Review Grading Explained

Hi All

Just recently I reviewed Rayman Legends, and the review was structured a bit differently than my previous two reviews Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. It included catagories for analysis that they didn’t include, so I decided to set some parameters that all my reviews will abide by.


In this category I will look at the flowing narrative of the game and how it tells as a story. A good story would include an original premise, appropriately fit into the flow of the game and immerse the player in the world of the game, something like final fantasy. A bad story would be cliche, not interesting and actively suck you out of the experience, maybe like Sonic 06. I will also use this section to analyse characters if they require it, and if they require a more in-depth analysis themselves I will add an entire section dedicated only to characters. While story is a big part of any game it will not be the primary factor that I will judge a game on, that would be gameplay.


What good is a game without gameplay, therefore it serves as the main thing that I judge a game on. Gameplay is supposed to draw you in with intuitive controls, interesting mechanics and a smooth direction, my favourite being Rayman Legends. Bad gameplay would be bad controls, lacklustre mechanics and a generally unpleasant playing experience, like the infamous Superman 64. In this section I will also critique level design since levels are what makes a game and bad levels can sometimes overpower otherwise decent gameplay.


This is where I analyze a game based on it’s graphics and overall imagery. A game can either be hyper realistic or have an appealing art style to have good presentation. Or a game can have appalling graphics or a generally unappealing art style. I will also use this to analyze level designs in terms of their actual presentation as opposed to the gameplay.


The grades are the end section of the review, where I give a number out of 5 and leave a quick synopsis of my thoughts. The grades will be Story, Characters, Gameplay, Presentation, Replay Value, a unique grade exclusive to that review as well as the Final Grade.

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