls push each other off platforms with their breasts and butts in swimsuits? What could possibly go wrong with a concept like that? When I first saw this show I was both laughing and sighing, it really is a stupid idea but one that is so crazy you can’t help but laugh at it. I did feel however that the show wasn’t really going anywhere, I know that the characters are all growing at this school and developing new ‘techniques’ but there isn’t much progress to it. Not to mention the characters are very subdued versions of stereotypes we already know and…tolerate. In fact this show was so underwhelming to me that I can’t even think of anything else to say about it. However, the animation in this show was good, like really good! It was way better looking than this concept had any right to, but I can’t deny how pretty it looks. Of all the shows on this list this is the one I will most likely return to, mainly because I’m willing to turn my brain off and just laugh at the stupidity of it.


Hajimete No Gyaru

Or as I like to call it, ‘Cockblock Blue Balls’ the anime. When I saw this show as an ad, I was immediately skeptical, I just got this really strange vibe from it. I made it through about 5 episodes before realizing something. I’ve never cringed so hard in all my life! This anime is so middle of the road it’s amazing, but why did I drop it? The character interactions are so awkward and so forced that it’s hard to look at. The main character Junichi is both dense and a complete jerk, his only motivation up to this point is to sleep with his new girlfriend. I get the whole hormone fueled drive behind it, but at least show him displaying some level of care for her. I know he does often do the right thing and protect himself on her behalf, like rejecting other advances etc. But apart from that he’s so boring and annoying that he cannot be supported. On the other end of the spectrum is his love interest Yukana, who I personally love. She’s the popular Gyaru (gal) at school and winds up being Junichi’s girlfriend. She’s supportive and caring, not just to Junichi but to everyone around her. Her flirtatious side is funny and her display of affections towards Junichi are really tender. However, much like Citrus, we have a myriad of detestable characters to drive a wedge between these two characters. The cast of this show is like playing Waifu bingo, because they all fit into at least 2 stereotypes each. We have the dark-skinned tomboy, well endowed loli little sister and a Yandere/Tsundere. These characters are either trying to get with Junichi, or Yukana or just trying to split them up. These are not characters I want to route for if they’re going to try to soil what is otherwise a potentially lovely relationship I want to see blossom. Junichi’s friends are fine, only one of them is actually nice, ones a jerk and the other is a borderline pedophile so he’s out for the count. For me the animation is also only half trying, this isn’t why I dropped it at all, but I noticed it only ever looked really good in ‘certain scenes’, I’ll let you guess which scenes they were, note this is an ecchii. However the female designs are quite varied and do reflect their personalities in an effective way. The scenes in which all these characters interact are so awkward and have so much forced comedy that it’s painful and all character motivations with the exception of Yukana are all selfish and somewhat vindictive. That said I may return to this show as I do want to see the two work out their relationship and actually KISS GOD DAMN IT! I swear very time the two of them are together I screamed at the screen “JUST KISS BEFORE SOMEONE SHOWS UP!”


Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed it. If you did please consider leaving a like and following my blog for updates on future posts. Also follow me on twitter @joe_reviews for further updates and general nonsense.Till next time.


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  1. Somehow I managed to get through Highschool of the Dead, but I don’t actually remember anything from it!
    Also Keijo is a weird anime, it’s very well done, aside from the choice of sport. I feel like it would have been a bigger hit if they had just picked / created a different sport that isn’t so ridiculously ecchi.

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