My Pokemon Games Ranked Best to Worst

So I love Pokémon. On Christmas Day 2010 I got my first Pokémon game Soul Silver and it launched me into a franchise that I’ve loved endorsing for the last 8 years. Since then I’ve played the vast majority of these games over their long life span, not all of them but I don’t own a Gameboy to play the oldies. In this list I’ll rank my Pokémon games I’ve played from best to worst. I just wanna reiterate, I don’t hate any of these games, just like some more than others. Anyway, let’s get into it.

8. Pokémon Y

I know a lot of people do in fact really like this game, but for me personally it left the littlest impact on me. I’ll give it this, for the first full 3D rendered Pokémon game it looks great, the new 3D style really lends itself to this world and was much-needed after the full 2D games. I know you can’t really judge a Pokémon game based on its story since they are all pretty much the same; Ten year old with criminally neglectful parent goes on a journey with 1 of 3 Pokémon and embarks on a quest to be the very best (I’m not going to continue that song). But after all the other games, this was the first time it seemed redundant, since I was expecting a new 3D generation to incorporate some newer mechanics. They do introduce Mega Evolution into the Pokémon universe, and that is cool, but that alone doesn’t make up for what I consider a really forgettable 6th Gen. Finally Team Flare, an evil organization that wants the world to be more stylish, and to then commit Pokémon Genocide because they need liberating… Team Plasma was more justified than this, and I think they’re a weak team as well. So overall, the game excels in presentation, but I find the story redundant for its time and the Pokémon themselves are either forgettable or just plain dumb. Favourite Gen Pokémon: Aegislash

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7. Pokémon Red

*hides behind shield* I know, the original cannot be this high on the list, but I have my reasons I swear. I was curious about this game and bought it on the eShop to see what it was like. Not it’s not awful, it’s still fun and honestly has some hilarious sprite work, but there’s one major problem with it. It’s slow! It is so slow! This game has no Running Shoes, an item limit and a really mismanaged Pokémon PC system. There’s no efficient way to watch your Pokémon grow and you have to constantly refer to their summaries to check this. Not to mention the limited moves of this Gen leads to slow progression with your Pokémon, long story short everything about this game is just plain and simple slow. That said, I appreciate this game because it was these flaws that they worked on to give us the much smoother gameplay and expansion on scarce sections. Favourite Gen Pokémon: Ekans

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6. Pokémon Black 2

This was the first Pokémon Game I played where I was left unsatisfied. I already had mixed feelings on Pokémon White, so when I heard they were making a direct sequel to it, I was interested to see if it would be different or bring something new. What I got was a nearly identical game with only minor changes to the story and a few new mechanics here and there. It’s by no means a complete clone, but it lacks substance and honestly doesn’t add enough. The same can be said for Ultra Sun/Moon, which I will not be reviewing because I haven’t competed the game and frankly it’s such a clone of its predecessor it doesn’t deserve to be mentioned. Favourite Gen Pokémon: (See Pokémon White section)2409640-pkmbw2.jpg

5. Pokémon Diamond

I really don’t know how people are gonna feel about the placement on this list. But there’s a reason for this again. I played this game right after Pokémon Soul Silver, and to me it felt almost identical in a lot of ways. I do still enjoy the game, but once agin it doesn’t really have anything that really pops out for me. I do really like this Gen I will admit that, but I just don’t feel as connected with this game as I have with others. Team Galactic is still awesome though and the legendaries are some of the best. A lot of people say this is their favourite, and I can see why and I also agree that this Gen is in desperate need of a remake, it’ll be like Nintendo printing its own money. Favourite Gen Pokémon: Torterra


4. Pokémon White

I’m just going to admit this, I do not like this Gen. I think it’s boring, not very unique and is home to Simipour, who for some reason is my least favourite Pokémon to date, I just hate that thing. But one thing this game does have that I like is story. With the exception of Pokémon Sun and maybe Pokémon Y, no other Pokémon game I’ve played is this story driven. Don’t get me wrong it is still a game about a child leaving home to participate in the equivalent of cockfighting, but this game has a lot more story and character moments than other games. I do like N and his relationship with his father Ghetsis and while Team Plasma are kinda annoying, there motivations are interesting. This game also has some funny side characters and when I replayed the game recently I found myself having a pretty good time. Favourite Gen Pokémon: Sawk


3. Pokémon Omega Ruby

While I never got the chance to play Pokémon Ruby on the Gameboy, I did play its remake and was pleasantly surprised by it. The game isn’t too special, but it’s here for a specific reason. This was the game I invested the most time it. Hours and hours of grinding, evolving, breeding and battling and so much stuff post game stuff that I played the game for a least a year non stop after beating it. This was also the first game where I got my party all up to level 100, it was so satisfying to do this. Not to mention catching every legendary in the game, without a master ball for the first time was also an incredible feeling. I also like the XY 3D style and the Pokémon all look great. Favourite Gen Pokémon: Shedininja (best Pokemon)


2. Pokémon Moon

The game that divided many fans, but felt to me like a breath of fresh air and an interesting take on the Pokémon formula. This game is effectively a reverse of what we already know, removing Gym Battles and instead making you the one who will build the Elite 4 and be the champion. The trials, while sometimes wither tedious or not really interesting, are fun and the addition of Totem Pokémon is one that is really unique and a cool idea. I don’t like Z-Moves though, they just seem pointless and actively make the game too easy. That’s my main issue with this game, it holds your hands throughout the most of the game, and offers advice you either don’t need or want to know. However, I do like this Gen quite a lot, it’s not perfect but it does have some interesting designs and the legendaries and their connection to the character is very deep and interesting. As I mentioned with Pokémon White, this game is very story driven and has some great characters in it that do actually show sizable growth throughout the story. Team Skull are a hilariously cheesy group and the Aether Foundation is a great secondary evil organization. Some don’t like the changes this game made to the formula, I think it was very much-needed and as a send off game for the 3DS format of Pokémon games, I think it satisfies. Favourite Gen Pokémon: Mimikyu


1. Pokémon Soul Silver

Here it is, my favourite Pokémon game to date, Pokémon Soul Silver. Nostalgia does play a sizable part in this choice, but I just cannot shake the memories of paying this game for the first time. I remember being exited to catch a Geodude of all things, that’s how much this game blew my mind. This game introduced me to the mechanocs in Pokémon games that I’ve grown to love and…tolerate at times. I love this games post game content, after one Elite 4 and one region, there’s a second one just waiting for you, that’s a fabulous idea and I was blown away by this when I entered Kanto. The Pokémon in this game are amazing, of all the 2D games I consider these sprites to be some of the best, and the move animation also look great. This game was my life for nearly 2 years, every day I would leap on after school and travel around just waiting for the next battle. I’ll never forget the experiences I had with this game, it opened my eyes to Pokémon and I love it for that. Favourite Gen Pokémon: Cyndaquil (My first Pokemon)


Let me know what your list of Pokémon games best to worst would look like, also what’s your favourite Pokémon, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next discussion/review.

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