Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – Game Review

Xenoverse 2 – Lets do the Time Warp Again

Dimps returns to the Dragon Ball world with their sequel to Xenoverse 1. Set after the events of the first game, Xenoverse sees the new warrior of time traversing through time to undo the damage done by the villains from the first game. A definite improvement over the first game, read on to learn why.

Story (Minor Spoilers)

While the story of Xenoverse 1 was one of it’s strongest elements, Xenoverse 2’s story is one of its weaker elements. “Why?” I hear you ask, it’s a rinse and repeat of the first games story. It’s like that kid who copies your homework and then changes it slightly so it doesn’t look too much like he copied you. But metaphors aside lets get to the meat of things. The plot follows your new Original Character, this time a Time Patroller in training as they move up through the ranks and perform missions preserving the Dragon Ball timeline. Along the way they uncover an insidious plot from the villains Towa and Mira from Xenoverse 1, back for revenge. This time however, they’ve employed villains from all over time, including villains from the Dragon Ball movies to aid their efforts. While the story does have more substance to it and dives deeper into the lore of the series somewhat, nothing surprises you anymore other than when a new villain shows up for you to curb stomp. One thing I will praise the story on however is the expansion it gives characters, Future Trunks especially is given a more in depth story with his past which wasn’t explored in Xenoverse 1. However, the rest of the story is exactly the same, progressing almost exactly as the first game did and adding only minor elements to defer you down a different path. The final boss is also a bit of a boring cop out as well, but I’ll leave that to you. But ending on a high note, the OC in this game is much more likable in my opinion. I mean of course you’ll like them they’re your creation, but in this game you’re a budding Patroller and not a  being wished into existence from the first game. As you level up and progress, people in the hub world start to appreciate you and it makes it more worthwhile to progress.



The gameplay in Xenoverse 2 is a partial improvement over the first game, but not enough for me to call it redeemed. The combat is basically the same, but feels more flowing and not as choppy. There is more variety in the various races as well, leading to some rather creative animations in the combos you unleash. The increased roster of moves also adds more variety into the combat. Unfortunately, the same problems that plagued said combat are very much here too. Later battles become drag outs and the newly designed health bars make it seem even harder and longer by having not 2 or 3 but up to 4 or 5 bars to them! However, one part of the gameplay that is without a doubt improve is the overworld. Conton City is now the main hub of the game, and it includes a lot of new and exiting features. You can enter 5 special locations that provide extra quests for the character and dependent on your characters race can give them a new transformation (wait until the customization part for more on that), adding some more down time for the player. The overworld can also be traversed much easier now with vehicles and flight, as opposed to Xenoverse 1 where you had to painstakingly walk from place to place. Another major change is the Parallel Quests. The reward system from the first game has been improved greatly, with more chances to get new items, despite still being random but more forgiving. So overall, the gameplay has remained the same, with new elements added on top, defiantly an improvement in terms of versatility.



With the return of your personal Dragon Ball OC, so too does mountains of customization. While similar in layout to the first game, the character creation offers a bit more in terms of characteristics, but maintaining elements from the previous game. The games clothing list has also been expanded, introducing dozens of unique outfits, along with the introduction of QQ Bangs, items that overwrite the stats on clothes and give you new stat increases befitting your style. New energy attacks have also been introduced as well, adding to the already large list of powerful attacks you have access to. In my previous review I didn’t talk about the additional character roster since it wasn’t worthy of mention. It just contained characters from the story with variations dependent on their place in the story. Now the character roster is worth mentioning in my opinion, simply because of the expansion it received. The newer characters are a really nice addition and characters that were previously DLC only are now fully accessible. Another major addition to this game is that all races now have transformations and power ups for all character races. This adds some much needed variety to the characters, however the Saiyan’s receive even more transformation while all others are left with one.



  • Story: 3/5 – This story is an almost exact replica of the original games, but does adds some small expansions, though this isn’t enough to act as an improvement.
  • Characters: 4/5 – The OC is more fun that the previous game and the roster of characters is much larger and contains some unique character interactions.
  • Customization: 4/5 – The customization has defiantly improved, more physical features, costumes, attacks and variation between races.
  • Gameplay: 3/5 – The gameplay hasn’t changed, and is very rocky in places despite the addition of a few unique mechanics.
  • Presentation: 3/5 – The graphics have improved and the movement of characters is smoother, but not necessarily a drastic increase to warrant a 4.
  • Replay Value: 2/5 – The same thing from the first review counts here, once the main story is complete, you’re left with only the PQs to complete and after that you’re left with nothing to do.
  • (Unique grade) Sequel progression: 3/5 – As a sequel it does pretty good, maintaining a flowing timeline and adding new content while maintaining the same mechanics as its predecessor.


  • Final Grade: 3/5 – Another fun game with a lot of fun character moments and gameplay highlights. Not a vast improvement in terms of the final experience but does feel like an established sequel. Here’s hoping we get a Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3.

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